McEnany Calls Commutation of Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence a ‘Very Important Moment for Justice’

Amid criticism of President Donald Trump’s decision to commute former campaign aide Roger Stone’s prison sentence, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is defending the move. 

“The Roger Stone clemency was a very important moment for justice in this country,” McEnany said during a press briefing on Monday. “You had a completely bogus Russian witch hunt that found nothing, and in order to justify the waste of taxpayer dollars, you had Robert Mueller charging people with process crimes.”

She continued to allege that there are “two standards of justice,” with one that favors the opponents of the president and a different standard for supporters of Trump. 

“The last time I checked, they didn’t have 29 FBI agents wearing tactical gear showing up at their house in a predawn raid wielding M-4 rifles and sweeping across the lawn, as with Roger Stone … Instead, [Andrew] McCabe and [James] Clapper and [John] Brennan and these guys are given lucrative contracts, books, contributor ships. There are really two standards of justice in this country, as Adam Schiff noted, fortunately, he doesn’t have the facts to back up the way he meant that term.”

Watch the video below:

Stone was convicted on charges of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering.

But on Friday, days before Stone was set to report to prison to begin his sentence, Trump announced he would commute his sentence. In a statement, a White House spokesperson said, “Roger Stone has already suffered greatly.”

“He was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man!” the statement added. 

However, the move drew swift criticism from House Democrats, who called it an act of “staggering corruption.”

Additionally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) signaled that lawmakers would unveil legislation aimed at limiting the president’s clemency powers. 

“We will have legislation that says a president cannot commute or pardon or offer clemency to anybody who commits a crime … is convicted of a crime that affects the president’s behavior and his culpability,” Pelosi said on Sunday.


  1. “If you think pardoning Stone, who’s crimes were only to back a political candidate who opposed the Democrats” HWB

    If you think that Stone’s only crime was to back a political candidate, then you are too stupid to be allowed to vote. You have no credibility left.

  2. John, by Marie’s “Barbie” reference, I/m willing to bet that Marie is at least a double bagger, maybe a triple. I won’t even get into her classlessness.

  3. I truly hope that SyPhyllis and Scott Don’t Know Squat (aka General Asshat) get to experience the government that they deserve. China’s only a 14 hour flight away, morons.

    If you think pardoning Stone, who’s crimes were only to back a political candidate who opposed the Democrats, then you belong in China, Russia, or North Korea. But certainly NOT HERE!!

    May you get to experience the government your deserve, but it will NEVER be a government that I will ever tolerate!!!!

  4. Marie, Ms McEnany is definitely attractive if that is what you mean. What makes her really attractive is she is intelligent and very quick witted! Sorry to hurt your feelings!

  5. Mike, from your response, you must think Pelosi, Schumer and Oblama are very intelligent ass. That is probably where you should go off somewhere and cry for a little while. McEnany has more class and brains in her little finger than you do at all.

  6. Who really gives a sh-t what this bimbo thinks. She is reading a prepared statement from her dumb ass boss Donald.

  7. Nazi Pelosi and Adam Schifface should have 29 FBI agents wearing tactical gear showing up at their houses in a predawn raid wielding M-4 rifles and sweeping across the lawn. Traitors! The least we could do is bring back tar and feathering.

  8. This Barbie is correct here are 2 standards. One for Normal people and one for the felons and thugs that constitute Trumps following..

  9. I Ching, the vast majority of those pardoned by President Obama (yes, our black president) were convicted as low-level drug offenders, mainly due to Veep Biden’s horrible 1994 crime bill, and should never have been in jail in the first place.

  10. Gee, nobody said a thing when Obozo pardoned/commuted over 1900 during his reign, err, administration.

    Clinton was at least smart enough to make money off his pardons.

  11. Clinton pardons a terrorist Which is just fine With democrat traitors

  12. She’s so smug as she “explains” why the emperor is justified in granting Stone a commutation. This travesty will only last a while longer…I worry about the period between November and January, 2021! If it’s this bad now, what will Trump do on his way out of the back door of the WH with his tail between his legs? He’s a petulant, vindictive child…pure and simple.

  13. Poor Phyllis the Sheep, you do realize that it’s hard to obstruct justice when no crime has been committed, and the whole thing was a trap to get them to misspeak so they could charge them, right? Please use that brain between your ears to come up with your own opinion and quit letting the mainstream media tell you what to think.

  14. What do you call a gathering of the Hillarrhoid, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Warren and Ginsberg? The Game of Crones.

  15. Schlemiel – The Democrats have violated multiple laws, lied, created evidence, lied, spied, lied, corrupted the House, violated Constitutional rights, did I mention lied to a enormous degree during this administration and the previous administration. There was no collusion, but they wasted over $35 million on an fruitless investigation. There was no obstruction. They concocted charges stemming from normal acts and twisted them into indictments. They conducted 6 investigations before the phony impeachment and 4 more since. They do this to cover-up everything they did to attempt to win the election in 2016, their collusion and spying on a rival campaign.

    They bought the media, which broadcasts the Liberal/Democrat propaganda and lies. They’ve corrupted the voting system to resemble that of a banana republic. They use minorities, never making good on their phony promises, in order to get votes and gain power/control. Anything the Democrats do is null and void because they are corrupt.

  16. Anybody who has a problem with this ought to read Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. In there it enumerates the powers specifically ” he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”
    Wonder where that judge got his law license?

  17. Chuck, if you read most of Phyllis’ comments over the years, she pretends to be a know it all but leaves very critical facts out of her comments. She is well indoctrinated in liberal bullshit.

  18. McEnany is Liar Sec: “There really are two standards of justice in this country.” Yes the one this administration fabricates while 45 is in office and the other the rest of us are beholden to. 45 wants another 4 years because jail time is his only alternative. “The President is not above the law.”

  19. Syphilis is a liar, plain and simple. Mueller investigation equals a big zero of proof of collusion or obstruction. He did manage to waste over $35 million of taxpayer money. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  20. Compare the 25 total people that the President gave clemency to with the 1927 cases that the Obamanation commuted or pardoned sentences. Obama gave clemency to 77 times the number Trump did and Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning, who stole secrets and had them published. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  21. Phyllis do you believe anything Pelosi says? Remind me, what did she say about reading the HCA?

  22. Phyllis: I think the analogy that best describes this is that the “victors” get to write our history. They are well versed in rewriting history, too.

    This can only last as long as this administration retains its temporary power.

    1. Did you say this with a straight face while Democrats are tearing down monuments, banning flags, and erasing minorities from pop culture and sports teams?

  23. We are suppose to believe a Harvard Law school grad did NOT read the Mueller Report??? ANYONE that read the Mueller Report KNOWS of the 140 contacts the Trump campaign, including Roger Stone, had with Russians soliciting assistance in the 2016 election. ANYONE that read the Mueller Report KNOWS of the over 10 instances of obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller Report. EVERYONE with a media source is aware of Roger Stone’s PUBLIC comments that he “protected” Trump and refused to testify against him.
    I find it unbelievable that ANYONE would voluntarily present themselves as a total idiot. I find it exceedingly abhorrent that Kayleigh McEnany believes it is acceptable to LIE to the American people WHO ARE PAYING HER SALARY!!

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