McEnany Blasts Reporters for Asking About Trump’s Stance on the Confederate Flag Instead of Violence

During a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fielded several questions about President Donald Trump’s stance on the Confederate flag.

But as she concluded her briefing, she lashed out reporters for not asking about a spike in shootings in cities around the country in recent weeks. 

“Finally, I would end with this: I was asked probably 12 questions about the Confederate flag. This president is focused on action. I’m a little dismayed that I didn’t receive one question on the deaths in this country this weekend,” McEnany said.

She continued, “I didn’t receive one question about New York City shootings doubling for the third straight week, and over the last seven days, shootings skyrocket by 142%. Not one question. I didn’t receive one question about five children who were killed.”

Watch the video below:

Cities around the country saw an uptick in gun violence over the Fourth of July weekend, which left several children dead. 

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms (D) addressed the violence in her city. She said, “Enough is enough.” 

“We have talked about this movement that is happening across America at this moment in time when we have the ears and the interest of people across this country and across this globe who are saying they want to see change.”

“We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up in our streets. You shot and killed a baby, and it wasn’t one shooter — there were at least two shooters,” she added.

The questions about the Confederate flag came Donald Trump suggested in a tweet that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace should apologize and appeared to suggest that NASCAR’s decision to ban Confederate flags at its events would hurt its ratings. 

After that tweet, McEnany was asked by NBC News’ Peter Alexander, “Why is the president so supportive of flying the Confederate flag?”

“You’re taking his tweet completely out of context,” McEnany responded.

And ABC News’ Jon Karl, “Does [Trump] think it was a mistake for NASCAR to ban [the Confederate flag]?”

McEnany told Karl, “You are focusing on one word at the very bottom of the tweet.”

“That is completely taking it out of context and neglecting the complete rush to judgment,” she added.

Finally, McEnany said, “I will leave you with this remark by a dad. It broke my heart. … They say ‘black lives matter’? You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.'”

“We need to be focused on securing our streets, making sure no lives are lost, because all black lives matter,” McEnany concluded.”


  1. No General Confusion. its the democrats who are in denial of their own crimes, Perjury by schiff, Paying for perjury by DianeRFeinstein and sheila Jackson lee, Rights violations by the entire democrat party thats in office by not using a special prosecutor independent council since all impeachments must follow the same procedure and not have any BIAS people performing the inquiry. They try to deny their own racism, but run every single racist group such as the KKK, the white supremacy groups, Neo Nazis, BLM, Antifa and all the rest are all ran by democrats and all racist in some way. they support terrorists and think trump has to alert them when he takes one out so they can warn him.

  2. Kayleigh your parting comments at the end of your news conferences are always awesome. Just love the subtle way of giving the news reporters the finger as you walk iff the stage. You go girl!!!

  3. Perry has swallowed the blue pill, a humongous blue pill, meaning that he is choosing to stay in a state of ignorance and denial, to be able to go through life believing that he and his partisan ways are cool, safe, clean, innocent, pure. Ha!

    How wrong he is, but he will never consider an alternative reality. So sad.

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Thanks, Perry.

  4. I, incidentally, did not register as a Democrat until the Gingrich era. I stayed independent because I thought there were Republicans worth voting for everywhere, and I didn’t want to sign on with a party that sometimes features loony leftists and dreamy optimists. Then, Newt showed up, and changed the game. He helped turn the tea party movement to a national platform of non-thinking reactionary populists.

  5. Trump does not represent the death of truth Democrats do they pay people to lie to destroy or attempt to destroy the lives of good men

  6. people are calling racists Trump supporters but only ONLY democrats are racist there has never been a racist republican the Parties did not have a switch at all they are still the party of the KKK and democrats always will be, the racists support democrats just like putin did in 16

  7. Thanks for the correction, Phyllis.

    The Democratic party is conservative-lite, so it would be easy for conservatives with a conscience to support them after the old Republican party went so far off the rails.

    This is why only the progressive wing will eventually be the nation’s salvation.

  8. Trump is again signalling to his confederate, racist wing of supporters. Reassuring them that it’s okay to think the worst of black folk. McEnany is again lying and obscuring to keep his ass a little cleaner, saying “No, he’s not doing what he’s obviously doing, and you’re just hypocritical haters for seeing the obvious.” Trump represents the death of truth, another reason I want to see him and his gang of scoundrels out of power.

  9. Scott, for the record, I AM a proud registered DEMOCRAT. I registered as an Independent when I left the Republican party in 2003. But PA has closed primaries and I wanted to vote in local and state primary races so I registered as a Democrat. If Bernie had been the D nominee or the Democratic Socialist would have successfully taken over the Democrat party, I would have gone back to Independent status, but that did not occur. And yes, I am aware that you have not given up hope that takeover still occurs.

  10. As long as the residents of Chicago can go across the state line and buy guns, HOW is gun violence going to end? We need a NATIONAL gun violence solution and that is NOT going to happen as long as the NRA owns a large portion of Congress.
    You typed 4 response, but did not once address WHY the media would ask the Trump WH for their response to gun violence. Rather telling.

  11. WHY would I be jealous of Kaleigh McEnany? I have never had any aspirations to attend law school and I would NEVER aspire to be ANY part of the Trump administration.—I have watched the reputations of Sean Spicer, Reince Preibus, John Kelly, James Mattis, Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, Rob Rosenstein, and John Bolton be destroyed with their involvement in the Trump administration. I LOVE the idea that Kaleigh graduated from Harvard Law—it dispels the propaganda that professors at Ivy league schools turn their students into liberals. I question WHY she pretends to act as if she is a dumb blonde when she had the credentials to get into Harvard.
    Just curious, WHERE did you get the crazy idea I had a cat?? We have no pets. My husband has an aversion to cat and dog hair on his clothes so the pet status will not be revised in our lifetime.

  12. “People are NOT as stupid as your party thinks they are.” I Ching

    You underestimate just how stupid Americans really are. First of all, Phyllis is an independent, so by that fact alone, she doesn’t have a party.

  13. “I’m a little dismayed that I didn’t receive one question on the deaths in this country this weekend,” K MacAnniny

    We are more than a little dismayed that King Donald The Loser has not resolved what is causing hundreds of deaths, each day, across this country.

  14. Screw, Well, I only have one husband and no children so there is only one man in my home. He hunts small and large game, so he owns hunting rifles for the appropriate season in accordance with the laws of the states he is licensed to hunt–generally that is PA for dove, geese, pheasants, rabbit, deer and bear. In Colorado he only hunts elk. My husband does not own handguns. He is only interested in wild game hunting, not people. Were you thinking of recruiting him for your civil war?

  15. Genital,
    Having a judge shut down construction is NOT constructive or creative. It’s called obstructive.

    This makes one wonder exactly what you consider creative or making things. Oh wait, you’re a pathetic taker.

  16. WHY would the media ask the Trump WH about gun violence??? 119 days before an election Trump going to do something DIFFERENT than he did after Parkland, El Paso, or Dayton????

    We have a segment of Americans that worship God and a segment that worship gun ownership, Less than 4 months before an election Trump is NOT going to get R’s to address gun violence. And no one is interested in hearing the bluster about doing something about it and watching the NRA shut that down.

    WHAT is up with the dumb blonde act? She graduate from Harvard Law School 4 yrs ago. Not buying the dumb act. In what world does she believe NOW would be different?

    1. Phil,

      She graduated from Harvard Law School. Jealous? I think she more than adequately deals with the juvenile, preening partisans pretending to be journalists. As if.

      How many guns, a CONSTITUTIONALY ENSHRINED RIGHT, do the men in your household own? You live in PA after all.

      What are the Dims doing to address the gun violence in cities like DC, Chicago, etc.? It’s definitely not working. Consider how law-abiding the murderers in Atlanta were who killed an 8 yr. old girl.

      People are NOT as stupid as your party thinks they are. They see the riots and push to defund/reduce policing. Consider the wealthy Dims in St. Louis who defended their property from trespassers. Also consider the near-record NICS checks in June.

      People are “blast both barrel blindly” like your hero Dementia Joe. They want to protect themselves. I’d like to hear your plan for dealing with rioters if they come to your home.

  17. “Name a single constructive or creative thing ANY of these protesters have accomplished.” I Ching

    They got the Dakota pipeline shut down. It has to be empty og oil within one month.

    First came the rightful protests BRUTALLY opposed by police, gangs, corrupt politicians. Then came the legal fights. So far, the good side is on top, until the courts rules against them again, the protests paid off.

  18. Destroying things is easy you say screduptape.

    You Caucasian trash n*ggers only know destruction.

    You phuhking assholes have created nothing heartache,

    pain, and suffering for all non Caucasians in America.

  19. The Caucasian B*tch of The Apocalypse rides again.

    Every trumphuhk enabler is worth less than shit.

  20. Not a one of these bungholes tearing down things can offer either creativity or solutions.

    Destroying things is easy. q.v. the Taliban and ISIS. Name a single constructive or creative thing ANY of these protesters have accomplished. They are spoiled children and need discipline, even lethat. (yes, I’m ready to deliver that. I’ll even mask like the fascist Antifa)

    What an easy, completely PREDICTABLE, and savage thing for them to move to attacking people. q.v. the YUGE increase in gun sales to 1st time owners.

  21. To paraphrase Bruce Lee, statues and flags don’t hit back.

    How easy it is to destroy physical things vs. the institutions founded on slavery, exploitation, and ignore the “sins” of their founders because it’s convenient. q.v. New York, Yale, Washington DC, Baltimore, Lenin, etc.

    FYI, Gropin’ Joe embraced racist figures like Byrd, George Wallace, etc. In this respect he was endorsing the racist policies exercised by the Dims since before the Civil War (ALL slave owners were Democrats until that point, whether Northern or Southern. q.v. Stephen Douglas and his anti-abolition efforts)

    Let’s be honest that the angry and stupid can target physical things like statues, but FAIL to question the politics which make conditions miserable for so many. I’m looking at you Dimocrat-controlled cities.

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