McConnell Calls It ‘Bizarre’ to Watch Democrats Fail to Give a Straight Answer on Court Packing

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is expressing his frustration with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and other Democrats for refusing to answer questions on packing the Supreme Court.

“It is bizarre to watch Vice President Biden and other Democrats refuse to give a straight answer on their own party’s threats to pack the Supreme Court,” McConnell said in a statement Wednesday.

He added, “But it is even more absurd for them to try to redefine ‘court-packing’ to mean any judicial confirmation that disappoints Democrats.”

McConnell pointed to a “clear” definition of court-packing, “A partisan attempt to expand the Supreme Court beyond nine seats, so new Justices can be added despite the Court having no vacancies.”

McConnell mentioned Biden’s remarks about the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Biden said confirming her would be “not constitutional.”

McConnell noted Politifact rated his claim as “false.”

He recognized the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed packing the court by saying “nine seems to be a good number.”

According to McConnell, “huge majorities” of Americans oppose packing the court.

Last year, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said she was “absolutely open” to packing the court.

McConnell criticized Biden for telling Americans they would have to wait until after the election to know his opinion on the matter.

“Even after Senate Democrats badger Judge Barrett to improperly pre-judge hypothetical cases, their own presidential nominee says voters must elect him before they get to find out what he believes,” McConnell said.

He acknowledged throughout Biden’s career, he opposed packing the court.

“The only reason to duck, dodge, and obfuscate if the far left is now calling the shots. The only reason for his abuse of language is to set up an abuse of power,” McConnell said.


  1. “Why would Trump destroy a growing, thriving economy by releasing the virus?” Ken

    I am confused, Ken.

    Do you understand what it means to be presidnt? No, you don’t, because YOU think that a president’s job is to look after himself first, his party second, and his cult following last. Those who don’t support him or did not vote for him are non-entities, or even worse, traitors, even though you have no idea at all about just what a traitor actually is.

    That is NOT a real president, but that’s what we have to put up with for a few months more. And wait to see what he does as a lame-duck president. Watch and learn, buddy.

  2. Biden is taking a play out of Pelosi’s play book.
    You do remember, “We must pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” ?
    Well now its, “You must elect me president to find out what I will do.”
    Both ignorant statements.
    And just as ignorant Gc’s statement this is Trump’s virus.
    Why would Trump destroy a growing, thriving economy by releasing the virus?
    If anything it is a Democrat Virus, they released just to destroy Trump’s success, not giving a damn about the American citizens.
    We the people, are the enemy to the Radical socialists of the Democrat party.

  3. I am confused, Missing Moscow Mitch.

    I thought your laughing during the only debate that you had with Amy McGrath was bizarre. Why were YOU laughing about doing absolutely NOTHING to help the American people who are STILL struggling with repercussions from the Trump Virus? Why?

    We MUST elect better politicians.

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