‘A Slug’: Former Dem Sen. McCaskill Rips Lindsey Graham Following Stone’s Commutation

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (Missouri) is taking aim at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C), suggesting he is a “slug” as he backs President Donald Trump.

Ahead of the president’s actually commuting of Roger Stone, Graham noted his approval if Trump were to do so. McCaskill then took a swing at the South Carolina senator, as she tweeted in response over the weekend, “You POS. You know the criminal justice system.”

“He didn’t plead guilty. He asked for a jury trial. A jury convicted him of 7 felonies,” she continued. “And you are lying, you know no one gets probation after that. But then, you are now entrenched with the liars.”

She came out swinging again during an MSNBC “Deadline: White House” interview on Monday evening.

McCaskill turned her attention to Graham after the panel spoke about Stone then the reported Russia bounties. She was then asked, “Are we learning that a Republican Congress can’t be trusted to look out for U.S. national security?”

The former Democratic senator then said, “Lindsey Graham would have been first in line calling out Putin for putting a bounty on American soldiers. He would have been pounding the podium in the Armed Services Committee, along with John McCain and Tom Cotton and the rest of them, get to the bottom of what Putin has done.”

“Not only does Lindsey Graham not do that, not only does he go silent and go get his golf clubs to meekly follow after Donald Trump on the golf course, he does even worse. He tries to justify what Trump did with Stone over the weekend. He knows better.”

She continued to note Stone was convicted on seven accounts, adding, “And the notion that Lindsey would actually say that really this was justified, he’s 70 years old and a first-time offender.”

McCaskill continued to express her disapproval of Graham, suggesting he is “a slug along with the slug in the White House.”

“Give me a break. Lindsey Graham should be so ashamed of himself. It is beyond belief that he has gone this low. He is down there in Slugville. He’s a slug along with the slug in the White House.”

Watch McCaskill’s comments below:

Trump commuted Stone on Friday ahead of Stone’s prison time scheduled for July 14 for three years and four months. He was convicted on seven accounts, for witness tampering, lying to Congress, and obstruction of a congressional investigation.

The commutation drew push back from top Democrats. However, the White House has defended the president’s decision, as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the commutation on Monday a “very important moment for justice in this country.”


  1. Claire McCaskill is a member in good standing of the bottom feeding, slime, dem/leftist/prog/socialist party.

  2. Explains why she is a former senator. McCaskill has never read the U.S. Constitution which specifies the powers of the president.

  3. Like anyone cares what to dipstick Dumborat says. Anyone that is a Dumborat is the
    definition of IGNORANT.

  4. ” It is beyond belief that he has gone this low. He is down there in Slugville. He’s a slug along with the slug in the White House.” The McCaskill is a typical Democrat lowlife. It’s like a disease with them. They scream and yell obscenities or make outrageous statements, just like the ones on here (see John, Squat and others)

    Let’s see, stone was convicted of lying to Congress, obstruction and tampering with a witness. Well, that’s exactly what the Hillarrhoid did, but of course, the Obamanation wouldn’t let that be a problem. So, Bill met with Lynch (to discuss grandchildren, right) and Comey didn’t bring forth any charges. Crooked Comey said there was no intent, although the Hillarrhoid attempted to wipe her private server, had her staff smash 13 phones with hammers and ‘lost’ a laptop containing incriminating emails. Oh no, no intent there. More Liberal BS and that’s why Stone was pardoned. ON a side note: the Hillarrhoid will be testifying in court this fall about her crimes. If she tells the truth, she goes to prison, if she lies, she goes to prison for perjury. I’ll offer to buy her orange coveralls.

    McCaskill fails to remember that the Obamanation funded ISIS and provided 90 % of their weapons. How many people, including Americans, did ISIS kill? OH, but that’s OK. It was the omnipotent Obama. Paying ransoms to kill the opposition has been in use since before the French paid the Indians to scalp the settlers during the French and Indian War 1754 – 1763. We’ve been doing it for at least 3 decades in the Middle East. Well, it’s an election year and the Democrats have to say and do anything to get votes, try to take control.

  5. “former” being the key term here.

    So, Claire, please your share your honest thoughts on Obozo’s 1900+ pardons/commutation and Slick Willie doing the same for HIS brother, his former Whitewater partner, and a rich, Democratic donor.

    Apparently those were OK (makes white-supremacist hand gesture) with you.

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