Dem Lawmaker Explains Why He Wants to See Trump Successful in Combating the Coronavirus

Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.) is known for reaching across the aisle and he highlighted that quality in an interview on ABC’s “The View” in which he explained exactly why he wants President Donald Trump to be successful in battling the coronavirus.

Asked why he is so adamant in hoping for success from Trump, Rose said, “After Barack Obama won his first election, Mitch McConnell stood up and said his singular priority is to make sure that this president doesn’t win re-election, I’m never going to stoop down to that level.”

Rose went on to praise Trump for using the Defense Production Act to increase production for swabs used to test for the coronavirus, saying it is “exactly the type of thing that we need to see more of. And we can’t think about politics right now, we can’t think about an election. We have to just think about the future of this country and beating this virus.”

He called for increased testing, calling for “millions of tests per day for both antibodies and the virus.”

Rose also agreed with Trump in comparing coronavirus to a war, but said that he feels that the current moment is more similar to World War II, “This requires the president to step in … to make sure that there’s no shortage of these critical supplies that we need.”

He added that it’s important that we have war-time solidarity, “People are not thinking about ways to divide each other, but they’re thinking about ways in which we can unite. That’s what makes this the greatest country in the history of the world.”

Rose has a personal investment in the coronavirus pandemic — as a member of the National Guard, he’s leading the fight against the virus in the district that he represents in Washington DC.

The New York congressman spent two weeks with the Guard setting up an emergency hospital.


  1. Michael, Donna – apparently you’ve forgotten the words of Obama and Democrats, “It’s Bush’s fault.”. Or, the constant claims of “racist”. Now, Democrats, Biden and Warren in particular call the temp. restrictions on immigration (while Americans are told to stay at home), racist, and Xenophobia. Nationalities (Central American countries, Asian countries, European countries) are not a race and I’ve never seen a Xeno. Perhaps Democrats are confused and afraid of Xenos. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  2. Jim, POTUS has been in office for 3 years of a 4 year term. At what point would you expect a leader to stop blaming and start taking responsibility?

    1. Trump wants total power but doesn’t want any responsibility. He has blamed past administrations for every problem he has. Obama inherited way worse! Remember 2008? I have NEVER seen a cry baby like Trump. He’s embarrassing.

  3. Stan, gotta agree with no reservations. Trump was handed a real truck load of crap by the previous chair warming WH occupant. Barry not only decreased the size of our military; but eliminated every possible means of protecting our citizenry from epidemics like this Wuhan flu. That should be expected since Barry was an anti-American Marxist Hellbent on destroying this Nation. Alinsky-radicalized Queen Hillary was to continue on with his agenda when elected to the WH in 2016. We sure bit the bullet on that potential disaster!

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