Massive Protest Breaks out in Wisconsin Against Stay-At-Home Order

People in Wisconsin protested as they called for Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) stay-at-home order to be lifted.

Thousands of protesters arrived at the Wisconsin State Capitol in the city of Madison on Friday to demand the governor lift the order and reopen businesses so they can get back to work.

They were reportedly cheering “USA.” The protesters also reportedly held up signs that read, “All Workers, Are Essential” and “Death…. is preferable to communism.”

The footage also shows many of the protesters unmasked while failing to practice social distancing.

See some of the footage below:

Protesters have also weighed in with their perspective of the demonstrations — where roughly 1,500 people attended. Despite the lack of social distancing, protesters believe they will capture the governor’s attention.

One protester also appeared to minimize the severity of the virus, comparing it to the flu and starvation.

“I think this will make Evers respond,” Cindy Warner of Milwaukee told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “People of different backgrounds, races and cultures all want to get back to work. The flu can kill you but so can not eating.”

Mark Batten — a Milwaukee welder and steamfitter — also weighed in to explain his support of the protest.

“The numbers don’t justify (the closure),” Batten said. “It is based on hysteria, not logic.”

The massive protest came a week after Evers’ announcement to extend Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order until May 26. Although Evers said that social distancing is working, the state is not “out of the woods just yet.”

“A few weeks ago, we had a pretty grim outlook for what COVID-19 could mean for our state, but because of the efforts of all of you, ‘Safer at Home’ is working. That said, we aren’t out of the woods just yet,” Evers said

As of Saturday morning, there are more than 5,300 positive coronavirus cases in Wisconsin. The state’s death toll currently stands at 262.


  1. First, I want to commend the writer for giving a non-biased report of this event. Thank you! There are people needing to return to work everywhere. Second, after reading the comments and just talking to friends, there is a large diversity of people on each side of the COVID quarrel. There is no right and left here. There are only people who wish to remain in quarantine and those who do not. There are justifiable reasons on both sides. There is no win-win.

    Those of us who have salaried positions and “essential jobs” are fortunate to have income and those without are the real ones suffering, especially single parents with multiple kids, mentally and physically suffering. That is what breaks my heart. I’m a teacher and I see it daily.

    Churches, schools and night clubs/bars should be the last thing to open due to the crowd nature and lack of restraint in distancing at these venues. Even if you go and take protective measures, there’s always someone who doesn’t. I’m also a church member so please don’t assume that I don’t care about the church…it just makes sense, people cry, wipe their noses and then shake hands and hug, kids in nursery spread RSV like it’s nobody’s business. Pastors should however, be allowed to make hospital visits and do last rights. That is their responsibility and it gives people hope and prayer in person essential.

    Kids today, in general, do not and will not follow social distancing. They have a herd mentality more than any of us b/c they crave contact and acceptance. They suck their fingers, pick their noses and wipe them on anything and everything. They live impulsively and have been raised with more freedoms than any of us…it is ingrained in them. While they are resilient, they will most assuredly spread the virus very quickly if allowed to return to school.

    Beaches, state parks and anywhere you can get outdoors while maintaining space should be the first to reopen. Sunlight kills the virus so this makes sense. I live in close proximity to a beach and on a normal weekend (not spring break), it’s never been so crowded that I can’t stay 10 feet from someone. The beach and what it offers, has always been a remedy for illness and it still is. Just watch out for those public bathrooms. Spring Breakers=spread.

    It’s unwise to go into crowded areas without a mask, especially if you are prone to illness and have underlying conditions. I think some do it b/c they don’t think it’s that bad, others do it out of defiance. Right now, we are a little over 200k deaths worldwide with COVID-19, but it would already be much worse (more than twice this number) if we weren’t taking safety measures.

    Don’t imagine for a minute that our leaders, both red and blue, haven’t taken these factors into consideration. I think it’s really ironic that both right and left sides make blanket statements about the other side as if everyone on that side is an idiot or uneducated. Hold your tongues hypocrites! Show compassion and give to others if you have it to give. If it weren’t for both sides, we wouldn’t have this great nation and the beautiful colors of our flag that have always been a symbol of hope and freedom for born citizens and those seeking citizenship from other countries.

    Open the country back up using baby steps, but exercise precautions when going out. We will have to deal with the outbreak whether we return today or tomorrow…it’s inevitable. Leave it to businesses to enforce restrictions not the government…this is exercising freedom as well. But don’t be afraid. Obey the state authorities with the belief that they have been elected by us in trust, that they have our best interests in mind. But do not go against your own conscience. Don’t listen to media and politicians on both sides who stir things only to further their agenda. I think Jacksonville will be a good “test subject” here. I’m curious to see what will happen and I think it’s best for everyone to hold their thoughts until we see the results.

    Finally, use this time to rest physically, mentally if possible, and work on growing your spirituality and communion with God. Tend to your yard. I haven’t seen my town looks this beautiful since I moved here 6 years ago. Everyone has been busy cleaning and gardening, fixing those old fences, and really re-assessing what’s important. The sidewalks are getting built and flowers are being planted. Notice all the empty bike racks in Walmart? Family outdoor outings have become super important. Some families will grow closer during this time and some will have pains. You have a choice to make the most of it. If you’re alone, find a COVID buddy, someone you can rely on and make a pact to only be in visitation with that person. This will help combat loneliness and depression and will offer support on the days when you feel like you can’t go on. My prayers are that everyone stays healthy but spreading hatred like some of you are doing on here is just shameful.

    1. ”they have our best interests in mind” Tiffany

      That’s the problem. Some politicians DON’T “have our best interests in mind”.

  2. People are selfish is this really a shock to anyone? It’s been about them the entire time they are sick of not making the money they were working damn everyone else. While jy can agree it needs to get back to work we can only handle this for so long before it’s a economy crippling scenario. If someone infected me and by their actions I infected my family there is no forgiveness for this action in my eyes. Of course we could just let people who have a mask up to standards to be able to work to some extent and keep distancing.

  3. Screw it, I’m tired of being stuck at home. I say we just open everything up and let nature take its course. Sure, a lot more people will die, but you have to rip the band-aid off sometime. We might as well get it over with quickly.

    We can’t wait another year for a vaccine or widespread testing. It just isn’t gonna happen. If we keep this up for another few months, our country will be in ruin. Our lack of robust social safety nets will cause more collective hardship in the long run than a million extra deaths will.

    A lot of liberals have no issues with women killing their unborn for purely economic reasons, so they shouldn’t be so worried about a few thousand more deaths for the same reason.

    The virus is everywhere now, and despite our social distancing efforts, it’s still spreading. We can’t stop it. The most efficient solution is to just let everyone get it and let it finish running its course.

  4. Look for spikes in infections and deaths from the virus 2-3 weeks from now wherever self absorbed, stupid Covidiots insist on being their rectal egress selves.

  5. ICYMI; Flagler County in Florida has opened its’ 18 MILES of beaches to the public beginning at 7 AM 4/26/2020. Beach will remain open 7 days a week.

  6. Time to update this quote:
    “When a true DUNCE appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy WITH him.”

    1. Yes Michael, you know this dunce, his name is Biden. He has many confederates, their names are Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Booker, Schiff, Nadler, Comey, Obama, Clinton, Cuomo, Dodd, Murphy, Clapper, McCabe, etc. The list goes on and on. They have obstructed the gov and resisted their way through the last 3.5 years rather than working for the people. Some have obstructed and delayed aid to workers and small businesses for their own failed plans and schemes. Those are the dunces you support.

  7. It’s time to use safe measures to get back to as normal as possible. People can’t stay locked up forever.

    1. No one understands that better than the police. Domestic violence incidents have risen by 20% since the incarceration began with some involving the ultimate “solution”: murder.

  8. To all you that think we should reopen the country. thank you. You are the true Americans and all the others are nothing but communist drones. They started all of this shut down for a purpose. You know, “never let a bad situation go to waste”. Their desire is to keep this going is paramount to their agenda to destroy America and the freedoms we have. They want total power and control. They are the fascists, communists and dictators of the world and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal. Michael (with a capital B), scott (confuction) and syphilis are three of the biggest communist jackasses, on this site, pushing to keep everyone locked down. They know at some time they will be able to manipulate the government into whatever they want. By the way, confuction seems to be one of the more confused here. Fascism is a left wing form of government. The left has NEVER been for freedom. They were once called the tories back in the 1700’s and 1800’s and they were in lock step for “one party rule” with the king of England. Never ever trust them. They are liars and will try to deceive you at every turn.

    1. Bob believes it is patriotic to dismiss over half the populace as false Americans and to call them ignorant and immature names. Well, I and my ancestors fought for freedom for all Americans, and they would be dismayed and ashamed at the poor excuses for patriots that Trump has brought out of the woodwork. Time to end this American nightmare.

      1. Michael, I believe you should lock yourself up for the rest of the year, never come out, hide and try to survive that way. Good luck.

      2. It is not patriotic to put fellow Americans at risk. Why is it so difficult for them to understand that?

        Is it a misplaced sense of accute self-importance or selfishness?

        1. Scott and all other non critical thinkers….are the protesters forcing people out of their houses to be there? Nobody was forced to be there, they know the risks are are willing to take them. Some people will fight for their freedom, others will just give it away out of fear. You do know there are 10 million things that can kill you other than this virus, as soon as you go outside? Or a plane could fall out of the sky and land on your house. Sad you would put all your faith in Dr’s that don’t have your best interest in mind or speak of them as if they have never been wrong. They use to tell people there was no danger in smoking, how did that turn out? Start thinking for yourselves

          1. “they know the risks [and] are willing to take them” Joseph

            You are confused, Joseph.

            THEY may be willing to take risks with THEIR OWN lives, but this disease has a transmissibility rate of about 2.5x.

            Are the 2.5 people that the average protester infects ALSO agreeing to put THEIR OWN lives at risk, too? I find THAT hard to believe.

        2. You state “It is not patriotic to put fellow Americans at risk”. I’ll bet you only mean only those who are desperate to get their CONSTITUTIONAL lives back.
          Please let us know if you also include those that kill fellow Americans by abortion, or those that drive drunk, or those that follow Maxine Waters’ advice and abuse those they don’t agree with.
          Bottom line is: You are a hypocrite.

      3. Michael: There is a HUGE difference between an American patriot and a coward (sissy) hiding in his basement from something he cannot see or touch and which would probably not affect him. America has become a Nation of wimps, plain and simple.


      4. Tell me, Michael, would you and your ancestors be dismayed and ashamed when Liberals/Democrats trample all over the Bill of Rights when determining who can speak, who can own a gun and what type, who has the right to counsel, allowing the confiscation of property without due process, attempting a coup with a partisan impeachment that was a predetermined strategy before the last election? Apparently, you’re fine with that because you’re defending the dolts, Democrats, that are doing just that and bashing someone, Trump, that defends those rights. The only nightmare is the one created by the Liberals/Democrats and their lackeys in the media every day. Our Constitution and rights are challenged by them at every turn. They also seek to lessen our rights by attempting to give them away to illegal invaders.

  9. trump will lookat this photo and say everyone was keeping social distance guidelines! Sure they were.

  10. Patriotism demands of us sustained sacrifice while self-sacrifice is in itself the pinnacle of patriotism and humanity.
    Our flag which so many Americans have paid the ultimate price for is more than sewn together cloth but rather the representative for each of us who together are America.
    If solitude is the price we must now endure for the sake of all to survive then close your door and think not of yourself but of America and the world as a whole.
    We are all experiencing this pain. This moment of solitude affords a moment in time never before granted, use this time for deep reflection of self worth and values.

    This should be the beginning to self-awareness not the demise of ones self.

  11. When we leave this quarantine, deaths will Go Up. This Lock down of Healthy People is Tyranny and Government over reach. I am older with breathing issues but I can protect myself at 68. I know how. Herd Immunity will work, not House Arrest.

    1. “This Lock down of Healthy People is Tyranny and Government over reach.” Randie

      You are confusing tyranny with common-sense and with what is necessary to control a pandemic before a vaccine is available. You have been indoctrinated in garbage and carry too much unnecessary baggage.

      1. Scott: You obviously can’t see that what you call “common-sense” is truly tyranny under the guise of common sense.

      2. You stay at home Scott, bar the doors and wear your tinfoil hat. You’ll be OK.

      3. This whole thing is a huge Fraud on the people. Now they found the Virus spreads more rapidly indoors and confined in small spaces. It’s not as harmful as they originally thought. The more frightened people are, the easier we can be controlled.

  12. So lift the stay at home order, but expect bordering states to ban travel between the states until the other states are ready.

  13. Do I have a right to die? We have allowed our government to take away our right to the pursuit of happiness or the right to work and live and enjoy life however we can. Are the numbers of deaths by coronavirus so bad? Compare them to deaths from flu, abortions, traffic accidents, cancer etc. The entire country should open up 100% immediately. Will we Do this again next year and the year after because something comes along that puts the fear into us? There is nothing worse to fear and fear itself.

    1. The quote should have read there is nothing worse to fear than fear itself. By hunkering down we have allowed fear to highjack our constitutional rights, and will allow kingmakers to take back our government in 2020 and drive us happily and blindly into socialism and slavery!

      1. Kaylen, it certainly does not take a microscope or a dime store magnifying glass to see those here on IJR who are promoting Socialism and Communism as being the best form of life – a “Utopia”(e.g., a fantasy) – for the USA. Simply put: Socialism/Communism/Marxism, et al is IDENTICAL to a purebred and registered dog being restrained by a padlocked log chain with his master standing by with a whip, a small measure of food and demanding obedience. NO ONE can refute that. The entire WORLD deserves better than enslavement!!

    2. The only cause of death you mentioned that is CONTAGIOUS is the seasonal flu. Abortions, traffic accidents and cancer ARE NOT contagious. WHY would you think a government shutdown would control the spread of cancer? You sound like nutty Rudy complaining of contact tracing.
      If you wish to join a large group of folks and take your chances of getting or spreading COVID, you can probably find a large group to join you. If your state is not immediately 100% opened up, find yourself a state that is. BUT, I do need to remind you that even TRUMP is stating that what you are suggesting, IS TOO EARLY. The public health experts are saying it is TOO EARLY for 100% opening of the country. WHAT are YOUR credentials to make proclamations on what the country should or should NOT do? If you are citing a decision based on the credentials of someone else, please share your source. Laura Ingrahm shares your view, but she is an attorney, not a public health or medical professional.

      1. Phyllis: Death is death whether it is contagious or not.
        P.S. It’s interesting how you libs want us to follow “public health or medical professional[s]”, yet you want to be the only ones to decide which ones to follow.
        HYPOCRITE !

        1. Yes, dear, Death is death—-but WHY would the country be shutdown to reduce the spread of a cause of death that is NOT contagious? WHAT exactly would be the point?
          That would be like building a wall across the southern border and expecting it to address where 99% of the smuggling of persons and drugs occur–which is LEGAL POINTS OF ENTRY.

          WHAT public health or medical professionals do YOU perceive I am deciding WHO the Trump administration appointed to the COVID Task Force? You think I selected them and put them out at the press conferences to answer the questions regarding the pandemic?? Dr. Fauci or Dr. Birx have decades of public health experience. Dr. Redfield is a political appointment, BUT HE IS A DOCTOR!
          You are welcome to take medical advice from Trump, Rush, Tucker, Sean and Laura–but they have NO medical expertise. WHY not just ask your landscaper or your plumber? Is it because MOST landscapers and plumbers would give you a recommendation of a medical professional to ask, not give you their uneducated opinion?

        2. “P.S. It’s interesting how you libs” Regina

          Regina is confused.

          Funny how you members of Cult-45 and/or the American Fascist Party think everyone who disagrees with them are liberals.

  14. How is this MASSIVE???

    There are more people who come out to the Capitol on a weekend morning for the farmers market, and many, many more people who come out to the Capitol for the art fair.

    There are maybe a few hundred people in the photo. While I wish them the best, one is going to get sick from being out there.

    1. So? Many people got sick last year because they attended a function and came in contact with someone that was coughing and sneezing. It was a cold or flu. We are skewing the cv numbers by counting nearly every illness or death as cv. No confirmation is needed.

      1. Could you cite the source of your assertion that death certificate cause of death does NOT require confirmation? IN what state do you reside that is the case?

      1. Is that your assessment based on medical and public health expertise? So you are promoting the idea that Trump proclaimed a national emergency on March 13th and invoke the Defense Production Act on April 2nd for a “demorat fraud”??

  15. This quote applies at many different levels:
    “One of the hallmarks of the dangerously stupid is the consistent belief they’ve found great solutions that experts somehow missed” -Craig Mazin

    1. Thank you, I keep a journal of quotes that I want to remember. When I added the one you provided, I found another one of Mazin’s quotes. “Lying arrogance, and suppression of criticism are dangerous.”–He was referring to Chernobyl but it seems to me to be appropriate to remember EVERYDAY of the Trump presidency.

      1. A journal is a great idea. Never really needed quotes before. Fitting as this seems to be our modern day Chernobyl.

    2. “Those who would give up and essential Liberty , to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’ – B. Franklin
      “It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” – Emiliano Zapata
      “Safety without Liberty is Slavery”- Me

      1. Those quotes could both be interpreted in multiple ways depending how you view the current situation.

  16. “DEATH is preferable to Communism”. Gotta love those REAL AMERICANS who were educated and do not want to become puppets on a string under a moronic Fascist-dominated regime intent on the destruction of America.

    1. Well, THAT is confusing because communism is not part of this.

      You would be on firmer ground if you held up this administration’s bailouts to the huge corporations (who laid off or fired employees ANYWAY) were socialism – for the rich.

      See? You REALLY don’t understand the total nonsense with which you have been indoctrinated.

      1. Well as you should know, there’s absolutely NO difference between Communism and Socialism – SAME failed ideology, SAME goal = destroy the United States and capitalism.

        1. Wrong. If there wasn’t a difference, there would only be one name for them. You keep digging that hole deeper and deeper every time that you spout your useless nonsense.

          1. Joseph has no idea what socialism is. For starters, look at that Social Security card in your wallet. Socialism is staring back at you every day.

        2. James, Under socialism, you can still own property—Communism, all property is owned by the government and shared. So, there is a difference if you are actually referring to them in proper context.
          If you are using it, as you usually do, to describe a political position that you disagree, then you are making stuff up as you go along. In that case, apparently ANYTHING goes.
          If the government is sending subsidies to the farmers, coal mines, oil producers, hurricane victims, housing and food money to the poor, mentally, or physically disabled, THAT is Socialism. If the government is sending CHECKS to a large segment of the population because the country is shutdown in response to a pandemic, THAT is socialism.

      2. Scott: Interesting how you conveniently “forget” the bailouts and freebees you liberals have given to buddies such as the Kennedy Center (which laid off the employees anyway), Solyndra, and others. But then, if you didn’t have double standards, you wouldn’t have any at all, right?

    2. The folks you consider “Real Americans” are being manipulated by the hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. Mercer is an eccentric billionaire that has no ideology. His only goal is to create CHAOS.
      PLEASE assure us that when the uneducated and easily duped of Florida decide to protest, that you will do your cheering on from the safety of your home. I do not want to discourage you from your right to free speech or protest, but do it safely.

      1. WHY should we here in Florida remain hiding like moles in the ground or rats in the attic? Despite the (D’RAT) Socialist effort to totally shut down the United States and destroy the economy, WE will soon be going back to work and spending our weekends on the beach or in the National Forests. Thank you for NOT joining us.

        1. Because that is the socially responsible thing to do, to get this pandemic under control before we have a vaccine available.

          What is so difficult to understand about that?

          1. It would be socially responsible for you to do some objective research before posting the company line

          2. Scott: What is so difficult to understand? Your total ignorance of our Constitution and your obvious promotion of tyranny (even though you won’t admit to that).

      2. They are also being manipulated by the wealthy within this administration, such as Betsy DeVos, who funds some of these agitating groups.

      1. What about the Socialists who are trying to incite a Civil War with the propaganda they’ve been indoctrinated with? Don’t leave out THOSE infantile, anti-America idiots.

        1. Nonsense. It isn’t socialists who are trying to create a resurgence. It is the Cult-45 and other right-wingers.

          Accept responsibility for your incitement and actions, including for the garbage you post here.

    1. John, Many are not so “little.” But I can’t argue with your assessment of “stupid.” Yes, they are encouraged by the Trump campaign, Robert Mercer, and FOX News, but Trump has walked back his initial encouragement of opening up the states without them following the Task Force’s recommendations of 14 days of decreasing cases of the virus and robust testing.

      1. Did you miss the message from the Commifornia Governor (D) who thanked President Trump (R) for all the help he provided to the State?

        Nope. GOOD news is not news-worthy news. Only that manufactured trash you in the Dementia Party continually spew for the attention of your low and no information base.

        1. This is NOT a commie or socialist plot to destroy America. So-called Republican (American Fascist Party) states are also handling this pandemic responsibly, the way they should.

        2. De Santis kisses THE MURDERING PSYCHOPATH’S ass non-stop which is the only reason Florida gets everything it needs.

          1. It sure would be wonderful if IJR would create a protocol which posts replies to a post or reply directly under the post or reply being responded to.
            The current protocol totally sucks.

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