Rep. Thomas Massie Claims US Is ‘Weeks’ Away From Seeing Food Shortages

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) says that the country is “weeks” away from seeing food shortages.

“We are weeks, not months, away from farmers euthanizing animals that would have been sold for meat/food,” Massie tweeted on Monday morning. “Also, fruits and vegetables are going to rot in the fields. A drastic change in policy this week could ameliorate this inevitability.”

He also shared an interview he did with a local radio station where he warned about the prospects of shortages, “You have people running the government that have no clue about how the economy works and how their food gets to the table.”

Massie continued to say that he was on a conference call with the secretary of Agriculture, where officials discussed the food supply in the country. 

“The shocking thing is that farmers are watching the value of their hogs and steers, cows, go down. In fact, they’re going to some of the lowest levels ever,” he said.

He continued:

“So the question is: Why is the price of meat going up in the supermarkets and the price of cattle going down at the auction ring? It’s because our supply line is brittle. You have to take cattle, steer, beef, whatever, hogs, to a processing plant. And these processing plants, like much of industrial America right now, are shutting down because of absentees, which has been exacerbated by the unemployment program the federal government has instituted.”

Massie noted that several meat processing plants, including one that was processing 1,900 cattle day, have shut down since the coronavirus outbreak. 

He continued to say that he is afraid that farmers will go bankrupt and that “cattle and hogs” will be “euthanized or incinerated and buried” while there are shortages at the market. 

“And you talk about civil unrest when you start seeing that. And it’s all because of the brittle food supply chain,” he added.

Additionally, Massie noted that he has been pushing for legislation that would solve what he believes are some of the underlying issues with the food supply chain.


  1. In this covid-19 time support local farmer at . They are not considered a high risk for transmission, and can even be safer than grocery stores because they are outdoors and have fewer people handling procedure.

  2. So let the next hording orgy begin! Rumors or statements like Massie’s are not helpful. Demand for meat is down because people will not/cannot eat out at restaurants. Result? Oversupply.

  3. Maybe we should just buy from the farmers and have it butchered like deer hunters! Screw the big middle man!

  4. What does the unemployment program have to do with it? You can’t quit your job and then draw unemployment. These workers would be silly to quit their jobs thinking they can draw it. If these much needed facilities are closing, he might just want to get them up and running, again.

  5. Why will there be a food shortage? why are the farmers euthanizing animals and rotting vegetables? Are we not eating enough while we are sheltering in home?

    1. Farming is a business. If you can’t sell your animals for slaughter, you can’t pay for them to eat indefinitely. When you harvest your crops and can’t sell them, they rot.

      We’re eating enough while sheltering. Well, most of us are. The supply lines between farmers and consumers are being disrupted. The supply and demand model is breaking down in the middle, so supply production is falling despite demand. Hopefully, this passes before it gets too bad.

    2. Any given day hundreds of restaurants buy from farmers. Also food processors. These buyers aren’t purchasing as much anymore. Many restaurant are closed. The processors, who supply meals to hospital and school cafeterias, have no sales anymore. People are buying at home but it’s not providing as it was before Cv. Then there are people that have no income now…. they can’t afford to buy the meat. that is available. The fruits and veggies? Can’t have people come pick since they are all quarantined. It’s a bad situation coming down soon.

  6. The farmer’s equivalent of hollering ‘FIRE’ in a crowded movie theater. Someone needs to tell him to shut up.

      1. Yeah, a Commie paradise! Just like all the others, past and present!

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