Massie Pushes Back on Bipartisan Criticism Over Plan to Force Recorded Vote

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) is pushing back on bipartisan criticism he received.

Some of the criticism came from President Donald Trump, who suggested on Friday that Massie be thrown out of the Republican Party.

“WIN BACK HOUSE, but throw Massie out of Republican Party!” Trump said.

The bipartisan rebuke of Massie came as the Congressmember reportedly rejected a voice vote that would have required fewer lawmakers to travel to Washington, D.C, for a vote amid the coronavirus outbreak. He also came under fire for reportedly wanting to delay the passage of the massive coronavirus relief package.

During a Fox News interview late Friday, host Shannon Bream touched on the topic of Massie’s reported plans to “force that recorded vote” and the “fact that he floated the plan meant hundreds of his colleagues were forced to return” to D.C.

“I guess I was able to force them to come to work, but I couldn’t force them to work,” Massie said in response, adding, “I didn’t delay the vote at all. I think that was what the president was upset with. He didn’t understand the process that I was proposing.”

Massie continued to note that the “problem” with lawmakers not returning to D.C. for the vote is that it is the third coronavirus relief bill.

“If we get in a habit of just passing bills and nobody even comes to work and they pass, that’s really dangerous,” Massie said.

Watch Massie’s interview below:

Massie also responded to Rep. Peter King’s (R-N.Y.) comment on Friday, where he tweeted, “Because of one Member of Congress refusing to allow emergency action entire Congress must be called back to vote in House. Risk of infection and risk of legislation being delayed.”

The Kentucky lawmaker responded on Fox News:

“Think about the arrogance of these Congressmen. They’re telling the truckers to keep driving so the grocery stores will have groceries … but these Congressmen make $174,000 a year, they’ve got the best health care … and they’re telling people that the Congressmen need to stay home but everybody else needs to work for them. I think that’s the wrong message.”

While Massie received criticism, some of his colleagues on Friday offered him support.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tweeted, “In times of panic, it is good to have someone with a cool, level MIT head asking the tough questions. Thank you [Thomas Massie].”

Additionally, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) wrote, “I don’t know a member of Congress more principled or dedicated to the Constitution than [Thomas Massie].”

“[Nancy Pelosi] delayed this process repeatedly and sent the House into recess before its job was complete,” Lee added. “Big mistake!”

The House ended up passing the historic $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package on Friday — which ended up passing by voice vote — followed by Trump signing it, as IJR reported.


  1. These members of Congress ought to read the Constitution. When it is something this important, the vote needs to be on the record. The founding fathers did it so what makes these people better than them especially since travel is easier than back then. I wonder how many of them actually read the entire bill and not just the portion they liked.

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