New Poll Shows Majority Agree US Should Have Shut Down Earlier to Combat Coronavirus

A new poll suggests the majority of Americans polled are in agreement that the United States should have been shut down earlier to combat the coronavirus.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris survey exclusively released to The Hill, conducted April 14-16, asked over 2,300 registered voters multiple questions about the planning and preparation for the coronavirus response efforts.

The poll shows approximately 57% of respondents agreed that there should have been an earlier shutdown in the U.S. Forty-three percent of the voters said there should not have been a shutdown any earlier because of a lack of information.

Additionally, respondents were also asked their thoughts on the possibility of a full shutdown. Seventy-five percent of the voters said they believe a full United States shutdown was necessary to stop the COVID-19 spread, altogether.

Another poll with a similar line of questioning also shed light on Americans’ opinion of the timing of the shutdown.

That poll also found that 63% of respondents agreed New York would have greatly benefited from an earlier shutdown while 37% insisted state officials had not accumulated enough information to shut down at an earlier date.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

In a brief statement to The Hill, Harvard CAPS/Harris polling director Mark weighed in on the survey.

“The voters say, especially in New York, that the policies should have started even earlier but no suggestion that they are holding public officials at the state or federal government responsible,” Penn said.

The poll comes less than a week after President Donald Trump announced phases to reopen the economy.

The reopening guidelines recommend states consider slowly reopening their economies if they see a downward trajectory in confirmed coronavirus cases that may suggest the curve is flattening, as previously reported on IJR.

However, the guidelines have led to heated exchanges due to differences in opinions on timing and adequate statistics to make definitive decisions.

In many states, people are pushing back against governors refusing to take immediate action to reopen the states’ economy.

Over the last week, protests have taken place in multiple states, including Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, California, North Carolina, Maryland and more.


  1. Maybe if the Devilcrats weren’t so busy trying to impeach Donald Trump for doing his job. A job that none of them are qualified for. A job that he was trying to do despite being harassed constantly by Nancy Piglosi and Chuckie Schumer. First it was he responded too soon and didn’t let in people from other countries so he was a racist. Then he didn’t act fast enough and the virus spread. All the while, they are behind this massive hoax caused by the Devilcrats because they think that might be the only way to get Trump out of office. They sure couldn’t do it with Hilary. Couldn’t do it with a fake impeachment with no evicence and now they are willing to tank America’s economy and put us in a Great Depression that would rival the 1930 all because they are sore losers. Wake Up, America. See them for what they are. They are trying to turn us into a One World Global Socialist Society. Vote them out.

  2. “asked over 2,300 registered voters multiple questions about the planning and preparation for the coronavirus response efforts.” Gee, a whole 2,300 out of 340 million. That constitutes a majority? In what universe? Where did they conduct the poll, what demographics? What BS. These polls can tell them anything they want, all they have to do is pick who to poll.

  3. Stan and Jim are grasping at straws to maintain their delusional perspective on reality.

  4. General Confusion: -“wad a giod”. You a drunk like michael?” Stan

    No, Stan. Modern technology. Big fingertips on tiny keyboards, plus a bit of assuming that I got it right the first time, and a tiny overall view of the text.

    I am sure that you can manage without complaining.

  5. “no one knew how deadly this virus was” Crystal

    That is patently not true. King Donald The Loser was given his first briefing about the Trump Virus January 3rd, by the military. He was given his “black swan” briefing February 3rd. He knew EXACTLY how serious the virus was at the earliest possible moment, yet he did next to nothing until mid-March while at the same time he downplayed his virus and held rallies, to entertain his Cult-45 members.

    Don’t believe me? Look those briefings up.

  6. And how could the shut down happen any earlier as the WHO didn’t start calling this a pandemic until Feb.

  7. You know, this really isn’t fair when you consider the fact that no one knew how deadly this virus was, and that China, and the WHO, downplayed the seriousness of it and lied about human-to-human transmission! Not a single Democrat knew the seriousness of this virus… So why is it fair to judge only Trump by this! It’s so disgusting and tiresome that no matter how hard he tries, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!

  8. Why don’t you ask the REAL CONFUSED ONE what he was saying on the dates he cites?

  9. Always Confused U-hurt: Ya thinks maybe Trump should have called Barry the Odumbo for advice since it was he and his demented sidekick who waited for SIX WEEKS and 1,000 deaths in 2009 before doing a damn thing about the Swine flu? Compare actions. THEN point the finger at the responsible Kenyan inventor of CRIMINALITY and INCOMPETENCE.

  10. “The man made ALL the RIGHT decisions!!!” Neal

    Neal is confused.

    King Donald The Loser made mostly wrong decisions. His first warning, from the military, was January 3rd. He closed off travel from China AFTER the virus was already spreading inside our country. He dithered for 6 more weeks until mid-March when he RELUCTANTLY suggested social distancing wad a giod idea.

    This guy is dangerous and has killed more than 40K of us needlessly through His Majesty’s incompetence!

  11. Well duh! That’s why so many are furious at Dear Leader because he dithered and did his rallies when he should have known better. He DID know better, but he chose to put his Cult-45 members at risk anyway.

  12. Oh sure sure, we should have SHUT DOWN our GANGBUSTER economy back on December 25, 2019?!?!?!?!?! This poll is BULLSHIT! POTUS T CLOSED the border to the chinee people BEFORE his panel of so called “experts” suggested he do it!!! The man made ALL the RIGHT decisions!!!

  13. The former head of the CDC said last week that if NY had responded 2 weeks sooner, they would have an 80% drop in cases. Where were their LEADERS then? Let me help you, they were telling ALL New Yorkers that they had nothing to worry about. Their leaders need to held responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. PERIOD.

  14. IF New York would have benefited from an earlier shut down, WHY didn’t the Governor take action on his own rather than wait for the POTUS to draw him a picture of the problem? The information was out there. If Cuomo didn’t know what to do or how to do it, I’m sure he has a phone and Trump’s number in the WH to ask for instructions (any 8th grader could have figured out). #Idiot.

    1. Cuomo isn’t the President unfortunately. Why would anyone call Trump for advice? He screwed everything up in the first place? He didn’t want to see the numbers go up. Well the numbers are way up whether he wants to see them or not. We still don’t have testing and supplies, you know, the supplies and test that he claims credit for every night? We haven’t received them, all the countries who handled this pandemic well had mass testing, like South Korea.

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