Longtime Dem Pollster Suggests Warren as VP Pick Could Lead to Biden Victory

Stan Greenberg, one of the longest-leading Democratic pollsters, is urging presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to strongly consider Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as his vice president pick.

In early May, Greenberg met with top officials for the Biden campaign to discuss two key battleground surveys developed by his firm. While Biden is the Democratic frontrunner, Greenberg insists Democrats still have not unified behind him which could be problematic in the coming months.

Because of this Greenberg is urging the Biden campaign to select a running mate who “will help the most in November,” according to Politico.

Greenberg is confident “Warren is the obvious solution.” Just as Greenberg advised former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, he is doubling down on his belief that Warren is the remedy needed to take the White House.

The report also suggests Biden is actually further behind where Clinton was with Bernie Sanders’ supporters at this point in her campaign. Approximately 20% of Sanders’ Democratic socialist base still insists they have no interest in voting for Biden.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

While Clinton was on the campaign trail, only 15% of Sanders’ voters expressed no interest in voting for her.

“They lean towards the Democrats, but Biden’s not getting their votes yet,” Greenberg told Politico.

Before Greenberg’s assessment, the Biden campaign recognized its struggle to command the Democratic forefront as most candidates do after clinching the presidential nomination. Therefore, Biden’s vice president pick could be a major determining factor in the future of his campaign.

Greenberg gained a political track record due to his work with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore.

The latest projection from Greenberg comes amid numerous reports on the potential running mates being considered by the Biden campaign.

Biden is hoping to reveal his vice president pick on August 1, as IJR reported.


  1. Dorothy
    Clearly you are the perfect profile of the Looney Left – that you refer to yourself as “politically sound” is beyond laughable …
    Its a bad joke.
    The obvious intent of Pelosi et al is to undermine President Trump in any way they can. They – as well as you – must think the rest of the world is blind.
    Elizabeth Warren? Hello?? As was mentioned, her own state didn’t vote for her.
    Oh, wait … Did that not happen? Was it somehow Pres Trump’s fault??
    Creepy Joe & Fake-a-hontas …

  2. Being intellectually sound, politically informed and socially engaged, I’d vote for this ticket in a heartbeat. There’s not a single person more ready for the presidency than Elizabeth Warren —and she’d make a fabulous ticket.

      1. I would certainly hope so, but don’t forget that Kamala Harris also has a spotty record. Joke Biden can still blow this.

  3. Ah yes, two compulsive liars. The perfect Democrat ticket!!!
    Why would anyone ever vote for a Democrat?

  4. Oh sure, Joe who can’t get out of his basement and Elizabeth who couldn’t even get the folks in Massachusetts to vote for her. Great choices…….NOT. I’m sticking with the present President and VP, thank you.

  5. Two incredibly unappealing people. Not that Joe isn’t a swell fella, but mentally and politically he a dirty porta-potty. Warren needs to wipe the sh*t off her upper lip so as to change her look.

    Apologies for all the dookie references, it’s been a sh*tty day

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