George Conway’s Lincoln Project Saw Its Biggest Fundraising Haul After Trump Attacks

President Donald Trump’s attacks on The Lincoln Project may have contributed to a massive fundraising haul for the anti-Trump group.

Republican consultant John Weaver, and member of the group,  told Fox News that in 20 hours after Trump blasted the group in a series of tweets it brought in $1 million.

He said, “12 hours of insane rage attacks by Donald Trump accelerated views of Mourning in America by millions and motivated thousands of Americans to donate to our effort to oust him and his enablers. The Lincoln Project won’t be intimidated by him or his low traveling allies.”

Reed Galen, a member of the Lincoln Project’s advisory committee, told CNBC that it was the largest fundraising day the group has seen yet. 

Trump lashed out at the group, co-founded by George Conway, in a series of tweets on Tuesday after it released an ad blaming the president for the “worst economy in decades,” as IJR reported

The group previously endorsed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as IJR reported


  1. George Conway is pathetic. He has no respect for his own wife. Maybe she’s the breadwinner. And his ego is at risk. And she could do better.
    A million dollars… they say.

      1. Money has always been the name of the political game. Latest figures I saw for the Trump campaign was $187 million on hand. Compared to the D’RATs, the RNC could spend $20 million a month until November and still have $50 million MORE than the D’RATs. They’re crying because they don’t have the money to counter Trump’s ads. Really? WHY should they? They have the biggest loser in the Party’s history – Sleepy Creep Biden – as their pick from the (sour) cream of the crop that they could find that may still be taking in oxygen without a machine.

        1. Maybe they can use some of that money for Trumps funeral they could give him a golden coffin he would like that so would I seeing in the ground where he belongs

          1. Hey everybody, this is the private message non-nonsensical tom sent me,”You look like a metal head Trump needs to be dead.” tommy boi made a rhyme, aren’t WE ALL PROUD.

    1. Conway has been attacking Trump ever since Trump refused to hire him for a position at the DOJ. Kellyanne and the 4 kids could do much better than having a cry baby in the house. Life in that household must be a Hell on Earth for the family.

      1. George Conway wouldn’t work for Trump if his life depended on it. He sees Trump for who he is. That’s Trumps excuse for everyone who says something bad about him….He’s just mad because he didn’t get a position in my administration! Kellyanne is still by George’s side though isn’t she? She sees her job as a stepping stone just like everyone else who works in that scumball administration. Trump could care less about the citizens in this country, opening this country while the numbers are still climbing! He drug his feet when this pandemic started, he didn’t want the numbers to go up, he liked the numbers just the way they were. Testing is still abysmal, tracing is still abysmal. Of course he blames China, he never takes responsibility. I can’t believe how gullible his base is. Go risk your lives for your master.

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