Klobuchar Zings Trump for Spending Just Over 20 Percent of His Presidency on Golf Courses

2020 Democratic contender Amy Klobuchar kicked off the New Year by ignoring her challengers in the primary and, instead, directing her attacks at President Donald Trump.

In a New Year’s Day tweet, Klobuchar posted an article from CNN that said Trump spent one of every five days during 2019 on a golf course. Her comment: “For the record, I spent 0 days on the golf course in 2019.”

As she tweeted from the campaign trail, the president was wrapping up a round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. He arrived at the club at 10 a.m., but the White House did not release a detailed schedule of his New Year’s Day.

An analysis of Trump’s public schedule during his presidency by Factbase shows that Trump has visited a golf course on 254 of the 1,078 days since taking the office — which is 23.6% of his time on golf courses. The vast majority of them have been to Trump’s properties in New Jersey, Virginia and the West Palm Beach club.

In focusing her attention on the presumed Republican nominee instead of her Democratic challengers, Klobuchar supporters say she is trying to lure independent voters and Republicans disenchanted with Trump’s actions while in office.

Mike Blake/Reuters

In a report published on Thursday in Politico, her advisors said she sees a way forward in attracting voters who opted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but then turned to Trump in 2016.

“Those are really a lot of communities that tend to be bellwethers or communities that have an impact on New Hampshire outcomes,” Scott Merrick, Klobuchar’s New Hampshire state director, told Politico. “Whether they’re Democrats and they’ll vote for more moderate candidates or they’re truly undeclared voters who mix it up.”

With 40 days to go before the nation’s first primary in New Hampshire, Klobuchar is said to be campaigning heavily in traditionally Republican districts of New Hampshire that her challengers are largely ignoring and diverting campaign resources to the Granite State.


  1. Isn’t that his form of exercise? He uses it for negotiations and bonding with other leaders too. Seems like a good use of time sinve he is a workaholic anyway.

  2. klobchar only voted present to prop up her failing run for the presidency. She is just another backstabbing, lying, deceitful communist turd.

  3. The day a Republican becomes “jealous” of a demonrat is the day the world will end confuction. We want NOTHING to do with your lying. deceitful communist party you lying turd. Why don’t you also mention that he is also working as the President at the same time. He takes a lot of foreign dignitaries to play golf also confuction. Oh, I forgot. Facts confuse you.

  4. “Jealous?” Dave Hardesty

    Hardly. On the other hand, I am furious that he gets away with may things for which anyone else would end up in jail.

    There is no way that I would stay in one of his hotels, even if his was the only one in town. I am too principled to do that.

  5. I’d like to ask this idiot how many days she spent working in the senate as opposed to wasting her time campaigning for the snowball’s chance in hell she’s got to winning the Democrap’s nomination let alone the Presidency! LOL

  6. If you don’t play golf, wouldn’t expect you to be on a golf course . Of course if I was one of her constituents, I’d wonder why she wasn’t doing her job.

  7. And what percentage of her time has she spent on the campaign trial as opposed to doing her job?

  8. “Barack Obama made 52 international trips to 58 different countries (in addition to visiting the West Bank) during his presidency. He set the record as the most-traveled president for any first year in office: he took the most trips, visited the most countries, and spent the most days abroad. “Wikipedia
    And had little to show for back home. So it would appear President Trump must be working whether he’s on vacation or in DC.

    1. He also put our $$$ on world tour. Especially the 3:00 show in Terroran.

  9. Let him play more. 20% and he’s done more for the US than any president since Regan. If he played 30% just imagine how much better off we would be. Don’t fix things that are not broken.

  10. If memory serves me correctly, Obama did the exact same thing. In fact, he was playing golf when an American citizen was being held for ransom and finally beheaded on television..

  11. #1 how many of those visits were his actual home (which happens to have its own golf course)? I’m sure the previous Presidents sat in that oval office 24 hours a day. NOT #2 how much improvement has he made on everything he’s done, i.e. lowest figures ever for black unemployment, stock markets breaking highs constantly, this weekend pushback on the embassy attack, trade deals in our favor, lower taxes for the middle class, removed required healthcare etc etc. This list goes on. Some people take 1 hour to do something while others take 1 week. Time to look at the WHOLE picture.

      1. We did and found your stupid rant wanting for intelligence.

  12. Check out the % of votes she’s missed. Oh, and what about all the work she’s not doing while running for something she’ll not achieve. She prob thinks Trump was golfing on 12/31 like the rest of the idiots that fail to fact check. Hey, Amy, Trump’s home happens to be at a golf resort. Look up golf resorts and communities. They actually exist all across our nation. Imagine that!

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