Kellyanne Conway Mocks Biden for Considering a Woman as His VP Pick

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is mocking presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for considering a female vice president pick.

During an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Conway spoke with co-anchors Ed Henry and Sandra Smith who asked about her thoughts on Biden and what she expects from his campaign in the coming weeks.

Conway quickly noted there is a list of female candidates Biden is said to be considering for his running mate. Describing Biden as “a co-ed at the end of a frat party,” Conway alluded to the idea of him needing a woman to win the election.

“You’ve seen the long-short list of Joe Biden’s V.P. choices, they all happen to be female. He sounds like a, you know, a co-ed at the end of a frat party, ‘I need a woman,'” Conway said.

She went on to name women she assumes are being taken into consideration. Conway also criticized the women for their alleged involvement in what President Donald Trump has coined “Obamagate.”

Conway continued, “So, now he has binders of woman he’s looking through and he’s got people like Sally Yates and Susan Rice allegedly on this list and those are two woman who were very involved in this — in the shenanigans that were happening in the days before we got here to the Trump White House.”

See Conway’s remarks below:

Despite Conway’s mention of Yates and Rice as potential running mates for Biden, multiple reports have suggested other potential running mates.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s names have been mentioned rather frequently in connection with the Democratic frontrunner. In fact, two of the women recently made headlines with Biden.

On Thursday, Abrams appeared on MSNBC with Biden which raised questions about whether or not he was ready to officially announce his running mate, as previously reported on IJR. During that segment, he remained mum about the possibilities.

Whitmer has also recently revealed she has had an “opening conversation” with Biden’s campaign, although she is completely focused on governing her state.

Based on past elections, the vetting process for vice presidential candidates typically takes up to 8 weeks to complete. In most cases, running mate picks are announced ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which is scheduled for August of this year.

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  1. Hey, this election is starting to make sense now. Democrats believe socialism is better than freedom and the constitution is archaic. So, like Germany, they are trying for a takeover by an insane, spoiled, loudmouth like hitler was. Biden.

  2. Obama was elected by individuals that wanted to go down in history as being part of the first black president elected. It had nothing to do with his qualifications, competence, or love for America. He had none. This year Biden voters will do so because they want to be a part of the first female, first insane socialist presidency, not because of their competence, love of country or qualifications because again, they have NONE!

  3. A quarter of America hated Hillary Clinton the first moment they saw her, and it only got worse. I’m guessing that 80% hated Kellyanne from their first taste, and now the revulsion factor is over 90%. Yuck. If she were the last woman on earth, I’d get an ant farm.

    1. Yes, and watch him closely for emergency nap time interventions. The debate with Trump should be interesting, how will the media hide his confusion in front of the camera? Even suck up Clinton campaign strategist/criminal conspirator George Stephanopoulos on ABC couldn’t rescue him in an interview.

  4. “shenanigans” LOL. Well, unlike most Trumpers, Kellyanne did not attempt to claim requesting the unmasking of Individual #1 using the established protocols for doing so, is a crime. Being a licensed attorney, Kellyanne would have used a legal term, if one applied.

    1. A typical Democrat denying all the abuses of power committed by the Obamanation. You’ll lie about it forever. You’re so butt hurt.

        1. As an anti-American Marxist, he only chose to be half Black for the Black vote and eight year of doing nothing for any group.

          “Socialists are CONTROL freaks and first grade POWER hungry Marxists.”

        2. No, we had an incompetent, corrupt Muslim for 8 years. The Obamanation was a dismal failure and his misdeeds are being exposed. Provided weapons for the cartels, financed ISIS startup, supplied ISIS with 90% of their weapons, abandoned an ambassador to die at the hands of Ansar Al Shiria, lied to Americans and relatives of the dead, spied on Americans, spied on a Presidential campaign, targeted those that would expose him, etc. The list goes on and on. He spent way too much money for that porta-potty that is his Library. He could have rented it as it won’t be needed for long. Please enjoy your idol’s exposure and that of his Democrat cronies.

          1. 1. The 12,469 H1N1 deaths over a yr period that Trumpers complained about in March, 2020 PALE in comparison to the 92,000 COVID deaths from Feb 28 thru May 20. Yes, Kushner described Trump’s handling of COVID as “a great success.” But, everyone else sees INCOMPETENCE.
            2. Iran was denuclearized in 2015 thru 2018, when Trump, against the advice of his Sec of State and Sec of Defense, withdrew from the JCPOA. Iran is currently enriching uranium again. INCOMPETENCE.
            3. Trump gave Israel EVERYTHING the U.S. had to attain concessions from them believing a Middle East peace agreement would magically occur. INCOMPETENCE.
            4. Trump gave Kim Jung-Un the summit NK had wanted for 20 years. Trump praised Jung Un with the misguided belief that he was as emotionally immature as Trump. As was the case with Kim Il-sung and Kim Jung-Il, the agreement was never actually realized despite Trump’s belief he was deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.
            5. Trump claimed he had a healthcare plan that was less expensive and covered more people than Obamacare. NO plan. NO repeal. “No one knew healthcare could be so complicated.” INCOMPETENCE.
            6. Trump shutdown the government for 35 days believing he could get $5 billion for his SYMBOL of security. He failed. INCOMPETENCE.
            7. Trump claimed his corporate tax cuts would pay for themselves. Costs $2.3 TRILLION, not paying for themselves.
            8. Trump claimed he was going to pay off the debt in 8 years, but in 3 yrs 4 months, he has overseen the national debt INCREASING from 19 trillion to 25 trillion.
            9. Trump claimed “trade wars are easy.” If he knew what he was talking about, then WHY was $23 billion in subsidies to farmers needed BEFORE the pandemic?

            If you do not wish to visit Obama’s Presidential library when it opens, don’t. Being Obama was polling at 63% approval after leaving office and the best Trump has done since taking office is 49%, you should just wait for Trump’s library since the lines won’t be as long.

          2. “Please enjoy your idol’s exposure and that of his Democrat cronies.” Chuck

            Chuck is confused.

            What the hell makes you think that I idolize ANYBODY, especially Obama? You are one stupid f… fool.

          3. Well, Syphilis came up with some more lies, putting a spin on the truth as usual. Not one valid claim. Repeat, repeat, repeat media trash. You’re not fooling anyone: 1. 60.8 million cases of H1N1. If H1N1 was as deadly as Corona, millions would have died and the Obamanation did nothing.
            2. According to spies within Iran’s program, they never stopped enriching uranium, just stopped inspections from anyone. The Obamanation did give Iran $2.2 billion for the failed plan Kerry helped negotiate.
            3. Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, Muslims, specifically HAMAS which the Obamanation pledged $221 million to, are the problem. Besides financing ISIS, providing 90% of their weapons he also financed the rockets HAMAS fired on Israel. That is not how you obtain peace.
            4. The President met with the NK dictator to at least try to obtain a peaceful solution to NK’s escalation. People throughout the press and Congress praised the effort. You of course lie about it.
            5. The healthcare created by Republicans would have given working people a much better healthcare plan that was cheaper than making them pay for free healthcare for lay-about, hand-out people that pay for nothing. Of course, Democrats voted against it, as did some RINOs. They also voted against repealing Obamacare, whose architect admitted was passed because of the gullibility of the American people.
            6. Trump did not shut down the government. More of your nonsense.
            7. The corporate tax cuts were well on the way in paying for themselves in unprecedented job creation, the lowest unemployment in 50 years, including minorities, in higher salaries and bonuses, manufacturing returning to America and new business creation. Had the Chinese spawned epidemic not occurred, the economy would be at record high levels. Once the virus threat is over or diminished, the economy will be higher than ever.
            8. Again, if it were not for the Chinese spawned epidemic around the world, that $25 trillion debt would be $3.5 trillion less (no aid packages). That would have equaled an increase of only 2.5 trillion. I’m sure you’ll blame the President for the additional $3 trillion in the Democrat’s wish list bill now before Congress. Let’s not forget that the wonderful, omnipotent Obamanation increased the national debt $10.5 trillion in 8 years. That included NO response from the Obamanation administration for h1N1. After the coronavirus is done and the economy gets rolling again, we’ll see how much of that new Debt is wiped away. Maybe you should be complaining the Chinese for infecting all the nations on Earth and creating national debt.
            9. Trade wars? Perhaps you should blame the real culprit in the trade wars, Bill Clinton. The trade war started with NAFTA which allowed American companies to manufacture in foreign countries and funnel the goods through Canada and Mexico. We’ve been in a trade war for 27 years, mostly with China At it’s peak, 2008, the trade deficit was over $800 billion a year, which adds directly to the national debt. An estimate, over ten years ago, put the lost jobs at 26 million. Given the average salary of $50,000 per year and the taxes Americans pay, that resulted in a loss of revenue to state’s gov and the Fed Gov of almost $1 trillion a year. That’s why there’s a fight over funding and threat of shutdown each year. Re negotiating the trade deals and putting tariffs on imported goods again helped reverse the loss jobs and manufacturing. It was working perfectly until the Chinese released another virus on the world for which they apparently have a cure. Their industry is back up and running while the rest of the world is just beginning to reopen.

            That about covers your BS. You’re either lying or are severely challenged when it comes to knowing how things work. I believe the former since you’re obviously a Liberal/Democrat Trump hater.