Loeffler Says Criticism Over Her Stock Trades Is a ‘Socialist Attack’

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) has insisted that she did not do anything wrong when she dumped stocks as the coronavirus worsened and she continued on that line of defense in a Fox News interview when she called criticism of her trades a “socialist attack.”

Speaking on Fox News on Friday, Loeffler said, “This is a political attack that is designed to distract from the issue at hand and to use to this outbreak to play politics. We have addressed this and taken extraordinary measures to make sure that we can’t be attacked for our success.”

She continued:

“This gets to the very heart of why I came to Washington — to defend free enterprise, to defend capitalism and this is a socialist attack. We have taken extraordinary measures and I am focused solely on working for Georgians. I’ve been doing that seven days a week, around the clock and it’s my honor to be here and serve and that’s why I stepped out of the private sector.”

Loeffler said that she is liquidating her stocks after allegations that she used non-public information to dump stocks before the coronavirus pandemic worsened in the United States.

Asked about that step, she said, “We’ve taken extraordinary measures to take that off the table as an attack area and we’re done with it. We’re moving on.”

Loeffler dumped millions in stocks at the same time that she and other senators were receiving private coronavirus briefings. She also purchased stocks in companies that make protective gear, for which demand has surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Georgia senator has insisted that the trades were made by a third-party and that she was not informed of them until later.

But some Republicans in Georgia are not buying her defense. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga), who is running for Loeffler’s Senate seat, accused her of “profiting off [people’s] pain.”


  1. No you SOW …the criticism of your insider trades is not a “socialist attack”. It is a response of clear thinking capitalist Americans that want Congressional representatives to play by the rules they set for everyone else. Insider Trading is illegal and people go to jail for it; which is where you need to go!

  2. Ms. Senator,
    I didn’t agree with your appointment when Gov. Kemp made it. Who ARE you? I’ve worked in Republican politics for over 30 years in Georgia, and you came out of nowhere with your rich hubby and apparent desire to play in politics. Shame on you for thinking we don’t get what you did. In fact, just before this little cheat the market thing you did became news, I read an article where you talked about how GREAT it was to hear “Top Secret” stuff! Why, Sugar, you’re just havin all kinds of fun, aren’t you? PS, if my military husband played as fast and lose with the Top Secret stuff he’s been privvy to in his career, he’d be in Leavenworth by now. What makes YOU so special? Sorry hon, Doug Collins is going to kick your behind all the way back to NYC or wherever it is your husband’s company is. You blew it. And no, I’m not with his campaign. I’m one of your suburban Republican women.

    1. “Doug Collins is going to kick your behind all the way back to NYC” Pelatiah

      Don’t forget that Doug Collins is a real piece of work, too. Just because he is from the American Fascist Party doesn’t make him desirable.

  3. Senator Loeffler,
    I too have my stocks in accounts that are managed via second and third parties, however they gladly listen to any instructions that I might give, be it buy sell or cash out. During this same time, obviously my third party managers were not privy to the same information that your third party managers had and therefore I lost about 35% of my life savings. Yes, I agree that it is time for you to move on and leave public service because you no longer exhibit the moral qualities for public service.

  4. Political attack? There are a couple Democrats and Republicans in the same boat.

    You’re being questioned for borderline unethical actions – no more, no less.

    1. Exactly!!! How many people have husband’s that are the CEO of the Stock Exchange???? Nope we are not buying your comments!!!

    2. You are confused, Cathrine.

      There is nothing borderline about it.

  5. Oh No ! The Rephucklican rich bitch who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar is really mad. Someone , but definitely not her, has gotta pay !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kelly Loeffler is confused.

    What she says is that all of the conservatives who are chastising her are socialists. No, you are just making shit up to cover your ass and to deflect your follower’s attention away from your crimes.

    1. IF she were a D’RAT, nothing would be said. But being an R, she’s guilty, guilty, guilty. Call the firing squad. It – like quid pro quo Joe’s being accused of sex crimes against a former employee – would be a non-issue because D’RATs are always above the Law. Just ask Barry, Hillary, Kerry, Comey, Rosenstein, et al if you have any questions about how to beat the two-tier judicial system.

        1. Yeah. He won’t acknowledge that she is also being attacked by her own AFP members.

          That must have confused him.

          1. Victim complex must be a trait that makes people susceptible to Cult 45.

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