New GOP Senator Will Sit on Committee Overseeing Agency That Regulates Her Husband’s Business

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler — who was just sworn into office this week after being appointed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp — is diving headfirst into the culture of Washington in her new role sitting on a committee that oversees the government agency that regulates her husband’s business.

Loeffler, who has never held a political office her life, was appointed to Senate Agriculture Committee where she will be one of the senators overseeing the federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission. One of the companies that the CFTC oversees is the Intercontinental Exchange Inc, where Loeffler’s husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, is the CEO. The conflict of interest was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Loeffler said, “I have worked hard to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Senate’s ethics rules and will continue to do so every day. I will recuse myself if needed on a case-by-case basis.”

But her new role has already caused criticism, Robert Maguire of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington summarized the development in a straightforward tweet, writing, “Republican leadership has assigned Georgia’s new interim senator to a committee that oversees the federal agency that regulates her husband’s business.”

Though Loeffler has never been elected to office, she and her husband have a long history of pumping money into politics. The Center for Responsive Politics notes that they have given $3.2 million to political committees and have even donated to Democrats including to Hillary Clinton in 2007.

Loeffler replaced Senator Johnny Isakson and her appointment caused a bit of tension in the party. Many Republicans had backed Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, who has enjoyed an elevated profile in the impeachment era, but Kemp tapped Loeffler for the role.


  1. Phillllilllilis,
    “WHAT is Ron Wyden’s NYC address where he lives with his family?” you asked.

    Your question indicates you know what I say is true. You’re really bad at “pretending” to be stupid. Just be you.

    He and his family live in a townhouse on East 19th St. in NYC, when not making visits in OR and DC. It’s a documented fact, not least of which by The Oregonian, a Leftist organ if ever there was one. You can look these up.

    That he continues to hold office in OR is a disgrace as this is NOT his primary residence nor where his family resides.

  2. “you might want to look at the REPUBLICAN leader turning a blind eye” Phyllis

    I don’t call him Moscow Mitch for no reason. He is also at least as dangerous as the simpleton in the White House, so I haven’t taken my eye off of him yet.

  3. >>Phyllis Softa<<

    I don't think it's quite fair to criticize Mitch McConnell or his wife (as Republicans) for doing LESS than the former Vice President named Joe Biden who abused the power of his office to help his son – Hunter – stay out of jail with a quid pro quo he admits to in regards to the corruption he was obviously involved in in Ukraine. OR, using Air Force 2 as their personal, family aircraft to suck $1.5 BILLION from the Chinese Communists and the banks in China for their personal enrichment. I have seen no figures on how much quid pro quo Joe – the demented hair sniffing creep – got from several European Nations although I doubt "The Creep" would get out of bed for less than $1 Million.

  4. Apparently Screw and WHC are now okay with Maxine Waters on the banking committee. WHO knew that would ever occur?

  5. Just as WHC said. Mad Max Waters sat on the same committee overseeing her activities, and her husband’s, in a banking scandal. No wonder she can afford to live outside the district she represents*.

    *easily exceeded by Ron Wyden (D-OR) who lives in NYC with his family but still pretends to represent OR.

    1. WHAT is Ron Wyden’s NYC address where he lives with his family?

  6. Sounds a lot like Maxine Waters being a member of the House Financial Oversight Committee as her husband cheated the heck out of the system leading to the financial crash of 2007..

    And it also smacks of Hunter Biden taking advantage of his father’s position when he was VP..

    All examples are improper/illegal behavior, but the fact that only this example is worthy of reporting shows the obvious bias of the media and the Democrats.

  7. Yes, Morte206 and Confused James, I am well aware that appointments happen on both sides of the isle. I am not THAT confused.

    “WHAT is “corrupt” by appointing an individual to a vacant position?” Confused James

    You are confused, Confused James. I did NOT say that. If you read what I ACTUALLY wrote, you will see that I mentioned corruption in relation to her committee appointment. Go back and check. I dare you. Comprehension 101.

    1. Gov Kemp did appoint her, but it WAS Mitch McConnell that approved the committee assignment. Both you and Morte and James failed to mention that salient point. If you are looking at corruption, you might want to look at the REPUBLICAN leader turning a blind eye.

  8. As a Trump supporter I think this is terrible. This is a conflict and one of the many things wrong with DC!

    1. Mitch McConnell approved the appointment. His wife arranges business meetings with Chinese officials and her family. You perceived Mitch was going to change the culture of DC?

  9. GC: It must be nice indeed just ask Tina Smith the junior senator from MN. She was appointed to fill Al Franken’s seat until she won a specially held election at a later time.

    I will agree with you though that Ms. Loeffler’s committee assignment is a dubious choice at best.

    1. ALL governors appoint a Senator when a vacancy arises before the end of the term. But it is the leader of the Senator’s party that approves committee assignments. That would be Mitch.

  10. It must be nice to be just APPOINTED as a Senator!

    Senator Kelly Loeffler and Gov. Kemp have a lot to learn about not giving even the APPEARANCE of corruption.

    1. WHAT is “corrupt” by appointing an individual to a vacant position? Is it because she is a REPUBLICAN and not one of your Socialist/Fascist comrades? YOU need to learn something about how the American political system works.

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