Kamala Harris on Trump’s ‘Nasty’ Insults: What He Says Is ‘Designed To Distract’ People

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris dismissed President Donald Trump’s repeated insults hurled at her on multiple occasions.

On Friday, Harris Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared on ABC News with host David Muir for their first joint interview.

During the socially distanced discussion, Muir noted many of the insulting remarks Trump has made about Harris as he recalled the president describing her as “nasty, a sort of madwoman, a disaster, the meanest, most horrible, most disrespectful of anybody in the U.S. Senate.”

As Muir went down the list of insults, Biden could be heard sighing as Harris laughed at his reaction.

“How do you define what you hear from the president?” Muir asked Harris.

She dismissed the president’s insults as she insisted that his words are “designed to distract” from the “neglect” and “harm” he has caused the American people.

“I think that there is so much about what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth that is designed to distract the American people from what he is doing every day that is about neglect, negligence, and harm to the American people,” Harris said.

“And incompetence,” Biden chimed in.

“Absolutely,” Harris agreed.

Biden went on to sharply criticize the president for his insults saying, “No president has ever used those words.”

See Harris’ remarks below:

Since Biden announced Harris as his vice presidential pick, Trump has been hurling insults and attacks her way.

From the verbal insults Muir described to the latest birtherism conspiracy about Harris, that the president did not shut down when asked about, there have been many attacks aimed toward her.

But despite Trump’s attacks, The Washington Post reported that Trump’s re-election campaign may be struggling to find its footing when it comes to discrediting Harris.

In the publication, Christina Reynolds, who serves as the vice president of communications for Emily’s List, an advocation group that is part of a political coalition geared toward helping to elect female candidates in support of abortion rights.

Reynolds said, “It’s clear that they don’t have a message on Kamala Harris, much like they haven’t on Joe Biden. They are flailing.”


  1. According to Snopes.com, Harris had a year long affair with Willie Brown, speaker of the California state house of representatives, in 1994-95. Brown was at the time estranged from his wife, whom he later divorced. He helped Harris get two appointed jobs in state government. She was capable and successful in her positions. She had nothing to do with Brown after that, and did not run for elective office until 2011.

    Just facts.

  2. “A woman who has no regard for the life of an innocent little child is a nasty person.” Millie

    A person who sends pipebombs around the country just because he agrees with or is a fan of a Dear Leader and takes inference from the Dear Leader to send the pipebombs to their apparent “enemies” makes BOTH of them “nasty persons”. The one who leads another person to do something “nasty” is ALSO “nasty”. Right, Millie?

  3. “Flailing”? President Trump didn’t miss a beat. He tells it like it is and once again he was absolutely correct. A woman who has no regard for the life of an innocent little child is a nasty person.

  4. She reverts to that annoying cackle-laugh whenever some reporter asks her a tough question (I know; that doesn’t happen very often!).
    Like when she claimed to have smoked ganja in college while listening to Snoop Dogg music. Some reporter ACTUALLY asked her how she could’ve done that, since she finished college YEARS before Snoop ever recorded his first album!
    She let out her trademark cackle and continued walking, without ever answering the question!

  5. camela is a very dangerous person, and has no place in politics. She is
    one to be called evil.

  6. Honestly, SHE distracts me, when running for the nomination for democRATic presidency she was Indian-American and now as VP democRATic nomination she is BLACK-American, seems she changes her race to suit her purpose, typical democRAT, now, when she was prosecutor HOW MANY BLACK MEN did SHE lock up??? A LOT, Nasty is not the word I would use but it is the kinder of the other choices.. If anyone is NOT to be trusted it is these two, remember, liberals, it is ALL smoke and mirrors, there is none so blind as he who will not see…

  7. I guess the amount of racism, misogyny, and self-righteousness expressed in this thread shouldn’t really surprize me, but you guys have outdone yourselves here, this time.

    Way to show the world what YOU are made of!

  8. His comments may be labeled as insults but they are also the Truth! Perhaps if you had not conducted yourself in such a way, there would be less to insult! In my mind, you may well be One Trick away from the Presidency!

  9. Cherl, PLEASE add the definition of the word “logic” to the Trumpian Dictionary.

    You care who Sen. Harris dated when she was SINGLE. You care who and how she prosecuted criminals when she was an AG. You perceive her to be a “loud mouth.”

    YET, WHO Donald Trump dated when he was MARRIED does not concern you–even when they are a porn star or a Playboy model. Donald Trump’s long and extensive rap sheet of corrupt business practices, including a $2 m fine for misuse of his foundation funding, does not phase you. Despite his 5 bankruptcies you wish to contend he was a successful businessman. AND Donald Trump is not in your eyes a “loud mouth”??? If not, WHAT is your definition of “loud mouth”?

    And YES, as a primary candidate, Sen. Harris “took shots at Biden.” Did you think she called Biden a “race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot”? Did she call him a “pathological liar”? Just a few of the things Trump was called by HIS primary opponents.

  10. Well racist hoe if the truth is a distraction it is only so for you and your fellow peddlers of lies. Narrative needs to be changed from yours to the truth!

  11. Thehill.com/homenews/administration/513255-trumps-sister-says-president-has-no-principles-lies-in-secretly

  12. Well, Kamala, you should hear what people (the ordinary people) are saying about you. Not a distraction. We already know things about you that President Trump hasn’t even mentioned.

  13. Well, well well, just where do i begin describing this worthless liberal phony and lying thief and opportunist who got her start in politics screwing willie brown, the married mayor of San Francisco to start her political start? As one of San Francisco’s worst district attorneys ‘heels up’ harris ( her nickname from screwing whoever to get what she wants) prosecuted misdemeanor crimes yet didn’t prosecute the real criminals, like the drug kingpins and murderers. For some reason known only to God, she then moved on to become again, one of the worst attorney generals in California and again for some reason she became a senator and has screwed the people of California with her leftist agenda and plans. Does anyone with at least half a brain see the pattern here? ‘Heels up’ kamala harris is an opportunist and all about herself and only for herself and will do and say anything to get what she ultimately wants which is the White House if given the chance . Make no mistake about it, she’ll screw America big time if Lord forbid she and touchy feely sniffee biden are elected. Yet I have faith the American people already see thorough their socialist BS and will toss these clowns to the curb come November 3rd. An example of’heels up’s’ hypocricy: she called joey, sniffy touchy feely biden a womanizer and racist yet wants to be his vice president and the liberal BULLSHIT ‘dog and pony show’ continues. The next 2 + months should be interesting if not unbelievably funny as the liberals try convincing they’d be good for America. They must think people here are stupid or have short term memories of the years 2008 – 2012 in which nothing positive got done for America yet these liberals got extremely if not obscenely rich on our dime all while the American people got SQUAT and ended up with crumbs. I could go on but what’s the point? Bottom line : ‘heels up’ harris along with joey touchy feely sniffy biden have more dirt on them than my vineyard in Sonoma County but unlike my vineyard which produce constantly award winning wines, these 2 idiots think they’re qualified to run America and produce nothing but BULLSHIT. BTW: ‘heels up’s’ from California, San Francisco to be exact the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA which should tell you a whole lot. You just can’t make this S**T up, you just can’t

  14. “Reynolds said, “It’s clear that they don’t have a message on Kamala Harris, much like they haven’t on Joe Biden. They are flailing.””

    Nope. There’s tons of evidence and facts on Commie-Llama and Hidin’ Biden. Videotapes too.

  15. This tramp is the last thing we need in the 2nd leading position in this country. A certified Socialist in position to take the lead when Bozo Biden falters. Be careful America, the wolves are at the door.

  16. As a former prosecutor, who abused her powers and cheated on pay, Commie-llama would LOOOOVE her some evidence of Trump’s “racism”.

    It’s been FOUR years. Does anyone doubt that if it existed the MSM, Dims/Left/Never Trumpers would be all over it? It would be their new moon landing.

    But it doesn’t exist except as smears used to convince the low-info voters.

    I’ll be happy to present FACTS to show that if Trump is a racist then he’s terrible at it.

  17. Ooh. The Bad Orange Man, who you’ve lied about for four years, called you names? Boohoo. It’s the NEW politics your side made up. Hmm. Do completely unfounded accusations of racism count as defamatory lies? Go ahead and try to rationalize that.

    We’ve all seen the “grab” video. Does A SINGLE THINKING PERSON believe that if Trump were such a sexist predator (I’m looking at Gropin’ Biden) there would not have been other incidents? Hmm. q.v. Slick Willie and the human humidor. Ted “I let a woman drown” Kennedy and Chris Dodd’s waitress sandwiches?

    Let’s also have some video evidence. Commie-llama as a former prosecutor should be ALL for that. Four years and crickets chirp.

  18. “Harris Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden”.

    Does this word salad mean that Harris nominated Biden? Nope. That’s the default, err, choice of the DNC after Harris and so many others simply gave up. That includes Bernie.

    I might believe it if Biden nominated her to be president. But that would be after he got an all clear from his alleged tests. Can anyone else see him saying “The doctors say I have no signs of dementia. Or Alzheimers. Or dementia. Where are my pants?”

    Hmm. If certain parties can demand Trump’s tax returns then WE as the electorate should demand to see the results of Joe’s cognitive tests. It’s not only transparency, but more critical.

  19. “She brings enough negative baggage that she discredits herself.” Cherl

    Actually, Cherl, there is very little in her past to grab onto. So little, in fact, that King Donald The Loser’s camp IS struggling to counter her.

  20. “Since when are truths considered insults and attacks.” E.Patrick

    One doesn’t see THAT level of irony every day. Not even on IJR.

  21. ABC should have held the interviews on a softball diamond. Time to interview the interviewers on their Russia reporting for three years going on four.

  22. Julia, YOU’RE KIDDING, RIGHT??!! I guess you like a woman who used her body to crawl up the ladder!

  23. Let me guess, ABC ‘news’ didn’t ask her anything about her nasty behavior when she was vilifying Brett Kavanaugh during his SC confirmation hearing!

  24. Distractions are an essential part of Trump’s toolkit. Stir up the waters on the surface, then send the submarine (his conservative agenda) underneath almost unnoticed. He has accomplished much of what he promised to do while the media whips themselves into a frenzy on other stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media and the Biden-Harris campaign self-inflict some fatal wounds between now and November.

  25. “Trump has been hurling insults and attacks her way. ”
    Since when are truths considered insults and attacks. The truth will out and Willy told her not to run.

  26. lol, so speaks the token n…… well you know that word black people are allowed to call each other but people with lighter skin tones are racist for using…

  27. Awww Julie. How naive of you. Camaro Harris (that’s correct right ) hasn’t been great at anything. If it weren’t for old old Willie Brown she would still be figuring out how to become a politician. Stepping stones Julie.

  28. So the Washington Post reported that Trump’s re-election campaign may be struggling to find its footing when it comes to discrediting Harris.
    Really no need “to find Its footing”. She brings enough negative baggage that she discredits herself. From Willie Brown to her pathetic career as AG where she played with prisoners’ lives. Just to prove how tough she was. Why is she avoiding questions? Easy to figure out why Biden does but she appears to be pretty loud mouthed in general. She sure took shots at Biden. Strange bedfellows as the saying goes.

  29. lump knuckeheads, they must of got them forgivable loans, such a joke. its not his money, just donate to him.

  30. No president has EVER needed to say that because SHE/IT/Whatever like SHE/IT/Whatever has ever run for VP before.

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