Kamala Harris: ‘I Would Not Trust’ Trump’s Word on a Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is willing to listen to leading health officials about the efficacy of a coronavirus vaccine, but not President Donald Trump.

The host of CNN’s “State of the Union” Dana Bash, noted Trump has promised a vaccine will be available by the end of the year or possibly sooner. Bash asked Harris if she would trust this vaccine.

“No, I would not trust his word. I would trust the word of public health experts and scientists, but not Donald Trump,” Harris said.

She argued since the onset of the outbreak, the nation has learned there is “very little that we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.”

Watch her comments below:

Harris explained since the very beginning of the outbreak, the president has called it a “hoax,” silenced “public health experts,” “minimized the seriousness” of the situation, and “created false expectations” for Americans and American families.

She claimed his priority was to do anything that was considered “politically expedient.”

Bash questioned Harris about whether public health officials will have the final say on the efficacy of a vaccine.

“If past is prologue that they will not. They’ll be muzzled; they’ll be suppressed, they will be sidelined because he’s looking at an election coming up in less than 60 days, and he’s grasping for whatever he can get to pretend that he has been a leader on this issue when he’s not,” Harris said.

Bash went on to ask Harris if a vaccine is approved and distributed before the election would she get it.

“Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump, and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about,” Harris said.

She added, “I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach. No, I will not take his word.”

Her comments come just days after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged governors to expedite applications for vaccine distribution sites to make them operational by Nov. 1, as IJR previously reported.


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  2. Trump needs a big win before election day, so he needs a virus that works. So, no matter what the state of it’s development, he will be working his jaw to convince people it’s ready, it’s safe, it’s effective, and the only reason Fauci and the other scientists aren’t supporting it is they are deep-state traitors who hate Trump so much they will let Americans die. The script is already written. Trump knows that reality doesn’t count if enough people believe the lie. That’s how he governs.

  3. Linda, if you believe what Trump says, then the pandemic has been over for months—He and Xi had it “completely under control.” It miraculously disappeared as he claimed it would. So why would you need a vaccine?
    Of course if you believe Trump, North Korea was denuclearlized in 2018. Iran would be at the table negotiating a new JCPOA. Coal mining would be thriving. The unemployment rate would still be 3.4%, not the 8.4% reported. The Mueller and the Senate Intel Committee reports would NOT document numerous Trump campaign contacts with Russia. Mueller report would not document over 10 instances of obstruction of justice.
    Many Americans don’t live in the Trump fantasy world.

  4. You can trust a vaccine over Biden not merely reading off a screen and not reading the entire screen headers and all.

  5. “This dolt talks about creating a vaccine, not realizing that a new vaccine for the flu is created every year, not 4 years or 12-15 years.” Chuck

    Do you understand how foolish this make you look? No, I don’t think you do.

    The annual flu “shot” is made up of a combination of anti-viruses taken from a proven and tested library of possibilities. The current flu viruses being active in the southern hemisphere are studied, to figure out what the combination should be for the next flu season in the northern hemisphere. They don’t start from scratch making a new anti-viral agent each and every year. Come on. That idea is wrong and, frankly, is just silly. They combine what we already have and is proven to work.

    Anti-flu virals are complicated and much is still unknown. For example:


  6. Gen. Delusion came out with the Liberal ‘science’ explanation of how a vaccine is produced: “Do you have any idea what the normal testing period is for a vaccine?

    Four years is fast, if a candidate is even successful enough to work, 12-15 is common, and this administration is pushing for well less than one year.”

    This explains what liars they are. This dolt talks about creating a vaccine, not realizing that a new vaccine for the flu is created every year, not 4 years or 12-15 years. His ridiculous statement is typical of the Liberal ‘science’ crowd. They will say anything to cast doubt on what is being done to end this pandemic. Liberals/Democrats cried for a vaccine as fast as possible and when the government didn’t have one in a couple of weeks, they accused the President of killing people. Now that a vaccine is being readied, the Liberals/Democrats are saying that a vaccine can’t be ready that fast and AGAIN, the President is killing people. Liberals/Democrats are the epitome of dumb asses!!!

  7. I wouldn’t trust Kamala Harris to sharpen a pencil. She’s a know liar and hater of America and the Constitution except for the part she can twist to allow her to spew her BS. Notice how the Liberal media is giving Biden and Harris hours of free time to spew their lies. It must be nice to have the press in your back pocket so you can cheat.

  8. There are many millions of Americans who don’t believe a word you say Ms Harris! You
    are part of the problem!

  9. So she believes Trump said to inject bleach and the election is less than 60 days away. She’s as dumb as Biden the Boob. The WHO colluded with China to hide the facts about the transmission of the virus and she believes they are creditable, sad how deluded she is. Even sadder and dangerous to the Republic is the delusion of the democrat supporters.

  10. I don’t doubt that they can get a vaccine that works in that timeframe. Making a vaccine that triggers an immune response is the easy part. It doesn’t surprise me that there are a few different promising solutions from different pharmaceutical companies.

    I’m sure that they’re even making as much of it as they can right now, in the hopes that once it’s approved, they will have millions of doses ready to go out the door.

    The only problem is that they aren’t allowing time to make sure that they’re completely safe. It would be nice to have a vaccine that stops the coronavirus cold, but we won’t know if it also does something weird like cause babies to be born with stunted limbs or heart deformities, or God forbid, affect fetal genitalia development and worsen our transgender statistics.

    I’m not one of those who think that this is a hoax or that our death numbers are inflated. It’s a serious disease that we shouldn’t have allowed to gain such traction in our country. On the flip side, we have only had 14,000 confirmed Coronavirus deaths for people under 55 years old. That’s a big number, but there have been millions of cases for people in that age group who have had it. I’m guessing that for that age range, the annual flu is much more deadly. Maybe instead of shutting everything down until we get a vaccine, we focus on protecting the most vulnerable older population and let the younger people go about their business, like we doe with the flu.

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  12. “She argued since the onset of the outbreak, the nation has learned there is “very little we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.” ” I think the nation has learned that there is very little we can trust that comes out of _________’s mouth —–(fill in the name of the politician).

  13. Take it at your own risk. By the time the vaccine shows up the virus will be about gone. Shutting the country down was a bad idea.

  14. Aren’t the scientists to be believed? That means Kamala doesn’t believe the CDC, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Kaiser, and the one and only Dr Fauci.

  15. Well isn’t this tit for tat? That being said, most thinking people ( that leaves out non liberals, as liberals are like sheep and have to have someone else think for them and if this isn’t evident, you’ve been asleep at the switch or not been paying attention) know camel faced kamala ‘heels up’ harris (she got her nickname by first screwing willie brown and has been screwing whoever suits her fancy to get what she wants despite being unqualified etc and will continue screwing whomever if God forbid she and joey feely, touchy, sniffy biden get the White House). But one thing this snake in the grass hasn’t figured out, the American people are smart and can see see right through her and know she’s a liar, thief a socialist and an opportunist and will say and do anything and everything to get what she wants with the attitude F**K everyone who gets in my way as long as I get what i want. I could go on but whats the point. One more thing, the upcoming debate between Mile Pence and camel faced ‘heels up’ harris should be an hour of laughs as Mike pence will mop up the floor with this snake in the grass yet still retain his classiness.. ‘Heels up’ has more dirt on her than my grape vineyard in Sonoma County but unlike my vineyard, which produces consistently award winning ‘vino’, ‘heels up’ produces only BULLS**T. And let the mud slinging begin. We’ve got less than 2 months before one of if not the most important elections in America and we haven’t a moment to waste.

  16. No don’t take trump’s word . Wait till she gets in and they can deal with Russia and China on their fake cures while people die. That is like she said she is with her people. Sorry she has no Negro blood in her. And ask the bothers she put in jail for extra time. Now they want everyone let out to join the peaceful demonstrations .

  17. Gerald, I am confused.

    Do you have any idea what the normal testing period is for a vaccine?

    Four years is fast, if a candidate is even successful enough to work, 12-15 is common, and this administration is pushing for well less than one year.

  18. Kamala being the hypocrite she is she will priorities herself as one of the first to get the vaccine. The only reason she would not get the vaccine is if she knows this virus is not as deadly as they have played it up to be.

  19. How stupid is her statement. Is Trump is going to run around to all the pharma companies and infect the vaccine? Or will he demand release before CDC is ready to do so? There are liabilities on the line, so when the tests show the vaccine works or does not, they will act accordingly. Maybe she thinks the evil thought that lurks in her mind are held by everyone who is involved in this endeavor. What she should be doing is wishing it well, but she is more interested in becoming president than in protecting the population of the world.

  20. Nor will I.

    I do not believe anything the worth less than shit trumphuhk says or tweets.

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