‘We Stand Together:’ Kamala Harris Delivers Tribute To 9/11 Victims, First Responders

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is delivering a message of unity in remembrance of the Americans who lost their lives during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

During a memorial ceremony in Fairfax, Va., on the 19th anniversary of the attacks, Harris reminded Americans the events serve as an example of how the nation is able to come together during difficult times.

“Let us also remember that honoring them is also about reminding us of who we are as Americans,” Harris said.

She continued, “In times of tragedy, in times of despair, in times of suffering and pain, we by our very nature as who we are, we stand together. We stand together understanding we are all in this together.”

Watch her comments below:

Harris detailed her experience witnessing footage of the attacks and standing there in “utter disbelief.”

“Strangers were hugging each other. People who had never spoken to each other before were holding each other and crying,” Harris said.

She paid homage to passengers, crew members, firefighters, law enforcement, peace officers, and military personnel.

“We remember that they were more than victims of an unspeakable act. They were also parents and sons and daughters and neighbors and friends,” Harris said.

She added, “And we know that they will never be defined by the story of those who stole them away.”

Check out more of her remarks below:

She explained the attacks did not divide the nation as the attackers hoped they would, instead they united Americans.

“What our attackers failed to understand is that the darkness they hoped would envelop us on 9/11 instead summoned our most radiant and defined human instincts,” Harris said.

She went on, “If we learned anything watching the heroes of 9/11, it’s that the strength of the human spirit knows no bounds, and that even the gravest threats against us only serve to reveal our true strength.”


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