‘Gravely Concerned’: Dem Lawmakers Urge Admin’s Top Health Officials to Provide Accurate COVID-19 Stats

A group of Democratic senators, led by Californian Kamala Harris, sent a letter to the leaders of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services, asking them to ensure that there is accurate reporting of the coronavirus death toll.

The lawmakers declared in the letter on Friday, “We are gravely concerned with recent reporting that President Trump and members of the Coronavirus Task Force are attempting to deflate the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19.”

They added, “It is incumbent on you to ensure an accurate and transparent death toll and consistent COVID-19 statistics.”

The letter comes after a report from Axios citing a senior administration official who said that he expects the president to begin publicly questioning the coronavirus death toll.

President Donald Trump appeared to suggest that New York is inflating their death count, saying in mid-April, “I see this morning where New York added 3,000 deaths because they died.”

In a testimony this week before the Senate, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the death count is “almost certainly” higher.

The Democrats wrote in their letter, “Unfortunately, over the last two weeks, we have seen a misinformation campaign coming from the White House surrounding the COVID-19 death numbers, claiming the death count has been inflated.”

They continued, “The misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 death count is not a new tactic from President Trump. This is the exact behavior that led to an extreme undercount in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.”

The letter closed, “We must have accurate, reliable information in order to successfully fight COVID-19. It is imperative that FEMA and HHS work with experts … [to] put an end to inconsistent data and messaging surrounding the COVID-19 death count.”

Other signatories on Harris’ letter included Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).


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  2. Another purely partisan action by the Democrats, but they accuse the Republicans of trying to set themselves up as dictators. No, just Democrats projecting again. The Blumen Idiot, Markey Mark, Hirono Bozo and Brown Clown, all supporting Harris, the animal fart expert.

  3. What, the Democrats are concerned? When did this happen? The only concern has been if they can somehow get rid of the President and how they can attach their Liberal wish list onto every aid package. Now they’ve created their own wish list aid package.

  4. I agree with Harris! I’m stunned. However, what she fails to acknowledge is how they are being over counted. They have readily admitted to over counting and assigning COVID death no matter the actual cause. There is a difference between dying from COVID as to dying WITH COVID!

  5. I don’t think she knows what she’s asking for. IF they gave the numbers for deaths caused PRIMARILY by Covid-19, the total would probably DROP by 25-50%, maybe more. If Aunt Sally (bless her heart) had high blood pressure and a heart condition and was needing hospitalization and THEN got the virus and after a month died, was it the virus or the underlying conditions that put her in the ground? The virus MAY have put her there a few days early, but it didn’t kill her. But the CDC says it did. Even if she had one foot already in the grave, they say the virus did it. In Virginia, and most states from what Virginia has said, counts EVERY POSITIVE TEST as a CASE instead of every PERSON that test positive. Some (most?) that are hospitalized have several test during their stay that show a positive result. Every time, it’s considered a case. Inflated numbers for their own political purpose. So yeah, let’s see those accurate numbers!

  6. My wife had aorta valve replacement surgery, last year and her surgeon told her if she ever ran a fever to get to an Urgent-Care facility asap, because a bacterial infection could go to her heart. In March, She complained of a sore throat, temp 100.4 and a very high BP. Urgent Care verified strep-throat and gave her an anti-biotic shot. The fever broke, she felt great the next day and even worked in the garden. Then she got a call from the County Health Dept. saying she was reported as “Positive for Covid 19 !” and to Isolate from family members, for 14 days. She never felt bad and no other family members had any issues, including myself. I have heard that medical facilities are paid $3,500 or $35,000 for each Covid 19 treated! (not verified)

    1. An Urgent Care facility being paid $35,000 for a single patient would appear excessive since they are paid on a fee-for-service basis, not by diagnosis as inpatient hospital care is reimbursed by medicare. The attending physician is responsible for providing the diagnosis for which the hospital is paid.

  7. So glad you disclosed this. Mother of a friend of mine had a heart condition for years. Her heart finally failed. Death certificate said Covid and as far as they know she was not tested. Hospitals reap more money for Covid deaths. If they were on ventilators even more. Always a scam waiting to happen. And it pumps up fake statistics

  8. I have a relative who died of a stroke and WAS NOT tested for covid. Cause of death listed on death certificate was covid. This is a fact, not supposition.

  9. trumphisaphuhkingabortion will probably tell them to refuse to comply further proving that he is not only a complete phuhking rectal orifice but also an absolutely self centered, remorseless, textbook psychopath and wannabe dictator with his head permanently lodged up his ass.

    1. Are you paid to sound like a Neanderthal or do you do it for free? If you are a typical Democrat, which you appear to be, no surprise that Biden is all you’ve got to offer.

    2. John – I can picture you spinning and bouncing off the walls like the android, Ash in Alien, with white liquid spraying from your mouth and ears. It’s not a pretty picture.

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