Kaepernick Weighs in on Floyd’s Death: ‘Revolting Is the Only Logical Reaction’

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is weighing in on the death of George Floyd and the protests that have rocked Minneapolis.

“When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction,” Kaepernick tweeted Thursday afternoon. “The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance.”

“We have the right to fight back! Rest in Power George Floyd,” he added.

Floyd died on Monday in Minneapolis after he was arrested and pinned to the ground by an officer who placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

His death has sparked violent protests across the city, as IJR reported.

While the four officers involved have been fired, many are calling for the officer who was seen in a video pinning Floyd to the ground to be charged.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) asked, “Why is the man who killed George Floyd, not in jail?”

“George Floyd deserves Justice. His family deserves Justice. The black community deserves Justice. And our city deserves Justice,” he added.

Officials across the country weighed in on the incident in the days following his death. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) asked on Thursday, “How many times do we have to learn the same lesson?”

“We went through it in New York. We had the Garner case in New York. It’s happened all across the country. How many times do you have to learn the same lesson?” he added.

Kaepernick made headlines in 2016 for kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police brutality.


  1. “Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback” Kaepernuts, emphasis on former. The 49ers did so much better without this incompetent complainer on the team. Why don’t you go kneel in an alley. Maybe you can make some money. I know you’ll get plenty of tips.

    I see you’re inciting violence, “We have the right to fight back!” See how that works out for you. Of course, you won’t be at the front lines. You just let others do the dirty work. You and the other usual cast of inciters like Obama, Not-So-Sharpton, James, Jackson, etc.


  3. How can a dumb SH-t like Oscar come up with this theory on Floyd’s death. Some people are so stupid they just make up stuff up and claim it is true. Hay lefties everything in this world does not evolve around Donald Dump and what I think is a failing campaign to get re-elected. I think we only have 6 more months of this moron.

  4. Who cares what that man thinks.
    What happened to Mr Floyd is disgraceful – that is not in question. But what did the local store owners do to deserve their businesses being looted and burned? The cowardly looters should be arrested for what they did but because of the masks they won’t be besides the mayor is a sad excuse.

  5. The police officer who stood on Floyd’s neck KNEW Floyd. They had worked together. He and Floyd were PAID to do this. The cop will not be charged so that more violence will be fueled. It’s ALL about un-electing President trump. The Coronavirus pandemic was started in October, 2019, when Biden’s shills tweeted “This country is not prepared for a Pandemic [because] President Trump had [consolidated] the bureaus and offices that handle [such].” President Trump established a Pandemic Response Panel in 2018, because he had intelligence about what the DNC and China, working together were up to. President Trump was acquitted of the House impeachment charges January 15, 2019. That was the date of the signing of the U.S.-China Trade agreement. Lo and behold, it was the SAME date of the first COVID19 patient, an expatriot back from China (Wuhan) detected in Portland(?). ALL of this is organized and funded by either George Soros or some other entity BENT of removal of President Trump. Why? Because Donald J. Trump was DISGUSTED with the state of the U.S.Socialist Society and perversion before he even considered running. So, Lefties, the word is out. You can hide in your darkness all you want. Donald J. Trump will be the president for another four years. The “Swamp” will continue to drain. Pelosi, Schiff, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Feinstein, Warner, etc, etc will go. Terrible that so many innocents suffer for this coup attempt. So sad that so many are allowing themselves the dupe of ignorance. M.A.G.A! God protect MY President!

  6. You are confused.

    Do you want to know what looting really means? Do you? “To rob, ESPECIALLY ON A LARGE SCALE, and usually by violence or corruption.

    The $82 BILLION looted from the 2020 public purse because of a new tax liability loophole given to the most wealthy people in this country with the relief bill.

    You want to see looting? Look to King Donald The Loser, for he will now be able to deduct as much as he wants against income UNRELATED to his businesses. Corruption on a large scale robbing this nation.

    THAT is looting on a grand scale! And you voted for the politicians that approved that kind of recent tax change.


    And you tut-tut suppressed people expressing outrage at the death of one of their own? You disgust me. Thousands have died at the hands of our cherished police officers when there was NOT any video around, so the cops could make up any story they like about what may have happened. We train them to use excessive force (18 accusations of excessive force for this one cop alone) and not care about the people they are SUPPOSED to serve AND protect.

    And when Colin Kaepernick was in the news, I remember that the discussions on IJR weren’t about WHY he protested, but rather it was about HOW he protested. You did not care about the real issues.

    Rioting is the language of the unheard.

    1. From what I have heard and seen on video, Mr. Floyd was irresponsibly killed and justice should be swift and fitting for the crime of his death. It is very sad and should not happen to anyone. Civilian thugs on the street or thugs representing a government agency should be brought to justice for their crimes. That is clear. But Kapernick chose to blame the entire country, even those that fought to preserve the freedoms of this country, for crimes against black people. That is unfair to the vast majority of this nation. I am a United States citizen, served in the military with service members of all backgrounds and colors and never violated any of their rights. So when he took a knee against me (the country I represented) it was like violating my honorable service and personage. If Kapernick has an axe to grind against a group, he should take it to that group and not shamelessly accuse all people. His prejudice is blatant and not acceptable.

    2. Oh course, the Grand Pumba of hate must interject the President’s name into a story that wasn’t about him. Your high and mighty approach to everything will be deflated when President Trump is still in the White House for 4 more years. And the headline will read ….unknown man’s head explodes after election but who cares.

      1. If you can’t see the dangers of having a fascistic Dear Leader commanding such a corrupt administration (this is what fascists DO), Cherl, then YOU are definitely part of this chronic problem.

        1. Hrmm…
          Where is the corruption? I mean we have had nonstop news coverage and investigations since before Trump was elected, yet nothing has stuck…and now it is coming out that the messiah Obama and gang were literally spying and creating a trap to railroad a 3 star general by weaponizing the FBI, CIA, and FISA courts. This information is coming out about the previous administration because of all the investigations trying to scrape together some semblance of a case against the current administration…
          And then there are the low information voters such as yourself that claim this administration is corrupt without one iota of actual proof. Can’t make this up.

          1. Gerden can’t see the corruption in this administration either because he is ignorant about what really has been going on for decade after decade, administration after administration, or he doesn’t WANT to see or acknowledge it for what it is.

            For example, Gerden, do you realize what wonderful tax give-aways were in the 1st Trump Virus relief bill? The American Fascist Party ensured that corporations and wealthy people got ANOTHER $82 BILLION in lower taxes, for this year alone. People, such as King Donald The Loser and other real estate investors and ANYONE who has a pass-through organization, will now be able to deduct expenses that AREN’T EVEN RELATED TO THEIR BUSINESSES!

            If you can’t see the corruption, Gerden, then you don’t WANT to see corruption. By default, you APPROVE of this kind of looting of the American Treasury.

            We MUST elect better politicians.


          2. Poor Scott the ignorant. His long winded claims are meaningless twaddle. Get an enema, Scott, you’ll feel better.

  7. Kapernick needs to be held responsible for his support of the lawless thugs in MN. These stores and buildings did nothing to them yet they are destroying them and this lawless thug kapernick has leant his support so he should be arrested just like the looters and rioters. He us a lawless thug and if he ever plays football again…i know people will refuse to watch him or buy tickets.
    Here again. He supports lawlessness! Arrest kapernick too!!

  8. Civil violence is a sign of a loss of hope, a loss of confidence in our ability as a society to correct injustices and inequality under our laws.

    The killer cop has not been arrested yet because he did what was expected of him. Protect the powerful and rich, suppress innocent and less powerful people, especially if they are not like the cops.

    What has changed since the Rodney King video? Nothing, except for the volume/quantity of videos and the quality of the video.

    1. Because violence and looting is not a reason for what the officer did! These people need to be and many who are identified will be arrested and charged for their crimes. They absolutely have a right to day qhat the officer did was wrong and needs to be corrected…but stealing..looting…burning and tearing down property is not a legal response and these people when identified will be charged and convicted just like the officer that is wrong.
      For you to support this wrongfullness makes you guilty as well. One wrong does not excuse another wrong just as bad.
      Many thugs…thats what these people are..are not educated and don’t understand that these businesses probably will not be able to recover from an insurance policy because the cause of loss is rioting and is typically excluded.
      Sick lawless people. I’ll be glad to see them sitting beside the officer in jail!!

        1. Are YOU NOT listening scott the communist turd. Rioting has NO place in our society EVER. Of course you never listen to what is right because you and I and millions of others know that lawlessness, violence and criminals are what make up your party. In fact it wouldn’t be a party without your criminals and violence you stupid piece of shit.

          1. In your world, of course, but you have no idea how to put yourself in anyone else’s place. You have no comprehension AT ALL about what people of color have to put up, day after day, year after year, knowing that nothing for them will ever change. Except more of them will willfully die at the hands of their oppressors, time and time again.

            You are clueless.

        2. No, rioting is the language of domestic terrorism.

          Rioters are no better than that cop.

        3. Rioting is selfish and counter productive. The riots become the issue, it doesn’t highlight the actual issues, and more often than not it hurts the cause because people are not tolerant of mindless idiots running around breaking stuff and looting because they can get away with it.
          It is a literal view in the worst part of humanity and no one likes to see that, except the idiots doing it…they seem to be ok with being viewed as worse than animals.

          1. Rioting is a necessary tool of the disenfranchised. If you don’t want to see rioting and the consequences that result from it, then quit repressing people.

    2. Scott, you stopped short of what changed after the Rodney King video. Two of the officers involved were tried and found guilty. Subsequently they were sentenced to prison. The riot that ensued after the Rodney incident that killed 63 and injured 2,383 people. A mob a black people pulled an innocent white truck driver from his vehicle and beat, kicked and pummeled him with bricks and rocks until they thought he was dead. Why? Because he was white. Was this mob prosecuted and put in jail for their actions – no. Alternatively Rodney received a very large monetary settlement ($3.2 Million) from the government. Rodney was later found dead at the age of 47 in his swimming pool with alcohol and drugs in his system. End of story.

      1. Don’t confuse him with facts. It only turns him into a mad irrelevant twit.

  9. At least 50 people of color were shot in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. The next day, another 28 were shot, including a 5-year-old girl standing with her family.

    These Chicago shootings don’t qualify for the Black Lives Matter LOTTERY, because they did not involve the Police. There will be no PAYDAY!!! Police are involved as the shooter in less than 2% of Chicago shootings…

    Where is the OUTRAGE against Black on Black violence? Hypocrites!!!

    I will take a knee with Kaepernick against Black on Black violence. Who is with me?

    1. kapernick doesn’t care about black on black crime which is a huge majority of the deaths of black…it is at the hands of another black…in the commission of a crime. Sad but a fact!!

  10. I’ve waited all day just to hear what Kaepernick had to say about this tragedy. But what does he say about looting a Target, burning other people’s cars in the streets, burning their own community? Please find someone else to quote and not this millionaire on the outside looking in.

  11. For everyone bashing the looting amd destruxtion of property – kapernick is a good example of how peaceful protestors have been treated. There HAVE been plenty of peaceful protests and there has been no improvements.

    Treat people enough like animals, then you can’t be surprised when they start to act like them.

      1. There’s a lot of police officers who do their job well, are kind the the community they serve, and do not kneel on a suspect’s neck while they beg for air until they die.

    1. Nice try. They treat each other like animals. Check out the destruction in Baltimore a few years ago. Burned a CVS in their own neighborhood to the ground. Peaceful protest?

      1. Leave it to you to ignore my actual point. You were overly critical of Kapernick and that was peaceful protesting.

        My statement of treating people like animals and they begin to act like it still applies to how they treat each other. You aren’t going to go back to time in US history where that isnt true.

        This is NOT jab at all police. But you’re blind if you can’t see there’s issues there that need to be addressed.

        1. I’m not blind and your opinions are always slanted in some small way. And then you backpedal explaining what you meant. I lived during the riots of the 60’s. Baltimore in particular and yes the protests were about destroying other people’s and looting.

          1. Better slanted in a small way than a big way. I’ve never claimed to be completely without bias.
            My first sentence of my original post outlined my point. You missed it so i clarified it. That’s hardly back peddling.

            You have yet to address the original point by the way. If you are ignore and even ridicule peaceful protests then what is the predictable result?

        2. Going back in time? What party was that in Selma turning on the fire hoses and unleashing the dogs? What party????

    2. I agree with your last statement, but not your first one. Kapernick protested a nation which includes a large majority of those that support fair and equitable treatment. He should have taken his “peaceful protest” to the source and not evidence his prejudice against a nation. I would suggest that people should express themselves in an appropriate venue. Don’t protest God in a Synagogue. It raises eyebrows and doesn’t help your cause.

    3. Kaepernick’s protests, while peaceful, were basically the equivalent of grandstanding. People do not pay to go to sports events to be preached to by some entitled twit that runs and jumps for a living. If no one knew Kaepernick’s protests before he took a knee during the National Anthem, it would look like he was protesting America and in a way, even with his continued press conferences explaining what he was standing up (kneeling) for it still rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because of the optics.
      The funny thing about all of this is just like riots, protests only work if they can’t be taken out of context. Look at the peaceful Michigan protest where hundreds of armed people assembled…the media spun that so hard that people actually think its worse than the thugs running around right now burning and looting.

      So yeah, Kaepernick is right to protest, his venue and context left a lot to be desired, and instead of shining more light on the issue, he became the story as well as the rest of the millionaire athletes that didn’t understand how it looks like they are protesting the country that has afforded them the greatest opportunity of their lives playing a game when the majority of the country is living paycheck to paycheck.

    4. They acted like that every time they didn’t get their way. Perhaps you haven’t been around that long to see it. It gets them money and other perks.

  12. So sympathy lootin and robbing is occurring across the USA. Predictable

      1. seen like it was OK when obama was in office. he and holder aided and abetted it

      2. They tried hard to loot the White House. Got away with a lot of stuff too.

  13. Yes, and while we’re at it, let’s burn down some businesses and destroy some low income housing. That will make it all OK.

  14. Sad part is he and others will turn this tragity into a political event. None of them give a crap about the victim’s family.

  15. Where was his outrage when Noor shot and killed Justine Damond? A political plant unsuitable yet employed because of politics.

    Was he outraged when they mobbed a beat the Target employee?

    He only shows uo when he can get press. That loser could care less about the victim’s family.

  16. This isn’t a racial issue it’s a mental issue these men were schoolyard bullies who wanted to be adult bullies. Regrettably the
    police/military/government/power in general attract bullies who want to abuse others. This isn’t a race issue at all it’s an issue of corrupt power hungry assholes wearing a uniform. They would treat a white suspect just as poorly but hey there is always the chance they are racist. Still you can’t just look at this like white cops will absolutely kill black suspects because the reverse happens just as often possibly more often.

    1. Like the loser Noor who was hired to satisfy the community yet proven to be unsuitable.

    2. I would almost bet there is more black on black killings in S Chicago alone than white cop killing black victim. Remember BLM march in Dallas 2016. 5 white cops killed

  17. Repeating the same mistake constantly forever demonstrates no learning of the lesson whatsoever.

    Of course grotesquely hypocritical, Caucasian trash ass holes everywhere will condemn Kaepernick’s, Minneapolis, and nationwide African Americans’ demands for justice while fully supporting and participating in armed protest over being inconvenienced by the pandemic’s demands for them to care about anyone but themselves.

    1. What’s race for to do with anything on how you feel about it? The guy was clearly murdered by the officer who kept his knee on his neck. The other three are accomplishes the one with who knelt on his neck is a murderer it’s that simple. Better question why didn’t someone in the crowd approach while filming stating remove your knee from his neck I’ve got you on film suffocating this man.

      1. I agree with you William.

        It was the recording of the entire incident by a 17 year old girl that led to the arrest.

    2. “Repeating the same mistake constantly forever demonstrates no learning of the lesson whatsoever.” Ah yes, caveman cop.

      I find Kaepernick to be a poor mouthpiece and I believe @sshole is one word.

      1. I’m thinking the same thing, Blandly. If anyone knows about being “revolting,” it’s Kaepernick. Of course, to these rioting “protesters,” he’s a hero. 🙁 That’s not to say I don’t think what happened to Floyd is right, by any stretch. But I’m still waiting to hear the entire story rather than just a very short clip of a video from a “bystander,” and pray for justice to be done, and people punished according to their guilt. The “protesting,” though, seems to be an excuse for a lot of them to riot and loot and steal! That is also a crime.

      2. Correction to my comment, Blandly: “That’s not to say I DO (not ‘don’t’) think what happened to Floyd is right…” Wish we could edit here as we can with other sites.

    3. How many protestors at state capitals burned or was looting a business?

    4. Shut up johnny the dipshit. See if you can put the brown smelly stuff in your cranial container to some use like fertilizing your lawn.

      1. Hey Bobbie BOY !

        Give every female of every species with the misfortune of living the same zip code as you a gift they will always cherish and never forget : Go Phuhk Yourself.

    5. Once upon a time, before going into a trial, a wise Attorney told me to never ague with a moron. It won’t help your position and the moron won’t understand anyway. Thus, I have no argument to express to John.

      1. Ray, I might add that arguing with a moron;an observer might not be able to distinguish which one is actually the moron.

      2. Oh no Ray say it ain’t so !

        I am utterly devastated that I won’t have to read your idiocy any more.

        Slither back under your lump of shit now.

    6. My day doesn’t get started until I’ve read your racist waste, porta-john. Good morning butt-boy 🙂

    7. What is wrong with your brain?? Pandemic protest. How many of those folks burned private property and looted businesses??

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