Kaepernick Draws Heat After Tweeting About ‘American Terrorist Attacks Against Black and Brown People’

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick received criticism after he spoke out about what he called “American terrorist attacks” against people of color.

On Saturday, Kaepernick added to the chorus of criticism of President Donald Trump’s decision to order the airstrike that killed Iran’s top general — Qassem Soleimani.

In pair of tweets on Saturday, he said, “There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for the expansion of American imperialism.”

His tweets did not sit well with some Twitter users:

Kaepernick’s tweet comes amid escalating tension between the United States and Iran that led to the decision to target Soleimani — who was believed to be planning some kind of attack against America. 

Trump authorized an airstrike on Thursday to kill Soleimani after an Iranian backed militia attacked an Iraqi military base where U.S. personnel were stationed. That attack left one American contractor dead and several Iraqi and U.S. troops wounded.

The Iraqi parliament responded to the airstrike — which took place near Baghdad International Airport — by approving a resolution to end an agreement that would have allowed the U.S. to keep troops in the country to continue the fight against ISIS. 


  1. If you love soleimani so much confuction please feel free to denounce your citizenship and move to Iran. We will NOT miss you commie boy.

  2. “Soleimani — who was believed to be planning some kind of attack against America”

    Soleimani worked for a government that has openly declared war on the US , has funded numerous terrorist attacks against the US the recent death and injuries his actions caused was only the latest.

    The only change is this time we have a president that took out the one who planned and was responsible for that attack and many others instead of acting out of FEAR about the possible political repercussions from foreign nations.

    It is not BELIEVED he was planning some kind of attack he had stated he was going to attack America and had already killed and injured many Americans.

    What gets me is the hypocrisy of the ones throwing a fit over this when they were demanding this kind of response when it was FOREIGN owned oil tankers that were targeted in another nation and had a fit when the president correctly responded that there was no US interest in getting involved in a matter that was between the other two nations.

    Now that the attack did involve targeting the US the same people who wanted a violent response to the foreign oil tankers being attacked are throwing a fit that the architect of this attack who was also the architect of other past attacks on US citizens who actually promised to he was going to commit more such attacks was removed thus ending his plans for terrorist attacks against the US.

    They also complain because when our embassy was attacked in response that it was defended instead of having security pulled thus being “sacrificed” to appease the terrorists as certain past politicians did in a previous administration.

    And what we keep hearing is a bunch of racists that hate anyone they feel is white complain that RACE was the motive.

    As if the numerous dead and injured citizens of this nation or the promise from the now dead architect of that attack that there would be more had nothing to do with stopping him from carrying out that promise.

  3. “You should be talking about how his own citizens are thanking the USA for killing him. That’s the real story.” ron

    You are confused, ron.

    Thousands turned up at his funeral because some uncontrollable child turned him into a martyr.

  4. It is always interesting to see who here gets triggered by a black or brown person who has something to say.

    1. We take Umbrage with what he says not with who says it….

    2. Kaperdick is racist…..I don’t even think about the things he accuses whites of…..only racists think of that…he has a chip on his shoulder

  5. Here’s to hoping he and other SJWs (as well as SJW logic) become irrelevant in this decade.

  6. and we should care what this person says because? Maybe Nike can explain to the American people since they are so close to him.

  7. I think Lincoln’s quote applies here:
    “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

    1. Slow news day?

      Good question he already made it clear he hates America so it is only natural he is upset someone who was responsible for attacks on US citizens and stated he had plans for much worse got stopped.

  8. Spewing stupidity is what he does for attention, ignore him and he will say something even dumber

  9. Colon Kapercunt is a muslim convert, a f++fing idiot and a loser to boot so what do you expect the dumb-ass to say ?

    1. When did he convert? He wasn’t in 2016, that’s for sure.

      1. He started banging a female camel jockey and she said “convert or I’ll cut you off” which is left open for ones own interpretation.

  10. This man killed 600 American lives and thousands of other lives. He killed his own people because they didn’t agree with him. Black or brown has nothing to do with it. You should be talking about how his own citizens are thanking the USA for killing him. That’s the real story. If hitler was killed the headline would a tyrant was killed today for killing millions of people. Not a white man was killed today. Color has nothing to do with it. Stop making everything race.

  11. Say Colinoscopy, did you know Iranians and Persians are Caucasians?

    1. Kaepernick is an IDIOT!
      He should thank those fine white folks who took him in and
      raised the Knot-Head in a great atmosphere !
      Where was his Black Daddy or any other Black group to help him than!
      FUNNY! until he was BENCHED, everything was just fine!

    2. He needs a anal adjustment alright and I have a .45 ACP plan for him ?

  12. So my Father and Father in law killed a lot of Japanese during WW2 were they being racist ? I have a brother who fought in Vietnam is he racist ? I fought in the First Gulf War am I racist. My wife is Mexican. Which one of us is racist

    1. My dad fought the in Pacific Theater during WW2. His brother, who is also my uncle, is resting in the bottom of the USS Arizona forever. All my other uncles on both sides of my family also fought during WW2. My dad hated the Germans (Nazis) more than he hated the Japanese, the same people he fought and sometimes killed. My dad came to respect the Japanese, but not the Germans (Nazis). Does that make him racist?
      Colon Kaepernick is the racist and Nike is racist for supporting him.

    2. Jeff Simmons and WayHungLow I want to thank you and your families for the sacrifices you have made for me and our Great Country. I also want to thank you in being vocal about your feelings when insulted by those who have NOT served this Country. I believe those who have dedicated their lives in serving this Nation should actually. be among only the few having the privileges to comment on situations such as those we currently have as well as wars and areas where the Nation needs to protect itself!!

  13. >Bob Cottam<

    Bob, your comment about an ungrateful individual can be applied equally to those in the United States who support and defend the failed Socialist/Fascist (then on into Communist) philosophy. They are those commonly known as "Takers" who contribute so little – if anything at all – to pay their own way as "Givers" to the American republic and its' role as a World leader. They are the ones anti-America #44 gave birth to: the "Gimme MORE Free Stuff" crowd of ingrates.

  14. Loser on and off the field. Ok Nike, time to get rid of this joke. Hey Kaperhole, get lost. Move to Venezuela or North Korea…should be able to live a lovely life…lmao.

  15. This is one very ungrateful person. He was given great skills and opportunities; loved by adopted parents not of color; and all this person has done is made ugly, racial tirades.. He should take a look at some of the great contributions made by people of color like Denzel Washington. People that showed class and appreciation for what was achieved that has only helped others. What a shame!

  16. He needed attention and, of course, the media jumped right on it! What has he ever done to garner all this publicity, other than disrespecting the country that allowed it to happen? SMH

  17. Open Mouth ,, Insert Ass ,,,, typical POS Whiner !!!

    1. He and most of the Donkey Party’s 2020 candidates will say or do anything to try and stay relevant. EX: Quid pro quo Joe was on video sniffing a 5 year old girl’s hair after swearing off his freaky behavior while wondering around off his leash out there somewhere in La-La Land.

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