Judge Outlines Reason for Rejecting Roger Stone’s Request to Delay Prison Sentence

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is explaining why Roger Stone’s request to delay his prison sentence has been denied.

Jackson offered a five-page, opinionated response to Stone’s request and his concerns about his underlying health issues.

Last week, Stone — former adviser for President Donald Trump — was ordered to return home for immediate confinement for the two weeks leading up to him reporting to prison.

Despite Stone’s concerns about his health, Jackson said she did not see a reason for his prison sentence to be delayed because his conditions are “medically controlled.” Additionally, the judge also noted that there are “no COVID-19 cases at the facility to which [the] defendant has been designated.”

To support her arguments, she also cited an excerpt from the letter Stone’s doctor submitted as she questioned his ability to effectively practice social distancing amid the pandemic.

“The letter from defendant’s internist stated: I highly recommend that he maintain strict quarantine conditions. . . . . He should not be in any situations that would expose him to the SARSCOV-2 virus. He needs to maintain at least 6 feet distance from people. He should avoid closed quarters with many people,” Jackson wrote.

Tom Brenner/File Photo/Reuters

“Defendant’s response to the Court’s inquiry concerning his personal preventive practices and avoidance of public gatherings in accordance with these directives was vague, carefully parsed, and not reassuring,” Jackson said.

Jackson also noted how Stone’s situation differs from other defendants who have been granted extensions due to the coronavirus because he has already been granted a 60-day delay already approved by the Bureau of Prisons.

Jackson added, “By contrast, Mr. Stone was convicted of threatening a witness, and throughout the course of these criminal proceedings, the Court has been forced to address his repeated attempts to intimidate and to stoke potentially violent sentiment against, an array of participants in the case, including individuals involved in the investigation, the jurors, and the Court.”

Stone is scheduled to report to prison on July 14, 2020.


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  2. He’s a first offender who’s 77(?) years old convicted of white collar crime and clearly no threat to the public safety, but he needs to be in prison during a pandemic that especially presents a fatal outcome to those over 65.

    Clearly, Judge Jackson is allowing her personal animosity toward the defendant to enable his sentence to become in effect a death penalty merely to prove she can.

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