Singer Joy Villa Shows up at the Grammy Awards in a ‘Trump 2020’ Dress: ‘Impeached and Re-Elected’

Singer-songwriter Joy Villa is voicing her support for “HOLLYWOOD CONSERVATIVE POWER” as she showed up to the Grammy Awards in a dress that expresses support of President Donald Trump.

Sharing that she “holds dear” to her heart “American exceptionalism lifting up integrity, free speech, family values and our beautiful freedom of religion,” Villa wrote on Instagram, “Thank God for [Donald Trump]!”

The singer and political activist continued, “The first president in USA history to be impeached and re-elected by us, the American people!”

Using the opportunity to share her support of the president, Villa took off a cover on the red carpet to show off a bright colored red dress that reads “Trump 2020” on the front and “Impeached & re-elected” on the back. She also held a small purse with the traditional symbol of the Republican Party, an elephant.

Check out her posts below:

In response to KRRL radio station’s criticism of her outfit — awarding her the ” worst dressed” at the Grammy Awards — Villa responded, “I always stay winning.”

This isn’t the singer’s first time wearing controversial dresses to award shows, as she previously wore a dress that had the “Make America Great Again” slogan. She has also worn a “build the wall” slogan on her dress. Additionally, she wore a pro-life dress to the premiere of the “Unplanned” movie.


  1. Since Joy Villa was photographed at the Grammy Awards, I assume she is a singer. What genre of music does she sing? I am 68 and not well versed in today’s music. I googled her and only got titles of songs she released. I asked my great-nieces and great nephews whose music interest span several genres, but they did not have a clue. Anyone know?

  2. Gotta respect an individual who is unafraid to show their love for America. Sure puts the Anti-America Socialist scumbags in their place.

    1. Just so I understand your conclusion, if someone wears a red dress with Trump’s name down the front of the dress, it shows “love for America” HOW? A dress with America down the front of it doesn’t show their love of America. How did you draw your conclusion? Dresses at the award ceremonies are selected to say “I want some free publicity. and attention.”

  3. Didn’t watch the pat each other on the back awards but I love this woman. “This isn’t the singer’s first time wearing controversial dresses to award shows”. Lady Gaga’s dress wasn’t controversial? And it was ugly. Guess controversial is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. I agree this woman’s dress does not appear controversial —Many female celebrities select attire that garners attention and free publicity. That is hardly controversial–more like the norm. I attempted to view pics of Lady Gaga’s dress but discovered that she did not attend the Grammy Award ceremony this year. To what are you referring?

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