In Speech Hitting Trump, Joe Biden Outlines a Coronavirus Response

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently holds the leading position in the 2020 Democratic primary and in a speech on Thursday, former President Barack Obama’s veep outlined how his campaign would address the coronavirus sweeping the nation.

Flanked by American flags and speaking from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said, “We need a plan about how we’re going to aggressively manage here at home … the American people have the capacity to meet this moment.”

He added, “We’re gonna face this with the same spirit that has guided us through previous crises and we’ll come together as a nation, we’ll look out for one another and do our part as citizens.”

Moments later, Biden slammed the Trump administration’s handling of the virus.

“Protecting the health and safety of the American people is the most important job of any president and unfortunately, this virus laid bare the severe shortcoming of the current administration. Public fears are being compounded by pervasive lack of trust in this president; fueled by an adversarial relationship with the truth that he continues to have.”

He also released a plan to combat the virus, saying “I offer it as a roadmap, not for what I will do as president ten months from now but for the leadership that I believe is needed and required at this very moment.”

“President Trump is welcome to adopt all of it today,” he added.

While Trump has sought to blame the coronavirus on his political rivals, seemingly blaming the Obama administration for sluggish testing, Biden said, “Let me be crystal clear, the coronavirus does not have a political affiliation, it will affect Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.”

Biden is currently leading in the Democratic primary after favorable showings in battleground states like Michigan. However, the coronavirus is complicating the primary season and the DNC has moved what was supposed to be an open debate in Arizona to a closed event in DC.


  1. The swine flu first appeared in April of 2009. The WHO declared a national pandemic in June of 2009, two months after the virus was first identified in the US. That June, the CDC estimated that over 1 million US citizens had been infected and 1000 deaths occurred from it. Obama’s response: nada! Test kits weren’t made available for widespread distribution until September. Even then, availability was limited. Obama In fact didn’t declare an emergency until October of that year.
    Compared to President Trump’s response, “BidenBana” Administration and the media was outright asleep through the worst part of the Swine Flu epidemic.

    Biden can’t remember what day it is or WHERE he his most of the time! Biden wants us to believe he’d handle this emergency better than President Trump has? Based at his previous track record, I’m laughing at that absurdity!!

  2. Where was Gropin’ Joe’s concern for the virus back in January when all this was blowing up? Same place as the rest of the Democrats, trying to impeach President Trump!!

    Where was President Trump during all this? Implementing travel bans to prevent transmission of the virus into the US. Even to this day, Biden admits he wouldn’t have banned travel. Yet, the US has the lowest percentage of infected citizens and deaths from the virus in the advanced world.

    The criticisms related to testing for the virus is BS. If you’re sick, you should stay home anyway. If you were to test negative today, that doesn’t mean you won’t be infected tomorrow.

    South Korea’s been testing like crazy yet their infection rate is still high.

    The best defense against this virus is avoiding it until a vaccine is developed. And that may never happen as this is a Virus closely related to the common cold.

  3. Here’s a thought Joe. Instead of backseat-driving lend your voice and efforts to support AND suggestions to protecting those same American citizens. You know the ones you threatened to slap and called “fat”, “full of shi*”, and “dog-faced pony soldiers”.

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