Jeff Sessions Fires Back at Trump’s Attack as POTUS Endorses His Opponent

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is firing back as he is defining himself after President Donald Trump tweeted to encourage Alabama voters to reject Sessions’ bid for the U.S. Senate.

Sessions tweeted to the president on Friday after the president urged Alabama residents not to trust the former attorney general. Although he did acknowledge Trump’s anger, he cited that “recusal required by law.”

He tweeted, “Look, I know your anger, but recusal was required by law. I did my duty [and] you’re damn fortunate I did. It protected the rule of law [and] resulted in your exoneration.”

“Your personal feelings don’t dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do.”

See his comments below:

Sessions’ tweet came hours after Trump’s targeted him on Twitter. The president tweeted in support of Sessions’ opponent in the Senate race, former college football coach Tommy Tuberville.

The president shared a post from Tuberville which included a political advertisement where he insisted Sessions “quit on the president” and “failed Alabama.” With the advertisement, Trump tweeted a message to Alabama voters, reiterating Tuberville’s accusation.

The president also shared his reason for endorsing Tuberville.

Trump tweeted, “3 years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the Fraudulent Mueller Scam began. Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down. That’s why I endorsed Coach Tommy Tuberville [Tommy Tuberville], the true supporter of our [Make America Great Again] agenda!”

Trump has not yet responded to Sessions latest tweet, as of publication.

There will be a runoff contest in July in the Republican primary for the Alabama Senate seat. Then, in November, whoever wins will face Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.).


  1. Sessions was not a great senator the first time around and as AG he was bland to put it mildly. Sessions has the nerve to say Trump should be grateful to him despite the crap he and the country was put through, among them the illegalities of the upper management of the FBI, for it resulted in exoneration. True, Trump can have his own opinion while it is also true that the people of Alabama will choose their senator – I don’t live in Alabama but for their sake, I hope it is not you Mr Sessions.

  2. Well Trump has the right to pick who he wants . Just like the people have the vote to pick who they want. Now Sessions knew he wasn’t the one for the job but he took it for more money. Then left Trump out to dry . Everything that came out could of came out before. But Sessions helped with the WITCH HUNT. If he did the job right he could of did more. The Demarcates wanted Muller fine they got him. But 2 more needed to come on were Sessions couldn’t do anything. And by having him it was harder for Barr because congress wanted him recused himself to. So Sessions could of done his job by appointing someone to go after Hillary and one to go after the F.B.I . In the end it would of came out sooner but Muller kept the job to see if Trump would crack and go after him. The Demarcates got away with everything. Obama could of went into the history books for only one thing. Being the first U S president to go to prison after leavening the White House. Now he only has one thing having a failed administration

  3. Yea, let’s make America sane. Lets remove all like johnny the butt, mrpoophead, syphilis, bichael, scott the confuction and all other anti-Americans and take their citizenship from them and allow them to settle in any communist nation they want. We will even give them a free ride. I think north korea would be a good choice for them since they believe in totalitarianism.

    1. This is what fascists want. For everyone to be like Confused Bob The Protectionist, for everyone to look like him, for everyone to think like him, for everyone to vote like him. He wants YOU to be just like him. Are YOU going to let him get away with that kind of nonsense? Are you?

      They are NOT the principles that our great nation were founded upon. But they ARE the principles of fascists lining up behind their dictatorial Dear Leader.

          1. Democrats are the ones closing businesses, censoring news on YouTube, Facebook, etc. and trying to overthrow the electoral college and call the Constitution outdated and obsolete. National Socialists were fascists… SOCIALISTS. What party is that? The Democratic party of fascists.

          2. “National Socialists were fascists… SOCIALISTS. What party is that?” OBSIDIAN

            I am confused.

            Are you trying to say NAZI without actually SAYING NAZI? Grow up.

            You, Chuck, and Confused James The Protectionist, and Confused Bob The Projectionist should form some sort MISinformation club here on IJR.

            The German National Socialist party was not socialist JUST BECAUSE they included the word “Socialist” in their name, you dummy. They purposefully did that to confuse the uninformed. That sure worked on you, OBSIDIAN, didn’t it?

            Modern day examples of this include words such as “freedom” or “patriot”. The Freedom Caucus has no relation with real freedoms. The Patriot Act has nothing to do with patriotism.

            These are just code words or trigger words chosen to deceive you about what their real purpose is.

            If you can’t bring yourself to understand this partisan tactic used mainly by right-wing conservatives, then you have no business debating socialism in public.

    2. I’ll second that. Especially the foulmouthed, undereducated “John”. The others are just nuisances

    3. LOL…you will “allow” us to move to North Korea??? When did exercise of free speech you do not agree with become grounds for revoking ANYONE’S U.S. citizenship?? Could you cite the law that gives you that right?
      If you believe any of the following, you more than likely would be deemed insane in a psych eval:
      1. The approaching 100,000 COVID deaths is “an excellent response” to a pandemic.
      2. Mail in ballots are subject to massive fraud.
      3. Peaceful protesting the death of unarmed Black men are “un-American” but the storming of a state legislature with bulletproof vests and assault weapons are “very good people.”
      4. Tax cuts pay for themselves despite evidence to the contrary under Reagan, Bush, Bush, and even Brownback’s experiment in Kansas.
      5. ANY POTUS standing on the world stage claiming he doesn’t believe ALL the U.S. Intel agency findings but instead believes a former KGB agent is acceptable to Americans.
      6. The pardoning of public officials found guilty of crimes is “Draining the Swamp.”
      7. Non-medically trained politicians and cable hosts are more credible source of info on pandemics than those who are trained in public health safety.
      8. Any media outlet that fact checks Trump is “an enemy of the state” or “fake news.”
      9. Publicly suggesting the implantation of UV light and injection of disinfectant in the human body should be investigated for treatment of COVID-19 was an intelligent comment.
      10. A poster accusing anyone that does not believe and agree with everything a POTUS says or does is a believer in totalitarianism. Okay, you might not be crazy, on this one if you have no idea what totalitarianism actually is.

    4. Removing windmills because they are a sign that the wind exists will not result in a cessation of the wind that blows against the foul, hot air escaping from your mouth.

  4. So far haven’t seen why he recused himself other than the dog ate his homework…

    1. He recused himself because he was part of the Trump campaign staff, and he had had two meetings with the Russian ambassador Kislyak, which he neglected to disclose during his Senate confirmation process. He felt he could not run an investigation into the Trump campaign, for the exact subject of courting Russian influence, without leaving a stain on the outcome. A number of Republicans (who had yet to turn into Trump’s obedient dog kennel) were also saying he should recuse, so that the investigation would seem impartial. Remember impartiality? It used to be considered a virtue in government.

  5. If that is true about your reason for recusing yourself, why didn’t you discuss/explain the recusal to Trump while you were still attorney general? Why wait till now?

    1. NOW???? HOW did you not hear Sessions in 2017??? HOW did your news source fail you so miserably?

  6. Sessions let our president down. After taking office he portrayed himself as a wimp, which he is.

  7. The pathetic little piss pot, trumpukeisavindictiveprick, is the pettiest, most infantile caricature of a human being ever.

    1. That was well known BEFORE 63 million Americans voted for him. Make America Sane Again.

      1. The big question, Phyllis, is how many of that 63 million will remain in Cult-45 by the time November rolls around. King Donald The Loser’s virus has knocked a few off of the voter rolls and a few survivors won’t be all that enthused to vote for him a second time, either.

        That being said, we are certainly not above voting against our best interests.

          1. The only person I know who can convince a significant number of Americans the s**t is made of gokd sits on his imaginary throne in the WH.

          1. Prove it. At the moment, Confused Bob The Projectionist, all you have are the bravado of little puppies, declining support for your Dear Leader, and a shrinking base (Cult-45).

            That doesn’t look to good.

        1. The Alabama portion of PA is still with Trump. BUT, polling for the state does indicate a consistent 6 point lead for Biden even on FOX polling. Trump has lost a few coal miners due to the permanent closing of 2 mines in the area. Two other local mines were shutdown for 2 weeks in April when some miners tested positive for COVID. My mother’s neighbor is currently not working but she hasn’t asked him why he isn’t going to work. His wife is currently working from home, so I am assuming his being off work is not voluntary.

      2. America is sane again, dear.
        Except for the dem/leftist/prog/socialist.
        You know all of you that are still butt hurt because the corrupt, career criminal politician lost the 2016 election. Or maybe it’s because the democrat/socialist Sanders lost.
        And none of you have bothered to figure out why you lost. And you don’t seem to care.
        So thanks for your continue support in re-electing President Trump. Because you all just keep on keeping on with the same old same old.
        Thanks again, Phyllis.

        1. So which one of these currently held Trump beliefs will be judged as “sane” by your grandchildren’s generation?
          1. It is not a lie if it is what you want to hear.
          2. Freedom of the press is a mandate to report the news as the POTUS wishes it reported. Anything else is “fake news.”
          3. National debt should not have been increased during the rebuilding of the economy during the Great Recession. BUT increasing the national debt during a self-proclaimed “greatest economy in history” is acceptable.
          4. Anyone who disagrees with the Trump view should be “locked up.”
          5. Actual crimes by anyone associated with the Trump campaign should not be investigated or charged.
          6. Disproven conspiracies should be investigated over and over so they can be repeated as believable. Even if no evidence of a crime is found, the target of the conspiracy should be “locked up.”
          7. Winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote by 2 million, is an indicator that the winner has a majority of the country’s support.
          8. Not reading the Mueller Report makes the content disappear.
          9. Not supporting the use of billions of taxpayer dollars for a SYMBOL of security means they support “open borders.”
          10. Obama golfing is/was bad. Trump golfing great.

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