House Dem: Ukrainian Airline Crash Is ‘Example of Collateral Damage’ From Trump’s ‘Provocative’ Actions

After news broke that Western intelligence officials said they believe that an Iranian missile downed Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, some lawmakers and commentators said President Donald Trump is indirectly responsible for the crash — if it was a missile that brought the plane down.

Speaking to CNN on Thursday, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said that if it’s true that Iran’s air-defense system shot down the civilian airline, then it is “another example of collateral damage” from Trump’s actions.

“If what is being projected is true, this is yet another example of collateral damage from the actions that have been taken in a provocative way by the president of the United States,” she said.

Watch her comments below:

Speier wasn’t the one who said Trump is partially responsible for the downing of the airliner. 

In an article in The Atlantic, David Frum — a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush — wrote that the United States could not “shove all blame on Iran for the human disaster of Flight 752.”

Frum continues to blasts the Trump administration, suggesting that it did not adequately consider the potential fall-out from killing Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. 

“Trump acted against Soleimani impulsively,” Frum wrote, adding, “When the killing escalated tensions with Iran, Trump and his administration told apparent lies to make their behavior seem more considered and more justified.”

Finally, Frum suggests that both Bush and former President Barack Obama avoided targeting Soleimani for fear of such collateral damage, something he says Trump did not think through.

“President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama both flinched from doing justice to Soleimani, because they asked, ‘And what will happen next?’ Trump did not ask that question. Families across half the world are now grieving a consequence that Trump’s ego forbade him to imagine or ponder.”

Trump has been criticized by lawmakers who say he should have asked Congress for approval before authorizing the strike on Soleimani.

In response to escalating tensions between Iran and the U.S., the House passed a non-binding resolution in a 224-194 vote that directs Trump to cease military action toward Iran without Congressional approval.

But Trump, in his first rally of the year, argued that going to Congress could have delayed the strike, and the military might have missed a narrow window to kill Soleimani. Additionally, he suggested that lawmakers could have leaked the information and spoiled the operation.


  1. Tell Bush and Obama to go and say sorry to all the people that asshole killed this is not Trumps fault it is Iran fault they made the choice to do it

  2. tell this women to ask all the family members of the people he killed. this man was a terrorist with the title of general. i guess that all the killings he did makes it legal to the demwites. Trump being responsible is like blaming the gun in a murder.

  3. People like speier is the exact reason we need another 1776 to clear ALL the dimshits and rinos out of the country and return our Constitution and America back to the people who love Her. The book “Unintended Consequences” should be read by every American who loves this country.

  4. The goal of the leftist is the destruction of America. The communist must be stopped or the country will fall.

  5. D-RATs are as ridiculous and idiotic as the Iranian Mullah’s.
    It was Trump—-blame Trump—-oops.
    Plane had an engine failure–plane tried to return to airport—oops
    Iranians can take Barry Hussein’s corrupt billions payoff and pay the families of the innocent deceased.
    Iranians want nuclear warheads—Iranians and D-RATs are incapable of managing a teeter totter.

  6. Listen you old saggy hag it’s not Trump’s fault a terrorist nation this time directly not through proxy committed an act of terror against civilians. These Democrats show me daily why I can’t vote Democrat anymore unless they make a fundamental change to the party, and a member change to basically all of them.

  7. Been waiting to hear what Speier had to say. Not true of course. Don’t remember hearing anything about her until she decides to add to the hate for President Trump. Democrats are losing brain cells by the day.

  8. Does she mean like 1 million+ baby-killings a year (a disproportionate number of which are minorities) is collateral damage from DemonKKKrats’ racist, satanic, anti-American attitudes?

  9. This is an example of what poor choices people make when the vote for Representation. Jackie Speier, your an incompetant ass for making a statement like this. You don’t belong in a position of Representation of any people.. Only in California would a person like this be elected.

  10. Is that right, Frum? What about all the collateral damage Bush caused by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, damage that continues to mount to this day?

  11. Of course he did. You should fear such a super-genius. He can manipulate the Dims into discrediting themselves with futile exercises like Mueller, porn lawyer, impeachment, etc. instead of pushing bad legislation. That’s brilliant.

    He may even have manipulated you into taking such an anti-American stance. Blame America first. What’s next? Will he convince the Dims to lower flags to half-mast in mourning for Soleimani?

    He does not need to plant these ideas. You already have them. That’s on you.

  12. Proving, once again, house Dems are off their rockers! Especially those from the big blue states.

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