House Committee Chairwoman Announces She Has Been Diagnosed With ‘Presumed Coronavirus’

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.), the chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee, revealed on Twitter that she had been diagnosed with “presumed coronavirus infection.”

“I have been diagnosed with presumed coronavirus infection. My symptoms are mild. I am isolating myself at my home and following the guidance of the Office of Attending Physician.”

“I developed the abrupt onset of muscle aches, fevers, nasal congestion, and stomach upset. I noticed that I could no longer smell my perfume or taste my food. After speaking with The Attending Physician by phone, I was diagnosed with presumed coronavirus infection,” she said in a statement.

She added, “My symptoms are mild at the present time, and I am taking Tylenol for fever, and isolating myself at my home. At the advice of The Attending Physician, neither COVID 19 laboratory testing nor a doctor’s office visit was recommended. I am carefully monitoring my symptoms, working remotely, and in constant contact with my staff.”

Velazquez traveled to Washington, D.C. late last week to vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill after Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) threatened to hold up the bill by requesting a recorded vote.

NBC News reports that Velazquez was spotted standing near House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

Ahead of the vote, Congressional leaders voiced concern for lawmakers’ health and tried to pass the legislation quickly with a voice-vote, which would not require lawmakers to travel back to Capitol to vote.

Massie drew bipartisan criticism for his move, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) blasted the Kentuck Congressman in a tweet, “Because of one Member of Congress refusing to allow emergency action entire Congress must be called back to vote in House. Risk of infection and risk of legislation being delayed. Disgraceful. Irresponsible.”

However, Massie defended his decision, “If we get in a habit of just passing bills and nobody even comes to work, and they pass, that’s really dangerous.”