Hillary Clinton: ‘There’s a Deliberate Effort to Sabotage Vote by Mail’ Ahead of the Election

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is expressing her concerns she has for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Mika Brzezinski asked Clinton what she is most worried about as the nation approaches the Republican National Convention and the upcoming weeks for Biden.

“I’m really worried that there will be direct interference with the election through the manipulation of the postal service,” Clinton said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that any sensible person should have that there’s a deliberate effort to sabotage vote by mail.”

She added, “That’s an incredible attack on our election system and everything else that the post office does like deliver prescription medicine to veterans and Social Security checks and everything.”

Watch her comments below:

Clinton explained she is also concerned the “disinformation campaign” President Donald Trump ran in 2016 will be “ramped up” ahead of the November election.

She predicted it will be “directed” both at Biden and Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Clinton reiterated, “I’m worried about direct interference, undermining vote by mail, and I’m worried about the impact of the propaganda.”

Her comments come amid growing criticism from lawmakers of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the agency’s ability to handle the expected surge in mail-in ballots.

In his highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Friday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said the Postal Service is equipped to make sure Americans receive their mail-in ballots, as IJR previously reported.

He told the committee the agency is “fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on-time.”

DeJoy said it is his “number one priority between now and Election Day.”

After receiving backlash for operational changes, DeJoy released a statement on Tuesday announcing he will be placing all changes on hold until after the election, as IJR previously reported.

Despite his announcement, House Democrats will vote on a bill on Saturday that would prohibit DeJoy’s changes from going into effect.


  1. The Hillarrhoid opens her mouth and shite comes flowing out. She’s still nothing but a sore loser.

  2. Two things: If people can get out and protest/riot, why can’t they go to a polling place and vote? There is only one reason – the Democrats have enabled massive cheating with their legislation and mail in ballots with no accountability is essential. And, If there was a problem with the mail getting delivered on time, how would that effect Democrats’ votes only? It wouldn’t!! These type of statements by the Democrats are nothing but excuses to cheat. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  3. General delusion says, “You are going to have a very difficult time proving that, Darryll.” Yes anyone would. That’s because Democrats legislation was passed forbidding voter records being kept. One more way Democrats ensured they could cheat.

    “Why would they do that, Mandy? What would it get them?” Well, as in previous elections, Democrats seem to find more votes for their candidate, always THEIR candidate. After three failed attempts in FL in 2000, the Supreme Court finally said enough of that BS. No more recounds for SoreLoserman.

    “Jim: As of July 2020, five states – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington – hold elections almost entirely by mail.” Yes and only Utah is still run by Republicans. No coincidence!! Cheating abounds.

    This clown is a liar and typical of Democrats spewing BS.

  4. general confuction and his evil idiot drones do not like it when facts are presented before them. It scares the hell out of them.

  5. General Confusion, yes they have been doing mail in for years, but it didn’t start out in full scale. They worked up to it. We are looking at probably 100 times the amount of mail that is usually passed through the USPS. If it does go down by mail in, when will the election be called? When all of the votes are in? And how long do we wait to get the last bit of mail in? No one has yet to ask or address any of these questions.

  6. “We all know that this is just a way for them to hold up the election counts when they lose on Nov 3rd and delay the Trump’s victory announcement.” Mandy

    Why would they do that, Mandy? What would it get them? You do realize that the final days of his presidency in nearing the end of JANUARY, right? It doesn’t wind down November 4th.

    My, my! You guys are unbelievable. Where do y’all come up with these idiotic scenarios? Q-Anon?

  7. Sure, this is their smoke screen for when Trump wins, they will blame it on Trump for interfering with the USPS. News Flash, the USPS has been hemorrhaging money since 2013, to the tune of 75Billion dollars. Why didn’t Obumma throw some money st the USPS? The Dums will never be happy.

  8. Hillary looks so hungover in this picture. Have another drink Hillary and get yourself started for the day.

  9. Democrats never seem to run out of scare tactics or lies to keep Biden relevant and attack President Trump. Now it is the post office and mail-in votes.

    We all know that this is just a way for them to hold up the election counts when they lose on Nov 3rd and delay the Trump’s victory announcement.

  10. And thank you, Confused Bob The Projectionist, for adding so much of value to this conversation! I don’t know what we could have done without that.

  11. WOW, does general confuction and syphilis like to hear themselves talk or what!!!! I’ll bet confuction counted many dead people’s, pet’s and illegal alien’s votes too. syphilis simple does not know what she is talking about as ALL communists/fascists have no clue. They love their communist/fascism and will do anything to have a dictator sitting in the White House. The whole of their party needs to be destroyed. Isn’t it amazing that so many times in blue states and blue cities that votes are “found that put the communist/fascist in office. Why the hell do you think that these cities and states are having the riots, looting, murders and arson confuction and syphilis. It is ALL on you and your party!!!!

  12. I did my civic duty and worked a national election.

    Just because a ballot is rejected doesn’t ONLY mean that it was rejected because fraud was involved. You know that.

  13. Isn’t this timely especially for the resident long winded troll. Can’t stop smiling. If he (I assume) would do just ONE election as a poll worker ….what am I saying? Of course not!!
    Washington Post May 2020
    Even in states where voters have had several years’ experience in voting by mail, such as in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, mail ballots get rejected. In the 2016 election, 0.81 percent of Colorado’s mail ballots were rejected; in Oregon, 0.86 percent; and in Washington, 0.90 percent. And that doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of ballots mailed to voters that were returned as undeliverable.

  14. Jim: As of July 2020, five states – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington – hold elections almost entirely by mail.

    Our country hasn’t fallen apart because they vote by mail.

  15. Ok Killary, there is no vote by mail. So there is no attempt to sabotage it. If the mail under the coronavirus outbreak can’t seem to get me my credit card bills on time why would you have faith that they should be responsible for elections. I routinely get mail that not even in my subdivision. Stuff that isn’t even in my zip code.
    So sunset these people should in part be responsible for the fate of our politicians is quite possible the most stupid idea I’ve heard in years.

  16. Oh, how I love to see this woman living in all of your heads rent free. Love it. Love it. Love it. You can’t STAND her, yet she is still here making your skin crawl.

    Don’t worry, King Donald The Loser will make sure that he won’t go quietly, either. He is going to be a scourge on this Earth for many years to come. Too many years, for most people.

  17. “General Confusion, OK, wise guy how about telling everyone with a fully functioning brain how you can confirm your incredulous comment?” Larry

    Incredulous? Why incredulous, Larry? Do you mean to say that YOU have been misled by sources that you really shouldn’t trust? O.K., just so long as we all know where you stand, how many voter fraud cases did you THINK really existed? Thousands? Millions? Tens of millions? How many?

    My claim is based on recent news reports that were checked by Snopes. I did what YOU could have done yourself and checked with a search. Their August 10th report is linked below. Fair enough?


    Not so fast, Larry. Now, I am more skeptical than even you are, so I have since gone to the Heritage Foundation’s own web site, just to be sure that Snopes didn’t make some sort of a mistake. They did. Or at least they are using outdated numbers or something. The VERY conservative Heritage Foundation are using different numbers on their own web site. Bigger numbers, yes, but not tens of millions, like YOU were led falsely to believe. Not even millions. Not even tens of thousands. A bit over 1,000 cases. I will update my memory bank. I suggest that YOU do the same, Larry.


  18. That’s because in 2006 thecongress made them keep a $72 billion retirement fund paid through 2032 and the aren’t allowed to negotiate anything

  19. Because tg his mutt saw photos of damaged mailboxes….fron Pirtland there is a conspiracy?

    The USPS has been a disaster for decades and started it’s downward spiral 15 years ago. Claiming they CV could be self sufficient now ghwy are hundreds of billions in the hole. All because of their pension packages they couldn’t pay.

    From 2007 through the 2019 fiscal year, the USPS lost $77 billion and hasn’t contributed to its retiree health care fund since 2012. “USPS has missed $48.2 billion in required payments for postal retiree health and pension benefits through fiscal year 2018,” the Government Accountability Office reported in March.

    For the USPS, year after year, the story remains very much the same — declines in volume keep the bottom line in the red.

  20. WHERE did you folks get the idea that losing an election means one loses their right to free speech? You all should be thanking Savannah for reporting on Joe and Mika’s interview with Sec. Clinton. Apparently Savannah perceived you needed one more opportunity to insult Hillary. Feel better now?

  21. Gerald, Google Leslie McCrae Dowless, North Carolina election fraud. Charges were actually filed in that case.

  22. So, how does vote-by-mail REALLY work? Washington State votes by mail. No polls.

    In 2004 Dino Rossi, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, WON the election by a comfortable margin. The Seattle Democrats went ballistic and DEMANDED a recount. What do you know…those Settle Democrats “found” a bunch of “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Christine Gregoire, the Democratic candidate that closed the gap. So, the Democrats DEMANDED another recount. And—surprise, surprise—the Seattle Democrats found even more “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Gregoire. Now Rossi and Gregoire were running neck to neck. You guessed it…the Democrats DEMANDED a third recount, and—surprise, surprise—found JUST ENOUGH VOTES TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION. WHAT A SURPRISE…?!?!?

    Of course, once they had overturned the election by a few votes the recounts STOPPED. What was remarkable about all those “misplaced/overlooked” votes is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS FOR CHRISTINE GREGOIRE AND NOT A SINGLE VOTE WAS FOR DINO ROSSI…. What are the odds of THAT…?

    The Democrats used the mail-in system to manipulate the outcome of that election and STOLE it from the Republicans. The Seattle Democrats now control the Washington State election system. It is unlikely Washington will EVER have another Republican governor…. That is what the DNC wants to do with the national vote. Keep recounting until they win.

    I do not trust mail-in systems that the Democrats can manipulate. They tend to “find” votes “lost” in the system to their advantage, and steal elections. The Democrats are trying to do to national elections what they have been doing to Washington State elections for more than a decade….

  23. Nice to see you Hill…I’m glad you could tear yourself away from the wine. This woman is beyond insufferable. Shut the hell up…you lost the election wretch

  24. OMG how that ugly ars Haag makes me sick with just the sight of her, let alone the sound of her phony voice 🤮🤮🤮🤮☄️

  25. Really Hil?

    Had you REALLY supported the USPS, then you wouldn’t have needed an illegal email server, right? There’d be hardcopies of your corruption and your aides would have used fire or shredding instead of hammers.

  26. Why does this Scumbag think anyone wants to hear from her?!
    YOU LOST, do all of us a favor and go AWAY.

  27. General Confusion, OK, wise guy how about telling everyone with a fully functioning brain how you can confirm your incredulous comment? It seems that you are always spewing your ignorant drivel. It is typical of you butt hurt liberals.

  28. No one wants vote by mail except the lying, corrupt Left. Fraud is the only way for them to win. Even if we did go to vote by mail….this is too rushed, no safeguards in place and no way to verify results. Something this drastic needs to be well thought out by independent officials. But the Left wants to rush this through. It’s apparent, perfectly clear what the cheating left is up to. Something this off the wall should be studied for future elections, not rammed through for this one.

  29. And then there was Landslide Lyndon. He won his senate seat in 1948 by about 48 votes. Soon there after the ballots were burned. After Lyndon Johnson had passed away some Johnson people came out and said they made Lyndon win. But remember, there is no fraud in voting.

  30. “you know Voter Fraud” William

    That’s interesting, William, but do you know that the very conservative Heritage Foundation could only find 143 convictions of voter fraud in the last 20 YEARS? That doesn’t sound like we have a vulnerable voting system, to me.

    I wonder which party affiliation had the most convictions. Hmmm…


    We MUST elect better politicians.

  31. Why is she still made to feel like her skewed thoughts and nasty comments matter? Stop putting a camera and microphone in her whining face.
    The post office can make this a priority but some of these die hard vote by mail….not to be confused with absentee ballots….are not aware of deadlines. In the primary they came in carrying their ballot that they didn’t mail in a timely manner. So now they will walk in ( oh the horror) and do a provisional ballot. Some of these whiners should do a stint as a poll worker!!

  32. Not wishful thinking, I’m convinced the majority of Americans WANT to re-elect President Trump. But I’m very fearful this will not be possible with the length DEMS are willing to go to sabotage any possible FAIR election by ANY MEANS they can conjure up. Be it UNSOLICITED “Harvested Ballots”, not requiring voter ID,
    or screaming Voter Suppression 24/7!!! Makes me sad and sick.

  33. The Democrats were the ones that decided vote by mail was “necessary”. Do you know ANYONE that has spent the last EIGHT MONTHS hiding in their domicile out of fear of certain death from being around other people???
    It’s ridiculous that the most essential duty of any citizen is going to be carried out by a third world process. Put your paper ballots in a box and we’ll tell you who won eventually.
    This is their idea of good governance, this country is screwed big time.
    How embarrassing

  34. No Hillary, this is a Deliberate Effort to prevent democrats from doing what they do best…..you know Voter Fraud”

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