Clinton Mocks Trump’s ‘America First’ in Criticizing Him as US Leads in Coronavirus Cases

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing backlash over a tweet about the coronavirus aimed at President Donald Trump.

On Friday afternoon, United States coronavirus cases surpassed the 100,000 threshold. The U.S. has the most reported confirmed cases than any other country.

When The New York Times published an article announcing the staggering numbers, Clinton took to Twitter with a jab directed at Trump.

Referring to his “America First” campaign slogan, Clinton shared the article confirming the United States leads the world in coronavirus cases.

“He did promise ‘America First,'” she wrote.

Check out Clinton’s tweet:

Shortly after Clinton shared the tweet, she was faced with backlash not just for the tweet, itself, but also for the timing of it.

Clinton has also been accused of celebrating Trump’s presumed failures at the expense of those who are “sick and dying.

“Delete your account. This isn’t the time,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) tweeted. “This can’t be the new normal, where American tragedy is applauded for the sake of political opportunism.”

National Republican Senatorial Committee senior advisor Matt Whitlock also weighed in on Clinton’s tweet.

“Hillary Clinton touting figures that are a result of Chinese disinformation to dunk on America and sick Americans is a pretty good reminder why she lost in 2016,” Whitlock tweeted.

Other Twitter users opted for more colorful responses, expressing relief that Clinton is not the president. The reactions have continued to pour in.

However, not all responses were critical of Clinton.

Despite the backlash, Clinton forged on. less than two hours after posting the controversial tweet, she fired back again.

Clinton shared another tweet with a quote from Trump when he said the virus would disappear.

“A month ago, Trump said: ‘It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,’” Clinton tweeted. “Yesterday, he said: ‘I don’t believe you need 40,000 or 30,000 ventilators.’” What will it take to get [Donald Trump] to listen to experts instead of his own hunches?”

As of Saturday morning, there were more than 104,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States.

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  1. So she blames Trump… the new guy? What about her, Obama and the other CAREER politicians? He’s had 4 years while they have a LIFETIME! She’s mentally challenged.

  2. Cankles is only relevant to herself and a few losers that are infected with not Covid-19 TDS my friends, hey Hillary where is the “Horny Hick” and his flock of perverted friends now that Jeffery has committed suicide ?

  3. The garden was starting to wilt and the flowers were beginning to fade. No one could figure out why the beautiful place was looking sick and pale. The gardener noticed that there were shiny trails between the plants and he followed some to a log. When he turned it over, there were slugs underneath. The slugs were attacking the garden in the dark of night because they are ugly and cannot stand the light. Their slimy trails were the shiny strings that exposed them. Liberals and progressives, like slugs, operate in the dark, not willing to show themselves for what they are. They are truly ugly creatures and they only destroy. They hide when they can and like a slug, they have no spine. America has been infested with slugs (libs and progs like polly, michael, contusion and philly) who only destroy. The absolutely astonishing thing is that by destroying the thing they covet, they will leave it a place they will have to flee. America! Wake up and shine the light on polly, michael, contusion and philly and all who think like them. As hard as it is to look at them, make yourself. You are helping to hide them in your garden. It is time to break out the salt and watch them disappear.

  4. polly-“Trump certainly is. I definitely agree with you”. I don’t know what’s worse, your attempts at humor or your views of the world from your mother’s basement.

  5. polly-“that this is the only thing that he has said that may not conclude as being a lie”. You as as blind and uninformed as a person can be. Please go back to your safe space and do it soon.

  6. Wow! That’s so Hillary. She manages to armchair quarteback AND demonstrate her contempt for Americans in one sentence.

    Just go away you never-were. Be careful what you wish for since you’re in that high-risk group yourself.

  7. Jeffrey, if the shoe were on the other foot, 45 would be all over clinton like flies on you know what

  8. Its easy to sit by and watch the person, handling the crisis, second by second, and complaing about how he’s handling this. Hindsight is 20-20 (Well, maybe not for so-So Biden). However, people become overly tired of that BS, as it’s empty talk and sour grapes.

  9. The country would be better off if she would fade into the background. She is a liar and quit before she could be fired in 1974 so now she just acts dumb when called to explain herself.

  10. I hope this makes more wake up. China lied about this virus. WHO lied about this virus. The left and their leaders cheer that we, along with many other nations, are dealing with the fall out from their lies. China lied and now the world is at war with what that lie brought forth. When will world leaders hold China accountable? I never expect the left or media in this country to. They side with the communists. There’s a reason for that.

  11. If she were president we’d all be dead. When are we going to put her in an orange jump suit and put her away so we don’t have to look at her any longer?

  12. Hmmm who isn’t acting very presidential now?

    Just another reason the good people of the US elected Trump.
    To mock America First as if there should be a different perspective as an American.
    America First is, unfortunately, not what most politicians want. They want power and if we don’t wake up they will have all of it and we will have none.
    Thank God for the second amendment.

    1. Snowbuddy,
      If you STILL support Trump, you have to admit that the guy said “America First,” and that this is the only thing that he has said that may not conclude as being a lie. Let’s hope not.

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