US Sen. Harris, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Offer Environmental Justice Bill

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday introduced legislation to beef up federal accountability for pollution in minority communities disproportionately harmed by climate change.

Harris, a leading contender to be Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate, was running in the Democratic primary last year when she first floated the Climate Equity Act with Ocasio-Cortez.

At the time, the California senator also voiced support for a the Green New Deal in a bid to burnish her progressive credentials and appeal to young voters. That measure, sponsored in the House by New York Representative Ocasio-Cortez, is a 10-year, government-driven mobilization to invest in renewable energy, conservation and other measures to slash U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases. President Donald Trump and Republicans have called it a socialist plan that would wreck the economy.

The revised bill reflects changes made after receiving public comments and meetings with groups pushing for environmental justice, which Biden has made a focus of his own climate change plan introduced last month.

“The Democratic Party is now finally starting to embrace what many activists have long advocated: climate policy must be driven by and centered around frontline communities,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “For too long, policies that affect communities of color have been determined by a few white men in a room in Washington.”

The revised bill would house a new office of Climate and Environmental Justice Accountability in the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. The original proposal called for housing the office at the Environmental Protection Agency, but activists raised concerns that it would not have enough power there.

The new proposal also adds the Department of Treasury, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Small Business Administration to the list of agencies that would have directors of environmental justice.

It also would create a required “equity score” to evaluate future legislation in congress addressing frontline communities, modeled after economic scores provided by the Congressional Budget Office.

Last week, Harris co-sponsored a separate environmental justice bill with another Biden running mate contender, Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth. It would require EPA to weigh cumulative impacts of issuing air and water permits to several facilities in the same area to avoid over-burdening poor neighborhoods with pollution.

(Reporting by Valerie Volcovici; Editing by David Gregorio)


  1. Like most Americans, I assume the EPA is actually doing its job, and that these plants are within legal limits of emissions. WTF am I saying. Maybe they are.
    Even if some cumulative effects from legally operating plants is actually proven, we don’t need some multi trillion dollar plan to relocate the plants, and have the problems shifted elsewhere. Although I’m sure they’d love to see them in the suburbs or somewhere equally stupid to achieve “racial justice”.
    They act like that would be as simple as moving around some office furniture, which is probably as close as they’ve ever gotten to real work.
    Why not move the people, not the massive facilities that provide products for millions of Americans?
    If the environment objectively tests that bad, re zone it and relocate the people suffering from those effects.
    Whole lot more doable.

  2. “If you are stupid enough to vote Democrats into office you deserve what you get, Socialism.” Sheldon

    I am confused, Sheldon.

    Do you mean the socialism brought to us like the Social Security system (Republican)?

    Or do you mean the Medicare For All (dialysis patients) system that Richard Nixon (a Republican) started?

    I don’t think you understand what “socialism” actually is and just how much is already embedded in our society. Fool.

  3. “You are still a blithering idiot confuction.” Confused Boob the Projectionist

    Thanks, Confused Bob The Projectionist. Your constant support is always appreciated.

  4. 2 of the worst America haters in Congress. They need to be held accountable, for not adhereing to the oath they swore to.

  5. These 2 wack jobs have got to go. If you are a moronic Democrat reading my comment, listen up. These 2 imbeciles want to choke the life out of you with their Socialist bullshit. If you are stupid enough to vote Democrats into office you deserve what you get, Socialism. Remember, most American Democrats have no idea why they are voting for Democrats unless it is to get something for FREE!

  6. Anything out of the mouth of a democrat is BULLSH*T, they’re ONLY interest in LINING their pockets!! In the immortal words of Harry Truman..
    “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

  7. Paul
    We no longer need to wonder. Did you even understand what he wrote?
    Read this somewhere and apply it often to his posts . “People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it.” He hammers “lies” so often that he now believes it.

  8. This racist hypocrite in her power suit is pretending to be worried about pollution in minority communities while refusing to denounce antifa and Black Lies Matter? Has she not seen the pollution and destruction in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis? Get bent.

  9. Scotty the Imposter just admitted he is a troll in his comment to Cheryl! Who wouldn’t have thought?

  10. “What we need is a bill that will remove and prevent invasion of ANYONE that LIES, supports socialism in ANY way or is seditious or treasonous against the Constitution or Bill of Rights.” William Lee

    I am afraid, William Lee, that this is one of those times that you can get everything that you want wrapped up in ine gift package: Dear Leader.

    The sheer quantity of his lies are what legends are made of.
    He made sure that he bailed out his rich buddies and big corporations with trillions of greenbacks with no oversight (socialism for the rich only).
    Dear Leader, Missing Moscow Mitch, and AG Barr are trying to shred our Constitution, too.

    All of which confuses me.

    So what are YOU going to DO about this, William Lee?

    1. Your problem confuction is that you are a liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it were on the end of your nose. Your party, the democRAT/communist/fascist party, was born of lies and cannot exist unless liars like you are involved. You are a projectionist and try to project what you and your party are onto us but it no longer works. Your lies are known and your party, the party of lies, violence and criminals, can only hope you can keep your base. Many like me, who were once a member of the democRAT/communist/fascist party, have sworn to expose the likes of you and all in your party. You are evil, hateful, anti America dictators. It isn’t President Trump who lies, it is you and yours asswipe. This universe is overflowing with all the lies and fake news you have spread. Me and people like William are going to get President Trump reelected so you can start the next Civil War so we can put you down like the mad dogs you are.

  11. I am not against Nuclear power as long as the cooling H2O is not warming naturally cold streams. The Sun is a huge nuclear furnace but you don’t see these types running around completely shielded every day do you. They are IGNORANT! The answer when enough folks get their heads together is Solar Power Satellites. Endless power 24 hours a day beamed to a collecting antenna by low power microwave that does not kill things (as I understand it). I can’t believe I havn’t heard a word about it from these Lemmings and socialists.

  12. What we need is a bill that will remove and prevent invasion of ANYONE that LIES, supports socialism in ANY way or is seditious or treasonous against the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

  13. “Guess the typical trolls can’t think of a rebuttal. Great comments!” Cherl

    I apologize for taking this long to entertain you, but I was laughing so hard at the idiocy posted below that I just couldn’t type without making an acceptable enough typos to bother, until now.

  14. Guess the typical trolls can’t think of a rebuttal. Great comments! IJR/Reuters doesn’t appear to understand that IJR has the word Independent in it.

  15. Screwtape, another thing the ‘man made climate change’ fools don’t realize is that there isn’t enough free space to erect green energy projects (solar panels and wind generators) to supply NYC, let alone the rest of the country. They talk about all the free energy, but don’t know that solar only makes energy for 4.4 hours a day in the North East, 6.8 hours a day in the South West. The rest of the time, the nation would be on batteries. imagine the number of batteries needed to run large cities, plus the suburbs in between. Where are you going to put them, how big a mine will be needed to supply the materials, how much pollution created in the mining and manufacture? These climate change types don’t think of that or any of the other problems. the Obamanation financed a disaster in CA (3 focused mirror arrays) to the tune of $2.2 Billion. It can’t make it’s projected power output and it’s only claim to fame is incinerating birds and bats by the tens of thousands, which the workers lovingly call streamers. This has upended the environment in the desert. Of course, Democrats don’t care about the environment. It’s not their neighborhood.

    Nuclear power is the only way to go. Research should be done on fusion reactors, not solar panels. I don’t believe the lyrics to the song are “With solar panels and wind mills from sea to shining sea”.

  16. “federal accountability for pollution in minority communities disproportionately harmed by climate change.” Sooooooo, the Federal government has been responsible for climate change affecting minority communities more. I guess these morons think that clouds can be made to hover over minority communities only. Maybe they think that somehow the Federal government can focus heat to be applied to minority communities while white communities get natural air conditioning. Gee, can they do this street by street? Do these ignorant, gullible Democrats really believe that can be done? Does anyone really believe this BS? I’ll bet Syphilis and Gen. Delusion do. Nope, silence.

    What these two Corrupt Democrats are really doing is stirring up trouble with their BS so they can capitalize to get votes in Nov. They always complain about Republicans, claiming they caused whatever problem Democrats can come up with. Why weren’t these two complaining and making accusations about the Federal Government ignoring climate change isolated to minority communities when the Obamanation was in office? Oh, because he was a lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat just like them.

    Robert the dolt chimed in with a comment on the level of a 2nd grade education, but claims these two crazy women are of simple intelligence, like him. Here’s a thought, Robert, go back to school, take a creative writing class.

  17. One really bad thing about renewables (besides the huge carbon footprints and environmental damage needed to make them) is this.

    They are expensive. The power they make is expensive.

    Now….who’s going to pay for the poor and middle class people who have to bear these costs? I see neither “I sucked Willie Brown” Harris nor “I cheated my coworkers” AOC putting their monies into Gofundmes for this.

  18. Fun fact: ALL, like every single one of the countries moving to renewables FAILED.

    Germany watched its rates triple. Iceland, which has massive hydroelectric and geothermal resources STILL derives power from hydrocarbons.

    France has nuke plants. Lots of them and for decades. Notice how no one mentions them when discussing “renewables”.

    India, China, and Russia are building more hydrocarbon (coal) power plants. Most importantly SO IS JAPAN. You know, the place where they drafted the Kyoto Protocol.

  19. Why does ijr print stories like this? Or if they are going to run it, why not publish a rebuttal to the garbage in it?

      1. I refer to them as RotoReuters. They have the ability to clean out sewer lines and get rid of democRATS who dwell within. They don’t however because they are part of the sewage.

  20. AOC said that the reason she didn’t want Amazon to come to NYC was because the city already had two rivers (Hudson and East) and she didn’t see the need for a third one!

    1. the sad truth is that she might actually have said and believe it.

      remember that Hank Johnson still sits in Congress, the guy who thought Guam would tip over.

  21. Do these despicable whores even comprehend how RACIST they prove to be when they make statements like”For too long policies have been made by White Men??!! Imagine someone saying the same about a place like Chicago that for too long policies there were made by black men.

  22. Previous government officials, reaching across the isle, included difficult discussion and compromise, most were white men. Still no legislation including all. A fairly new Representative and well know Senator present a historic representation of all. They use simple intelligence, to be a representative of all. Past and present political officials, not all, suck in the intellectual nonsense that corrupts their senses of moral decency. Power corrupts ALWAYS. It’s genetics in White males. I know, I’m a white Male. I appreciate. Now’s the difficult starts, Bill’s and Laws.

    1. So you’re saying it’s all the fault of white people? Wow. That’s some serious white-guilt and self-loathing. Which school taught you to hate yourself for being white?

      You do realize that blaming white people for all the world’s ills is akin to Hitler’s blaming Jews, right? It’s also really, really racist and stupid.

  23. Ronald Reagan quote what are the 9 most terrifying words in the English language? “I’m from the government and I am here to help.” The idea that the government could even manage something as massive as this is insane. It would be a treasure hunt for every crony capitalist out there, of which both parties have endless supplies. It would make people far off worse, pretending to help them. Remember: those groups who the government is endlessly trying to help, are always far worse off than when they started. We are 20 trillion into black reparations and it hasn’t moved the needle one bit. This isn’t a money problem. It isn’t a problem government can solve. The answers lie elsewhere.

  24. Meanwhile…NYC and her own district is imploding. NY city will be in financial ruins in short order. Businesses and taxpayers are leaving….and this nitwit chases out good paying jobs when she forced Amazon to go elsewhere.

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