Graham Calls for New Leadership at the WHO: ‘I’ve Lost Confidence’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is calling for a shakeup at the World Health Organization (WHO) and accusing the agency of conspiring with China.

“I’m in charge of the appropriations over the WHO, at least a part of it, and I want to see a change of leadership,” Graham said during an interview on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday.

He explained, “Because I think they conspired with China to downplay the nature of the virus. That they reported all through January that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

“The WHO has great scientists, but I’ve lost confidence in the leadership,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Graham’s comments come days after President Donald Trump’s decision to cut off funding to the WHO.

Several Republican senators have called for an investigation or hearing into the WHO’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) accused the organization of participating in a cover-up with Chinese officials and disseminating Chinese propaganda, as IJR has previously reported.

While the organization’s initial response to the outbreak has come under heavy scrutiny, officials at the WHO say they have limited authority to investigate information beyond what countries give them.

Additionally, they voiced their “regret” that Trump said he would move to cut off funding.


  1. The whole United Nations bureaucracy is a haven for terrorists. Dictators and Commie stooges. Let’s see: We got out of UNICEF because it was corrupt; WHO is a Commie stooge supporter; the Commitee on human rights has, is it(?) Iran, Saudi Arabia, and ChiCom bastards on it? And who else!? The whole place is a whore-house full of perverts, murderers, torturers, scoundrels, women haters and pedophiles. People who hate freedom, think that the ‘international laws’ superscede our Constitution, and want to make America a third- world country, by draining it of its assets and sending in millions of people that lived in a shithole country and want to move here and make the U.S. a shithole country! And we fund this piece of pig 💩? Time to get out!

  2. As if anything Lindsay Graham says can be taken seriously anymore. He’s a Trump suckface and a laughing stock.

    1. I would say you are a suckface of the communist party along with michael (with a capital B).

  3. “I’m in charge of voting for leaders in government, at least a part of it, and I want to see a change of leadership. Because I think they conspired with Trump to downplay the nature of the virus. That they reported all through February that this was not as bad as the common flu. The federal government has great scientists, but I’ve lost confidence that leadership respects the opinions of these scientists or makes decisions based on facts and evidence.”

    1. To bad we cannot trust ANYTHING you say because you are a liar for your communist party.

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