Lindsey Graham Shares Concern That Georgia Is ‘Going Too Fast Too Soon’ With Partial Reopening

As Georgia prepares to reopen its economy, many lawmakers and health experts are warning it may be too soon. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he supports South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster’s (R) plan to reopen his state’s economy, “I support what South Carolina Governor [Henry McMaster] announced yesterday — a small reopening of our state’s economy with a focus on social distancing.”

However, he said he believes that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R) plan to begin lifting restrictions is not the right approach, “I worry that our friends and neighbors in Georgia are going too fast too soon.”

Graham explained the reason for his concern with Georgia’s plan, “We respect Georgia’s right to determine its own fate, but we are all in this together. What happens in Georgia will impact us in South Carolina.”

On Monday, Kemp announced that by the end of the week, he would be lifting restrictions on businesses and public life.

While several states, including South Carolina, have announced plans to reopen their economies, Georgia’s is the most aggressive in its attempt to return to pre-coronavirus life. 

2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) blasted the move as “dangerously incompetent,” as IJR has previously reported.

Abrams laid out what she said were a variety of factors that she said made reopening the state now. She argued that along with steadily rising cases of the virus in the state, Georgia lacks sufficient public health infrastructure to handle a second wave of cases. 

President Donald Trump unveiled new guidelines for states to reopen their economies on Thursday. But White House officials said that states ultimately have the power to decide how to reopen their economies. 


  1. “If Governors are ignoring the guidelines and instead following Trump’s twitter feed, WHY release the guidelines?” Phyllis

    Because following a fascistic leader and being part of his cult is more important than solving the problem at hand.

  2. Should be a staggered reopening with at least three stages. Stage one is sending workers back to work that have a proven demand. Stage two is then reopening public spaces and schools still with strict social distancing, and sanitization requirements in place along with PPE. Stage three is the final stage after at least a month of testing on the proven decline of the virus then it’s back to business as usual. Still heavily suggesting to wear PPE and washing your hands and sanitization of public commonly used objects shopping carts or benches for example.

  3. Stan, I am not speaking for John, but a logical and obvious solution would be to follow the guidelines for reopening that were released by Trump’s Task Force. No? The Task Force is staffed with ACTUAL public health officials–and of course some politicians and former cable hosts.

  4. The Task Force released reopening guidelines of 14 days AFTER the decline of COVID cases AND robust testing. If Governors are ignoring the guidelines and instead following Trump’s twitter feed, WHY release the guidelines??

  5. “What happens in Georgia will impact us in South Carolina.” Sen. Graham

    At least this experiment will give us real examples and data on what the consequences of re-opening quickly will be.

    Isn’t science wonderful?

  6. john boy-“Kemp is proof positive that stupidity is irreparable.” Just what is your solution, dip?

  7. I agree with Senator Graham. While I respect that each gov has the right to lead their own state, this is a unprecedented crisis. Perhaps S. C. Should not allow entry into their state until things are more stable. And again…while respecting each gov., I believe the advisors to the president are as close to expert as we maybe the govs should be listening a little harder. Seems they want their independence and the right to criticize the president and then demand what they want when they can’t provide for themselves.

  8. Good to see there are some who believe this charade has outlived its’ 15 minutes of fame. There’s no reason SOME areas cannot be opened back up to begin rebuilding our economy.

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