Graham: Biden Is a ‘Decent Fellow’ but ‘a Figurehead of the Most Radical Movement’ in US History

Sen. Linsey Graham (R-SC) has been friends with former Vice President Joe Biden (D) for roughly two decades and in a Tuesday virtual town hall, Graham called the Democratic presidential nominee a “fine and decent fellow” but also warned that he considers Biden to be a “figurehead of the most radical movement in American history.”

A constituent asked Graham, “I saw a commercial of you praising Joe Biden, what’s up with that?”

The South Carolina lawmaker said, “I like Joe Biden, I’ve been friends with Joe for about twenty-something years. He spoke at Senator Thurman’s funeral when Senator Thurman passed.”

He added that Biden is a “fine, decent fellow” and said that the clip that went around of him praising Biden “was out when I was running for president. Joe’s son … Beau died and I knew Beau pretty well, he served over in Afghanistan and Joe Biden’s had a lot of personal tragedies, so I will never say a bad word about Joe Biden as a person. I just don’t think he’s the right guy to be president.”

Graham continued, “He is in my view a figurehead of the most radical movement in American history, that’s coming from AOC and that crowd. And so my differences with Joe Biden are political and they’re real, they’re wide and they’re deep. But he’s a fine man.”

The clip that Graham is referring to is likely one cut in mid-June in which he said, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then it’s probably, you got a problem. You need to do some self-evaluation.”

He added in the clip, “Cause, what’s not to like? He is as good a man as God ever created, he said some of the most incredibly heartfelt things that anybody could ever say to me. He’s the nicest person I think I’ve ever met in politics.”

Here’s that clip:

The ad, which was commissioned by the group Republican Voters Against Trump, ran the ad in Washington, D.C., and in South Carolina.


  1. When Trump banned travelers from China, great! When he banned them from EU, great. Now Americans are banned!! Why? Because we have a complete lack of leader in 45. EU and China and many other parts of the world Don’t want us to travel there. Is that racist? No. It’s called being smart. You know what is racist, calling the virus “Kung Flu” and 45 has done that numerous time being the bigot and racist he is.

  2. Obsidian, do you know/have you ever met me? No, so I’d call you delusional if you had anything to say about me because you don’t even know my correct name (as I don’t know yours). Graham knows 45…much to Graham’s dismay.

  3. Generally Confusing
    “Some day you may come to realize this.“

    Never happen. But perhaps someday you may realize no one puts much stock in what you say or believe. Corruption and self interests are menu items for the Democrats. This country was headed down a road of success but Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff have done everything possible to waylay it.

  4. Paul – if moderate Republicans were going to be persuaded to vote Democrat, do you think it would be by a Progressive Democrat or a right leaning Democrat. Because the only time I’ve seen Democrats get elected in a Republican states they were more fiscally conservative and leaned left of social issues.

    Progressives don’t have a lot of bargaining power in the states Biden needs to win over. I’m not saying he shouldn’t or won’t bend for left on SOME topics, but candidates often move more center (on some most topics) after a primary.

    Similarly, if a Republican were trying to get elected in blue states then they need to start leaning left on SOME topics. An example would be Trump deciding he is going to give DACA a path to citizenship. Do to think he’s doing that because the hardliners Republicans were calling for it?

  5. Phoenix, the Dem primaries in Ky, Tx and Al on Tues gave the moderate candidates only slight wins over the progressive candidates. This will be a problem for the Dem party. Unification attempts between the two factions will be a challenge. The only way the challenge can be even partially met will be for Biden to pander to the progressives which will help assure Trump a win in Nov.

  6. Again, you assume people who vote for these people will immediately welcome progressive policy once… apparently these fossils stop casting spells that take over their constituents’ minds?

    Exactly what fully progressive policy has that group been able to pass with bipartisan support in the house? And let’s just talk about the house first as its more Democrat friendly than the senate. I already know the Senate answer is 0.

  7. “Tired of grid lock.” Phoenix

    Then get rid of the fossils, Moscow Mitch, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They are the corrupt ones fighting change.

  8. Cherl is confused.

    Even I would support King Donald The Loser IF he ever decides to do something right, moral or honorable.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a clue as to what is right for us or this country, doesn’t have a moral bone in his body. And honorable? What say you? Clearly all he knows or cares about are corruption and his self-interests.

    Some day you may come to realize this.

  9. Camille
    So when President Trump attempted to shut down travel from China what did haters like you call him? Oh that’s right…..racist. No matter what he attempts to do it will be criticized by the left. They would rather the country fail than President Trump would succeed. Shame on you.

  10. Paul – I’m not convinced Biden will veer too far left. It’s not what won him the primary. If Democrats wanted Bernie Sanders they would have elected him.

    I believe a majority of Americans are tired of the hardliners. Tired of grid lock. And tired of that political grid lock seeping into their personal lives. Reaching across the aisle is not what makes politicians swampy.

  11. “Mainly because Biden panders to the far left.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    That is a lie and you know it.

    Joke Biden has no interest AT ALL in supporting progressive policies. He even promised his biggest bribers, I mean “donors”, that he will enact no change. How can no change suddenly turn into your pandering to the left. You were spoon-fed that idea and you have decided to continue spreading your lies.

  12. Phoenix: that is foolish, naive nonsense. We don’t need more conservative policies passed. We need way more progressive policies passed, to get even a semblance of balance back in this country.

    I know that you and Phyllis will disagree, but that is because you are both wrong regarding this. Always have been. We must all fight harder to get what we need, and enacting even more conservative policies just because members from the American Fascist Party will sign onto them and agree with them is no way to run a government.

    Will it be easy? Of course not, but we must try.

    We MUST elect better politicians.

  13. Phoenix, that may have been in the past but I would venture to guess that there are fewer of the swamp creatures that would be in the group of bipartisan support with Biden in todays world. Mainly because Biden panders to the far left.

  14. Paul – I look at it like this. If Trump claims Obama divided this country, what exactly has he done to unite it? Nothing.

    I LIKE that Biden is well regarded at a bipartisan level in Congress and i doubt I’m alone in that. That is a step closer to working together to actually pass policy in the house and senate. I’m told that’s how laws used to be passed.

    1. What could Biden ever do to unite this country? Trump may not pander to the left and offer false promises but by fixing the economy, opening jobs to the left, the country should be more united. What had Trump done to make any American’s life worse?

  15. Cannot say anything negative about Biden…but what does he have to say about Trump??? Following the golden rule that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The silence on Trump speaks VOLUMES. No one has ever called 45 a nice person….because he’s not. He’s also not a good leader. His “leadership” around the pandemic is atrocious…and down right embarrassing for such a “GREAT” nation.

  16. Phoenix, its not what the swamp creature politicians think, its what the voters think on election day.

  17. ANYONE who thinks that Joke Biden represents ANYTHING of the progressive left are clearly out to lunch and can be dismmissed outright.

  18. I find it encouraging that Republicans, even those who have shown unquestionable loyalty to the president, just can’t seem to say anything bad about Biden’s character.

    As for concerns about Biden being radical left? I doubt it… though i get why Republicans are going to try to attack from that route.

    1. Really? Biden is a pedophile. It’s not like there aren’t videos circulating. He’s also corrupt, “If you don’t fire the prosecutor, you’re not getting the money.”

  19. Anyone who thinks trumphuhk, THE MURDERING PSYCHOPATH,

    is the right guy for the job is a complete phuhking asshole.

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