GOP Official’s Voter Fraud Accusation Against Warren Leads to Viral Hashtag ‘Dogs4Biden’

The Republican National Committee’s rapid response director is criticizing Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) voting remarks about her dog, insisting she is endorsing voter fraud.

Steve Guest took to Twitter on Thursday with a clip of Warren’s recent discussion with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor Symone Sanders and Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) Stephanie Taylor.

At one point during the discussion, the three discussed voting and the upcoming election, which was when Warren quipped about her dog Bailey voting for Biden. Guest appeared to take offense to Warren’s remarks and tweeted his reaction.

“Elizabeth Warren endorses voter fraud, says her dog will be voting Democrat,” Guest tweeted. “‘Bailey is definitely going to vote in November and he’s voting Democrat all the way. Bailey for Biden.’ Voter fraud is not a joking matter.”

Shortly after Guest’s tweet began circulating on the social network, his remarks led to the popularization of the hashtag #Dogs4Biden.

Democratic supporters have flooded Twitter with photos of their dogs in response.

See some of the reactions below:

Over the last several weeks, President Donald Trump expressed concern about the possibility of voter fraud as he and the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) over mail-in ballot applications.

Despite Trump’s claims about voter fraud, Newsom previously pushed back against the president as he noted there is “no evidence” to suggest voting by mail contributes to widespread voter fraud, as previously reported on IJR.

The Democratic governor highlighted the benefits of mail-in voting and absentee ballots as he noted the safe history of that option.

Newsom said, “Mail-in ballots, absentee ballots are well utilized all across the spectrum, all across this country and have been done so thoughtfully and safely for a generation.”

It is legal to vote by mail in the United States and the president has also done so himself.


  1. Syphilis is indicating that “since the election, ZERO of the 3-5 million have been indicted.” Well, Syphilis, that would be because the voting records have been destroyed per the legislation that the Democrats passed. It is illegal to maintain records of voting. That was one more way the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats ensured that they could cheat without impunity. That, plus no voter ID requirement, no pre-registration requirement, mail in voting will give the Democrats as many votes as they want, just keep mailing them in with no verification of who voted or how many times. OH, by the way, there have been indictments of people for voter fraud. A college student in VA was indicted for signing up 13 dead people to vote while volunteering for a ‘get out and vote’ drive. A woman was indicted for voting 6 times after she bragged about it on social media. It’s unclear whether he was indicted, but an individual bragged that he traveled across 6 states to vote against Moore. Those are the ones that made the news. So much for your lies.

  2. Of course there will be voter fraud involving Democrats. They’ve done it in the past and will in the future. They carefully set it up by eliminating voter ID requirement, pre-registration requirement, preventing any records to be kept of voting and now mail in ballots (outside of absentee voting). No one will be able to tell who voted for what. There will be zero verification of votes or voter eligibility. Ballot box stuffing will be wide spread. Frankly, I don’t see how any Republicans can win under these conditions. Also, now that Pelosi can single handedly control the vote of the House through proxy voting, she can reject any electoral votes she doesn’t like. America voting has been reduced to that of a banana republic with lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  3. For such an allegedly “smart” woman, Lizzie really put her foot in this.

    Dogs voting. What’s next in her scheme? Allowing illegal immigrants to vote.

    Oh wait.

  4. And since the Democrats are the biggest proponents of mail in ballots(not to be confused with absentee ballots which are verified) it just may once again give them something to whine about, proclaim fraud again and lose because of it. Thousands are misplaced or not received in a timely manner. Dump that much mail into any post office and what can be expected?

  5. Liz Warren who lied about her heritage to her advantage. What a Democrat. She’s too stupid to understand what she’s admitted.

    Let’s look at the multiple voter-fraud charges, exclusively Dims. Let’s also consider the multiple registrations sent to a cat deceased twelve years. Dead people voting in IL, OH, WI.

    Nah. Nothing to see here as far as complete voter-fraud.

  6. Phoenix, I am certain you agree, it is REASONABLE to be horrified of ACTUAL voter fraud but UNREASONABLE to be horrified of fantasy voter fraud put forward as an excuse for losing. I recall many postings of the “3-5 million” illegal votes for Hillary and in the 44 months since the election, ZERO of the 3-5 million have been indicted. YET the same posters that fell for that scam, are now falling for voter fraud in mail-in voting. Have they not hear the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”?

    1. The Way you make your Bed,the Way you sleep in it.What goes around,comes around.From now on Republicans will use the same dirty Tricks as the Democrats.

  7. Phyllis, the idea that Democrats are engaging in voter fraud is a lot more horrifying than Republicans actually engaging in voter fraud. Duh.

  8. Since even Texas is showing signs of turning into a blue state, the state GOP party is considering having an Electoral College, so that they can hang on to power against the wishes of the voters.

  9. Has anyone seen the RNC’s rapid response director’s remarks on Rep. Steve Watkins’ indictment on felony charges for VOTER FRAUD? Does Steve Guest also take offense with ACTUAL CRIMES, or just jesting?

    1. Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay charged Watkins on Tuesday with felonies regarding interference with law enforcement, providing false information, voting without being qualified and unlawful advance voting, as well as a misdemeanor charge of failing to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of a change of address. Watkins allegedly listed a UPS store address on his voter registration form.

      On top of that, Watkins has refused to give up his seat on committees assigned to him. Of course.

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