GOP Candidate Kim Klacik Argues Trump Has Shown the ‘Opposite of Racism’

GOP congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik, who is vying to represent Maryland’s 7th district, is defending President Donald Trump’s leadership amid increased racial tensions.

During her appearance on “The View,” Klacik was pressed on whether she finds Trump’s actions before or after becoming president “racist.”

Co-host Ana Navarro provided examples of how she believes Trump’s actions have been racist, including his call for the death penalty for the Central Park Five and the lawsuit by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development against the Trump Organization for housing discrimination.

“No, I don’t. I find that President Trump has shown nothing but the opposite of racism. Each year, HBCUs had to go to Congress to ask for money. You know who made that permanent so they don’t have to ask each year? That would be President Trump,” Klacik said.

She added, “Do you know who tackled prison reform and criminal justice, The First Step Act? That would be President Trump. Do you know who is investing $75 billion in to opportunity zones in cities that were neglected by Democrats? That would be President Trump.”

Watch her comments below:

Klacik suggested policy trumps personality and praised the president for the job he has done.

“And from what I can tell, the president’s been doing a great job, especially for the Black community,” Klacik said.

Navarro fired back, “The exonerated five might disagree with you.”

Her comments come just one month after she expressed her overwhelming support for Trump in a video featured during the Republican National Convention.

During her speech, she painted a dismal picture of how Democrats have run her city “into the ground.”

“Abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner, drug addicts and guns on the street – that is now the norm in many neighborhoods,” Klacik said.

She added, “You’d think Maryland taxpayers would be getting a whole lot since our taxes are out of control; instead, we are paying for decades of incompetence and corruption.”

Klacik argued Democrats assume Black Americans will vote for them.

She accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of believing “we can’t think for ourselves.”

Klacik called on Americans to help President Trump “complete the Great American Comeback.”

She stressed Trump is “the best president of my lifetime.”


  1. No, HWB, not because they disagree with me. They don’t even know me.

    I disagree with Candace Owens because she gets PAID to say the stupid things that come out of her head. Klacik is just starting to get enough attention to join Owens on the same platform through being a politician.

  2. SyPhyllis and Confused:

    So Ms Klacik and/or Candace Owens are “useful idiots” (Confused One’s words) because they disagree with you? Because they have different political opinions than you? Because they wandered off the Democrat plantation? Because the uppityness of expressing their independent opinion is unacceptable to you?

    We’re all familiar with the racist roots of Progressives/The Democrat party. No matter how they give lip service to supporting independent thought, having thoughts outside of Democrat approval makes one a “useful Idiot”.

    Enjoy your silent racism of non-conformity shaming!! You two truly deserve each other. The constant hypocrisy you two display here is so pathetic!!

  3. Phyllis: the media is giving her a bit of oxygen now because it helps fill another news cycle with controversy, in the same way they give that other black, female useful idiot, Candace Owens, oxygen.

  4. I missed her appearance on the View and the RNC convention. I am attempting to understand the media attention. Her Nov 3rd opponent is the same as her April 28,2020 opponent. SHE GOT 25% OF THE VOTE in April to Kweisi Mfume’s 73.8%. Who is anticipating she would win 6 months later??

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