Gingrich Calls for ‘Reparations’ From China for Damages From the Coronavirus

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) thinks China owes the United States compensation for damages caused by the coronavirus.

“We ought to be adopting legislation to allow Americans to sue the Chinese government for their loved ones,” Gingrich said in an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning.

He added, “We ought to be looking at reparations from China. I think the Germans have indicated they think the Chinese owe them $149 billion for the damage they did to the German economy. The amount here would be incalculably bigger.”

Watch the video below:

Gingrich’s comments come as the mitigation efforts designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus have wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy. The latest unemployment report found that roughly 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the shutdowns began. 

While advisers to President Donald Trump have said they believe the economy will bounce back quickly, they have also predicted that the second quarter Gross Domestic Product will be the “biggest negative number that we’ve seen since the Great Depression,” as IJR reported.

Some Republicans have already proposed sending China a bill to cover the costs of the pandemic response. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested canceling some of the roughly $1.1 trillion the U.S. owes China.

“They should be paying us, not us paying China,” Graham previously said.

While lawmakers have discussed such ideas, Missouri and Mississippi filed lawsuits against the Chinese government for damages that resulted from the coronavirus.

However, under current law, which protects foreign governments from such lawsuits, it is unlikely it will make much headway.


  1. “I will build a wall. It will be the most beautiful wall ever seen and it will be great and Mexico will pay for it.” President-elect Donald Trump. Let’s parade old Newt in front of the cameras to see if our base will fall for it, just like they did with “Mexico will pay for the wall”. Why should we expect payment from any country for our own misguided policies?

  2. Fat chance China will pay the US a dime. Maybe Trump needs to consult with quid pro quo Joe and Hunter Biden to see how to suck/steal money from a Communist Country for one’s own financial gain.

    1. Its idiots like you as the reason we have the idiot in the White House. The sooner he takes a ride on a caisson the better of we will be.

    2. Maybe China will put tarrifs on goods we buy from them but make the Chinese people pay for them.

      Neeyah, THAT’S the ticket!

  3. Nonsense. One does not ask for reparations from oneself, for our own mistakes and mishandling of the Trump Virus.

    China did not control how WE responded to this threat. That’s 100% on His Majesty, his court, and us people.

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