Former RNC Chairman Tosses Support Behind Biden

Former Montana governor and Republican National Committee chair Marc Racicot may not agree with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on everything, but that is not stopping him from voting for him in November.

In an interview with Brian Kahn, host of Home Ground, broadcast Tuesday evening on Yellowstone Public Radio, Racicot revealed why he is voting for Biden.

“I regret that I will cause consternation perhaps in some corners, but even as a Republican, I will not be supporting Donald Trump for president, and I will not be voting for him,” Racicot said.

Kahn pressed Racicot on whether he will not be voting at all or if he will be voting for Biden.

“That means that I will be voting for Joe Biden for president. The reason I’m doing that Brian is that I’m not going to march lockstep with him every step of the way or with the administration,” Racicot said.

He added, “I’ll have disagreements, I’m certain. But the content of a man’s character or a woman’s character to serve in that capacity is more important than any other issue that I have to consider as a matter of conscience.”

Racicot made it clear he will not be throwing his support behind Trump because he has more concerns now than he did in 2016.

“In 2016 I made it very plain, in July … I couldn’t vest my confidence in Donald Trump. And I don’t intend to vest that confidence in Donald Trump today because I have even more grave doubts than I did in 2016,” Racicot said.

Racicot penned an op-ed published by the Washington Post in July of 2016 titled, “Americans can choose better than Trump.”

He argued he could not vote for Trump because he did not have the character or policies necessary.

“But after long and careful consideration, I cannot endorse or support their decision to express their frustration, anger and disappointment by selecting Trump as the Republican nominee for president,” Racicot said.

He added, “Trump has demonstrated neither the aforementioned qualities of principled leadership, nor offered any substantive or serious conservative policy proposals consistent with historical Republican Party platform positions.”


  1. The sheer number of members or supporters of the same party as the current, sitting president who have risen in opposition to to him is unprecedented. I can’t recall this happening on such a scale in recent memory, let alone in our history. Nixon, after his resignation, maybe, but he had quit by that time.

    This has to happen on a massive scale, to ensure that there is a resounding message sent to the narcissist.

  2. Both of those guys were voted out of office by the people of Montana.
    I’d file them under “disgruntled employees”.

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