Florida Man Says He Drove Into Voter Tent Because He Does Not Like Trump: Police Report

A Florida man reportedly told police that he drove into a tent where Republicans were volunteering because he did not like President Donald Trump according to a police report published by the local Republican party.

The alleged incident happened in a shopping center parking lot, described as “near a Petco” in the report. According to the report, two victims were on either side of the truck when the suspect, 27-year-old Gregory Timm, “continued to drive and knocked over several chairs, tables and a tent.”

After ramming into the tent, the police report says that the suspect “got out of the vehicle, took out his phone, ‘flipped them off’ and drove away.”

A clip of the incident aired on The Today Show last week:

According to the police report, the suspect told the authorities that he drove into the tent because “someone had to take a stand.” He also showed the police a video that he recorded from the incident.

The report says that the victim told police that he does not like Trump and stated that “it’s like someone shitting on your grave.”

Duval County GOP Chairman Dean Black said in a statement, “It is high time that the national media begin to act responsibly in this case and call this deranged criminal’s attack what has been clear: An obvious assault motivated by blind rage toward President Trump. With the release of a revised police report, the national media now has no place to hide. They must now cover this story honestly or abandon all pretenses of integrity.”

The Duval County Democratic Party put out a statement condemning the “cowardly act of violence.” They added that “no one’s life should be placed in danger for exercising their first amendment rights.” The Democrats also called on “fellow citizens to act with dignity, civility and respect for one another during this election cycle and beyond.”


  1. Hmm. A Bernie Bro tries to assassinate Congressional Republican’ts at a softball game. Another whack job, not a conservative or Repub, shoots former Rep. Giffords. Now this guy.

    Is there a pattern of emotional dysfunction/mental illness at play with those on the Left?

    1. Remember that these are people who STILL cannot cope with losing 2016. I do not recall the right doing the same violent/mentally unstable actions from the Right when Obozo won.

    2. I looked at about ten news reports about him and NONE of them even came close to mentioning Bernie Sanders or him as a supporter.

      Fake news, I Ching?

  2. It’s completely telling when fascist, masked interlopers commit violent acts in public but the MSM and Left will not call them out. Antifa will fade once someone starts shooting them in self-defense.

    Antifa has multiple and documented attacks on journalists. The MSM is silent. So much for defending the 1st amendment or journalists. Note how not one has called out Obozo’s persecutions and raids on new offices? Nazi Ministry of Propaganda anyone?

  3. Because the Left is just like the “Religion of Peace”. It cannot tolerate anything which does not agree with wit. Note as well the rational, non-violent course taken. No mental illness/lack of self-control here. q.v. screaming at the sky.

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