GOP Lawmaker Announces a Longtime Staffer Has Died From Coronavirus

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Flo.) announced this week that his longtime staffer Gary Tibbets has died from the coronavirus.

In a statement, Buchanan said, “Devastated by the death of my longtime staffer Gary Tibbetts, who passed away today at Manatee Memorial Hospital from COVID-19. Gary was the consummate professional and a true public servant in every sense of the word.”

The lawmaker added, “He touched so many lives and was loved and respected by those who knew him.” Tibbits had been with Buchanan’s office since 2011, per ABC.

Coronavirus is surging in southern states and in Florida particularly. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said this week that he believes “the apex in the epidemic states right now, the center of the epidemic, which is California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida, could be two to three weeks away.”

On Thursday, President Donald Trump canceled the 2020 Republican National Convention portion in Jacksonville, Florida.

Convention events will still be held in North Carolina with some delegates.

There was a previous feud with the governor of North Carolina amid COVID-19.

Trump recently claimed that North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) told him that he could have only 10 people in the arena. Though Cooper says that is false and that the RNC demanded to hold the convention without face coverings or social distancing.

The death of Congressman Buchanan’s staffer marks the first time that a congressional staffer has died from the coronavirus, according to CBS.

The death toll from the virus in Florida is spiking and on some days, they are adding more than 10,000 cases. Already, the state surpassed the 400,000 mark in reported cases.


  1. You confuse misanthropy with conservatism” I Ching.

    You are confused.

    Just because you claim to be a misanthrope doesn’t mean that you also have to prove yourself being an asshole.

    I know a few misanthropes (not many, fortunately) and they aren’t assholes (so far), so there is still hope for improvement in your future. Not much hope, but some.

  2. “If you see any evidence of adherence to those principles in today’s Republican party, I would love to read your justification for considering ANY conservative tenet exists in Trumpism.” Phyllis

    While I agree with your details, I still have to classify people who will not willingly change as “conservative”. The party HAS changed away from your ideals, true, but that occurred over a few decades starting with Richard Nixon. Dear Leader is just at the tail-end of that morphing process.

    The now American Fascist Party is STILL very conservative, in the sense that fascism is an extreme conservative movement and ideology (contrary to idiots on IJR who want to cause even more confusion around here). Just because the AFP SAY one thing and DO another doesn’t get around this fact. Fascists are conservative through and through.

    While I agree 100% with your sentiment, I disagree entirely with your conclusion and gave you reasons to reassess it.

    1. Fascism > Communism
      Fascism > Marxism
      Fascism > Socialism
      Fascism > Democratic anything

  3. “So…you are pro-life? Yes or no.” I Ching

    The pro-life movement is the substitute for the anti-civil rights movement when new rights were given to POC, especially black folks.

    The pro-life movement is entirely disingenuous (fake), top to bottom. Yes, a few people may believe in the movement’s goals deeply, but it is still just a substitute for racism.

    1. Right, keep supporting PP, which was designed to exterminate blacks and operates today killing more blacks than anyone else. Go Democrats!

  4. Screw, In reference to your July 24 post “relevant fact failure.” you should assert the claim that you were hacked. That post was is even more obtuse than your usual posts. In the event that you are not claiming that you were “hacked,” read your post again.
    1. “How long did he work with you?” Where did you get the idea Tibbetts worked with the journalist?? Alex provided you in paragraph 3 how long Tibbetts worked for REP. BUCHANAN. It clearly states in a reading level you can understand, Tibbetts worked for BUCHANAN since 2011. That should also be within your math level. 2020 – 2011 = 9 years.
    2. SAME paragraph 3 CLEARLY has “per ABC.” HIGHLIGHTED! Had you clicked on the link, the Tampa Bay ABC affiliate would have provided you in paragraph 2 of the news article with Tibbett’s age. It’s 66.
    3. Perhaps you missed the previous news items on Florida’s lack of ability to perform tracing since their test results have taken up to 2 weeks for processing and notification. On July 11th, Buchanan announced via Twitter that Tibbetts was hospitalized in stable condition with COVID. DeSantis also reopened the state without having sufficient tracing mechanisms in place, but tracing results are not released to the public–only those who have been in contact.
    Should you NOT be praising Alex for his restraint in mentioning DeSantis’ poor leadership on COVID?
    4. I’ll take “what a poster should read before criticizing the journalist” for $800.

  5. Scott, The only issue I have with your post is that having been a registered Republican for decades before leaving the Party, please be assured that “conservatism” no longer exists in America. The tenets of conservatism WERE Personal responsibility, Fiscal responsibility, Small government, and States rights. We believed in the founding principles of the country: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and peaceful protest. We believed in free trade. We believed in the rule of law—not make-believe laws, the actual laws on the books.
    If you see any evidence of adherence to those principles in today’s Republican party, I would love to read your justification for considering ANY conservative tenet exists in Trumpism.

  6. I Ching just showed you the abject callousness of the typical conservative in this country today, who doesn’t give a shit for life of any kind. Pro-life my ass. It’s all a cruel farce.

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      Explain how that’s pro-life Scotty.
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  7. relevant fact failure.

    How old was the diseased, err, deceased?
    Did he have other condominimums, err, conditions like driving drunk?
    How long did he work with you?
    Have OTHER workers bean digitized, err, diagnosed?
    Was there tracing to determine if he got the WuFlu from a line of those fleeing the NY area? Sex degrees of Kevin Bacon actually has real life application.

    I’ll take “things real journalists would have in a story” for $800.

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