Jeff Flake: It Would Have Been ‘Satisfying’ to ‘Deny’ Trump Kavanaugh Confirmation

Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is opening up about his vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“There would have been nothing more satisfying to me than to deny the president,” Flake said in an interview with The Washington Post. “Given his boorish and bullying behavior and remarks about Dr. Ford and whatnot, that would have been immensely satisfying.”

Flake was a key vote in favor of Kavanaugh’s 2018 confirmation. Kavanaugh was confirmed with a 50-48 vote.

However, Flake said he believed voting against Kavanaugh would set a dangerous precedent for future nominations.

“But it would have, I thought, set a precedent that would be dangerous in the long term if we had an allegation that was uncorroborated — that that, in and of itself, could sink a nomination. That’s territory that the Senate shouldn’t be in.”

Additionally, Flake discussed the FBI’s investigation of sexual assault allegations made against Kavanaugh, “I wish that it could have started earlier and gone longer. And been more thorough. But it was not insignificant.”

He added that a viral moment when an activist confronted him in an elevator over his decision to support Kavanaugh helped give him the “resolve” to call for an investigation of the accusations.

Flake, who left office at the beginning of 2019, has not been afraid to share his opinion of President Donald Trump. In the same interview, he said he would not vote for Trump in the general election, as IJR previously reported.


  1. Wow. What a jerk. Kavanaugh did nothing wrong. The woman couldn’t remember the date, time, the place of the supposed assault, and has since recanted. Trump is boorish, but not any more so than the people who attack him daily. His crime is fighting back instead of being the traditional republican punching bag. Trump is an existential threat to the insider club that gets rich and powerful via our tax dollars. I hope he gets another four years to completely dismantle that incestuous snake pit.

  2. Once when Flake was asked if he would attend the 2016 Republican National Convention, where Trump was to receive the party’s nomination, Flake said, “No. I’ve got to mow my lawn.” I don’t like him for much, but that was great.

  3. Kavanaugh is a little entitled man-boy , and his ascension to the Supreme Court was orchestrated by a right-wing corporate cabal which knew they could control the little small-minded weasel once he was put in place. Revolting. Yet another reason why I left the GOP

  4. typical. nothing… as in doing something to help the american people comes second to my hatred of trump

  5. Flake has an appropriate name.
    CNN and MSNBC must not believe you either otherwise you would have a job with them.

  6. Go away, Flake. AZ didn’t want you. What makes you think anyone else does? No one cares what you think.

  7. Wow still talking about Kavanaugh, but yet Nothing said about Biden. Wow. Flake is a moron

  8. He voted for Kavanaugh, now tries to claim he’s been satisfied if he didn’t and tells lies about Kavanaugh. Has he picked up Ford’s habit of making up lies. I wonder if he’s facing a challenge in his home state, so he lies. RINO is as RINO does.

    1. Anyone that’s against this feckless, moronic, visible-from-space FRAUD of a President, is a RINO ?
      No. It’s that Party that’s become a scandal and a hissing, a racist, xenophobic, dog-whistling group of white supremacist coddlers. This Sen what’s called a moderate Republican. It’s SAD you don’t know even wtf that looks Iike.

      1. Hee, hee, hee, you so silly!! Will you deny that you called the President “racist, zenophobic” like Biden did (careful, your Democrat hate is showing). Fact Check also denied that Biden said that, while quoting three times Biden called the President “xenophobic”. Lying Democrats, lying Democrat rags swearing to everything Democrats lie about. As far as Flake being a RINO, he’s been a RINO for years, like McCain, backing everything Democrats say and want. A RINO is as a RINO does. There are several RINOs out there, Smashed Amash and Romney, who is still hurting over his loss to Obama and the VP spot with Trump and of course, Flaky Flake. They might as well put on the Dem hat and button and campaign for Biden. Maybe Biden will choose one of them over Dreyfus, Warren or Harris. Go ahead, vomit some more BS.

  9. This was my choice to represent Arizona as a Senator as well as John McCain. I admit these were the two worst votes I have ever taken. If ever there was a reason to recall a mistake Flake would be it. He has been wrong on just about every decision he ever made on his own. Never a team player and always self serving while making any critical decision.

  10. No, what would be really satisfying would be duct tape over your mouth and throwing you in a very dark closet so no one has to see or hear from your again.

  11. That’s why he is no longer a senator and will be forever remembered as a loser (except, of course, in his own mind).

  12. Now more obvious than ever why Flake was a complete failure. Would rather hurt Trump than abide by the law.

      1. If Democrats gain control, it will be a ‘sick’ America, like under Obama and Biden, like the House under Pelosi with Democrat obstruction, committees of only Democrats, Democrat witch hunts, Democrat fishing expeditions, Democrat impeachment (coup). Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

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