Jeff Flake Appears in Ad for Biden: ‘Principle and Conscience Require Me’ To Vote for Biden

Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is encouraging conservatives to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the upcoming Nov. 3 election. 

Flake, who served in the Senate until he retired in 2019, says at beginning of the ad, “I’ve been a conservative Republican my entire life.”

“I’ve never before voted for a Democrat for president,” he added as he noted the first presidential vote he cast was for Ronald Reagan in 1984.

However, he said, “But this year, principle and conscience require me to do just that. I’m voting for Joe Biden.”

He encouraged viewers to ask themselves, “Who will best restore decency and civility to the White House? Who can I be proud to tell my children and grandchildren I voted for?”

He continued: 

“My fellow Republicans, it’s not easy going against the head of our party. Believe me, I know. But I also know that character, moral leadership, integrity are values that we cannot put aside when we cast our vote for president. If we hold onto these values, our country will be better for it, and so will our party.”

Finally, he said, “Please, don’t let anyone tell you that by casting your vote for Joe Biden, you’re somehow not being conservative. This year, the most conservative thing you can do is to put the country over party. That’s what I’m doing. I hope you’ll join me.” 

Watch the ad below:

Flake endorsed Biden in August, “Given what we have experienced over the past four years, it’s not enough just to register our disapproval of the president, we need to elect someone else in his place.”

“Here, today, I will say to my fellow conservatives… indifference to the truth or to the careful stewardship of the institutions of American liberty is not conservative,” he added.

The ad appeared to be an appeal to Arizona conservatives. Currently, polls show Biden is leading in that state by an average of 2.2 points. The last time a Democrat won the state in the presidential election was in 1996. 


  1. Senator, now Mr. irrelevant, Flake, is hoping for a minute of time on MSNBC. Sorry.

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