FEC Commissioner Says There Is a ‘Substantial Chance’ Results Will Not Be Known on Election Night

Federal Elections Commission (FEC) Commissioner Ellen Weintraub is warning that the results of the election will probably not likely be known on election day.

During an appearance on CNN on Monday, Weintraub said, “Let me just tell everybody, we’re all going to need to take a deep breath and be patient this year because there’s a substantial chance we are not going to know on election night what the results are.”

She said that it is possible that it could take a while for many of the down-ballot races to be decided due to an expected surge in the number of votes cast by mail.

“If it takes a little bit longer to count all the votes accurately, that’s what we need to do in order to ensure that everyone’s vote counts,” she added.

Watch the video below:

President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that expanding mail-in voting ahead of the election would open the door for fraud that could swing the election — despite no evidence of widespread fraud — as IJR reported.

Weintraub said the country can “absolutely” hold an “honest election” that features widespread mail-in voting. She noted that mail-in voting has been around since the Civil War, and many states have “robust mail-in voting systems already in place.”

She also noted that if voters are concerned about mailing their ballots back, they can drop them off in secure drop boxes.

Weintraub went on to say that it appears that many Americans across the country are “demanding” access to mail-in voting. She also cited the increase in votes cast by mail in Kentucky’s primary elections this year to show that even in more conservative states there is an increased demand for mail-in voting.

When asked if most states are prepared to handle the expected surge in mail-in voting, Weintraub said, “I think what we need to do is get more resources to the states. This is critically important, and it has to happen now.”

She cited a study from the Brennan Center for Justice that estimated that states and localities will have an extra $4 billion in costs in this year’s election.

“So far, Congress has allocated $400 million. They really need to allocate more money now. I’m very concerned about this, and that is the number one priority right now,” she added.


  1. “It is a serious problem. The only reason you don’t hear it from the other side is because it’s the other side who is engaged in the corruption and hiding it. It’s basic common sense.” OBSIDIAN


    Voting by mail is not a serious problem, at all. We didn’t hear about it before BECAUSE it was never a problem since the 1860s. It is ONLY a “problem” now because Dear Leader fears that fair elections will mean that he must step down from his throne, and he is doing his royal best to cheat, to not have to give it up.

  2. Obsidian, Yes, there is common sense in my household, thanks to ME. Will history judge Trumpers that have believe COVID is going to go away magically without them wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing their hands?? Will history believe it was common sense to believe the guy who said it would be gone by Easter, by Memorial Day? Or believing the guy who suggested studying implanting UV light and injecting disinfectants?? Or believing the guy who claimed it was safe to re-open the states without following the directions of his own CDC guidelines??? Will you be judged as having common sense in believing Trump ended North Korea’s nuclear program with photo ops??? Does it even NOW appear to be common sense to believe getting out of JCPOA to negotiate a better deal was ever going to bring Iran to the table?? Will history claim Trumpers were using common sense in believing and professing “No collusion No obstruction” appears in the Mueller Report? Will it make sense to historians that Republican U.S. Senators that swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution recognized impeachable offenses occurred, but either claimed to believe “Trump learned his lesson” or Removing a POTUS for impeachable offenses is not good for the country????

    Trust me, Obsidian/Screw, spouting craziness may make you feel good today, but you will need to explain it to future generations.

  3. Ya think? Neither side is going to accept the results. Let’s divide into Western and Eastern Mississippi now before CivilWar2.0

  4. Gerald, The Nov. 7th, 2000 election was settled by the Supreme Court on December 12, 2000. Are you seriously concerned the results would not be known for 35 days “multiplied by 10”??? As per the 21st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Trump and Pence’s term ENDS at noon on Jan. 20th, 2021. You are anticipating being without a POTUS or a VPOTUS until Oct, 2021? Trumpers feared Mexicans and Muslims as well as Hillary taking their guns in 2016. They feared “Caravans” and “MS-13” in 2018. No election results until Oct, 2021 should not surprise me, but it did.

  5. Ken, How do they plan to “‘loose'” the ballot? How is a loose ballot different than an official ballot? Does the mail carrier know the ballot they are loosening is an absentee ballot as opposed to a mail-in ballot? Trump is okay with absentee ballots.
    WHERE so you live that everyone in the neighborhood votes the same? LOL…we don’t even vote the same in MY HOUSE where there are only 2 occupants. I know several couples who will be cancelling each others vote.

  6. i will be surprised if results are known within a month of election night. The 2000 fiasco multiplied by ten….

  7. If mail in voting becomes a fact, the plan is to follow the mail carrier and snatch the blank ballots from the mail box.
    How do you keep that from happening?
    Areas of the country are know to be more of one political party than the other, so the mail carrier that is picking up those ballots just happens to “loose” the ballots from that area.
    Mail carriers, that are observent, can pretty much tell a resident’s political affiliation based on the mail they recieve.
    So don’t deliver the ballot to that home or “loose” the ballot when they pick it up.
    There are unscrupulous mail carriers out there.

  8. “with whatever integrity” I Ching

    This is I Ching’s way of trying to sow doubt in voting. If it was a serious problem, we would have heard a lot more about it than what we have just heard recently, from the usual suspects.

    1. It is a serious problem. The only reason you don’t hear it from the other side is because it’s the other side who is engaged in the corruption and hiding it. It’s basic common sense.

  9. Delbert: maybe this is, finally, the wake-up call that America needs to do something meaningful, to clean up our election system.

  10. Yeah, with this many mail-in ballots, it seems likely that it will not be decided on election night. Oh, well. The republic has survived challenges like this. There was nothing like same-day results for the first 100 years or so.

  11. Especially with mail-in ballots.

    OR, WA, CO, and OH have long-established systems to handle this, with whatever integrity.

    Asking other states to start from scratch is stupid. Where’s the beta testing?

    What we are looking at is months of Trump remaining in office (as if The Lurker Below and his anointed successor, err, VP could defeat him) and more opportunity for the Dims to cheat. I wonder how many votes will be found in car trunks this time?

    1. Three (3) months out from the general elections. NOW they want to develop voting by mail. Hmm. That’s not only poorly conceive and bad timing, but mighty convenient for Dim states.

        1. Big ideas, f’all execution should be the Dim motto.

          fun fact: Hank Johnson STILL sits in Congress. Recall this is the sub-genius who thought Guam would tip over. Maxine Waters. AOC. Clearly these rocket-scientists are coming up with only the best.

  12. Massive Fraud by the DNC coming to a town near you. Demand in-person voting with verification each person is a valid Citizen and Resident ,,,, and Alive !!!!

  13. I guess nobody told her that when Clark County NV did the mass ballot mailing they got over 223,000 back as undeliverable.

  14. King Donald The Loser STILL hasn’t got a fully staffed FEC Commission! They STILL can’t form a quorum.

    For King Donald The Loser, this is by design not accident.

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