Sen. Elizabeth Warren Says Childcare Is ‘Essential’ to Reviving the Economy Amid the Pandemic

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is reminding Americans of the significance of childcare as the coronavirus pandemic has pulled kids out of school with the unlikelihood of some of them returning anytime soon.

Childcare was an integral part of Warren’s presidential campaign and she is now reiterating the need for it amid the outbreak.

During an interview with the New York Times, Warren explained certain aspects of infrastructure are better than others.

“Our roads are better. Our access to electricity is better. But our child care infrastructure is worse,” Warren said.

The New York Times noted those who seemed to agree with Warren on the issue most during her campaign were mothers. She was asked if it would be different if she were running now.

“I would agree with you that that’s who applauded. You asked me if I think it’s different now,” Warren said.

She continued, “I think more people have begun to see how child care is an essential part of making this economy work and how child care workers are among the essential workers we must have to restart our economy.”

Warren argued if the United States wants to see the economy bounce back, a boost in the nation’s G.D.P., and Americans making it back to work, the nation needs to make a “national investment” in childcare.

“Keeping our child care system afloat is key to our economic recovery. If we don’t support our child care centers and treat them like the critical infrastructure they are, millions of parents won’t be able to go back to work—even when it’s safe to do so,” Warren said.

President Donald Trump is continuing to push schools to reopen, arguing the coronavirus will “go away like things go away,” as IJR previously reported.

States are taking different approaches to reopening schools.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced on Friday all school districts in the state will be allowed to reopen in the fall, as IJR previously reported.

The nation’s largest school system, New York City, is reportedly scheduled to reopen on Sept. 10.

The New York City school district is the only major district in the nation to reopen in person even part-time.


  1. She is putting the you need to go back to work message into parents. It’s awesome paying a lot of your paycheck into daycare.

  2. Next the owners of exotic cars will argue how important this group and their cars are to this country therefore the government needs to pay for the cars repairs.
    These aren’t my children, if a person can’t take care of their own children then they shouldn’t have children and just as I shouldn’t be asked to pay for the care for the exotic car my money shouldn’t go towards their care.
    I know what you 40 and under parents are thinking right now, this guy has no clue well that’s about as wrong as saying I should pay for this.
    At 32 I had two children. 1.5 yrs and 3.5 years. I was a single father and just signed a three picture deal. I lived in Valencia CA. a nice suburb of L.A. and I had top day care for the children. At the end of the first day I went to pick up my children and my life was forever changed. My youngest was very ill and rushed to the hospital where he was flown on life support to UCLA med center. After 10 days on life support it was determined he contacted a virus. He lived but in a coma for another year followed by 5 years of being 90% paralyzed and 2 years of being blind. I had two that I took care of and for the next 20 years while never leaving his side I allowed for no neglect to either child. Did I ever return to the film set, no, my career was now forever over, did I cry to the government how I had togo to work and how I lost my career no. I created a home business so I could take my kids to school, take my son to his many medical appointments. I raised my two boys and without any help from anywhere. I never dated, never left, I was always within 20 feet. Yes I gave up a life but this was my obligation as a father and again I did so without one dollar or assistance of care or time and as a single father.
    So if I can do this on my own then a married couple without a severely disabled child should have no problem. I’m 60 now, my son has died 4 times since that day the virus took the child I knew and any chance of ever fulfilling my own dreams. We live in a selfish time in which so many believe others should pick up their problems so they can enjoy that career. They want the government to pay for their child’s care, then college, housing and just about everything else. If you have children that is your choice but just like the exotic car I should not be responsible for their care or higher education, that’s your responsibility.

  3. Screwtape
    Have to wonder why she continues to take up space on IJR. And with her hand over her heart. What’s her goal? Not President and certainly not VP. Both of those dreams have been dashed for her. Thankfully.

  4. So….Lyin’ Lizzie is now saying that schools are for childcare.

    Okay. Then let’s reopen the schools and refuse to pay those teachers who will not work. Let’s also refund the tax money to ALL who paid for schools that are not reopened.

    Parents can use that money to pay for educative alternatives OR Lizzie’s childcare.

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