Former GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter Sentenced to 11 Months for Campaign Finance Violations

Duncan Hunter, a former Republican congressman who represented an area near San Diego for nearly six terms, was sentenced to 11 months in prison on Tuesday for campaign finance violations. He will also serve three years of supervised probation upon his release.

In their sentencing argument, prosecutors wrote “As we now know, Hunter lied to the people about his guilt. Not once, but countless times. In doing so, he conned voters into electing a soon-to-be-convict.”

The California Republican was indicted in August of 2018 — before he was re-elected to his seat — and the details within the indictment raised eyebrows when it was released.

Hunter and his family were accused of spending a quarter of a million dollars of campaign funds on personal expenses, including “more than $14,000 for a family Thanksgiving vacation in Italy in November 2015; more than $6,500 for a family vacation to Hawaii in April 2015; more than $3,700 for a family vacation to Las Vegas and Boise in July 2015; more than $2,400 for a Las Vegas couples vacation in August 2011; and more vacations to destinations such as Lake Tahoe, Pittsburgh, London, and Washington,” according to the indictment.

At another point, the indictment accused him of spending $462.46 in campaign funds on tequila shots and a steak at a Washington, D.C., restaurant.

Duncan Hunter inherited the seat from his father retired after he represented the district for 28 years.

After initially pleading not guilty, Hunter agreed to plead guilty to a single federal charge of misuse of campaign funds and he resigned in mid-January.

In his district, two candidates — Republican Darrell Issa, who formerly served in Congress and Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar — made it through the March 3 primary election. Campa-Najjar won the most votes in the primary but the Republican vote was split between three candidates. Cook Political Report gives the race a “lean Republican” rating.


  1. If anyone should NOT ever be elected to public office again it is Republican Darrell Issa who himself has a very, very shady history favoring Russia.

  2. Love that “Trump Next” sign. In a fair and just system most of the Marxist Molls would be under investigation and subject to prosecution. From AOC’s dealings, to Omar’s payments and marriage, to Tlaib’s paying herself from campaign funds.

    But they are Dimocrats, so standard rules do not apply.

    1. The extent of Hunters finance misuse is far beyond the extent of any of those AOC, Omar, and Talib. You’re also cherry picking as misuse does occur often by both parties. For example, Trump was fined yet not prosecuted in court and sent to prison.

      Most of the campaign finance discrepancies seem to be handled with fines. Not only was his misuse significantly higher amounts of funds and in a more blatant fashion, but he also denied it.

      1. Nope. You’re missing my point.

        Whether minor or major, misuse of campaign funds and the corruption that spells out should be equally investigated and prosecuted. Period. No matter which side of the aisle.

        IF you were caught dabbling in your company’s funds to your own benefit, big or small, is that excusable? If so, why?

        At least you didn’t try to excuse their violations and ALL have denied. Yet not all have been prosecuted. Please explain how that meets a “standard” of justice.

        1. If they have denied it then why would they pay the fine?

          And I am not an expert on campaign finance law, but I have seen enough articles to notice that it happens on both sides and rarely ever does it reach courts and prison sentencing.

          Both Democrats and Republicans have been prosecuted before. Sometimes Democrats, sometime Republicans. 100 percent of them were politicians though – isnt that a more telling trend?

          1. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

            Think of the consequences of admitting guilt. Will the *ahem* Ethics committee move for censure? Will it be a permanent mark on their political records (not that that has stopped others. q.v. Marion Barry)

            I agree that corruption is an equal-opportunity employer. My measures would be more draconian and cost taxpayers cents, but few have the will to follow it.

            Yet here, we are seeing neither equal coverage nor treatment. That’s wrong for so many reasons. Scale is NOT the primary factor, but the act itself.

          2. I’m going to reverse your argument.

            If paying a fine is sufficient then why didn’t Hunter get to do so? Why are some allowed to remain in office, but others sentenced to prison? It’s not a matter of scale, when the acts themselves should be treated as criminal violations.

          3. My argument is not simply that he didn’t pay the fine.

            He blantantly used at least 100k of funds for family vacations and personal use.

            The misuse charges are different from what hunter was doing. Severity matters. Its why a speeding ticket isnt punished the same way as murder.

            Paying a fine when its on the table is common practice. I can pay a parking ticket or fight it until a book gets thrown at me.

            Hunter tried to fight it, was proven guitly, and he was punished. To make this any more than that is honestly pretty goofy.

            Besides, Trump will probably pardon him anyways…. I’m mostly kidding!

    2. My thoughts exactly regarding the campaign funds shenanigans of AOC, Omar and Tlaib. WHEN do those criminals get to have their day in Court (and prison)?

      1. James, You should direct your question to Bill Barr. Perhaps his DOJ does not have the evidence you possess to indict them. It was the Jeff Sessions DOJ that indicted Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins.

    3. Earth to Screw. The DOJ is under the direction of Bill Barr. When Hunter and Collins were indicted the DOJ was under the direction of Jeff Sessions. WHY would Barr NOT hold D’s to the “standard rules”? These are federal crimes. BTW: Trumpers wanted Hillary “Locked up”—Wanted the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One investigated AGAIN. Clinton Foundation in full operation and Trump Foundation shutdown under government supervision and of course that $2 million fine for stealing from his own charity.

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