Trump Tells Rally-Goers He Is Immune To COVID-19: ‘I Will Kiss Every Man There and Kiss Every Woman There’

President Donald Trump said during a rally in Arizona that he is immune to the coronavirus and announced that he could jump into the crowd and “kiss every man there and kiss every woman there.”

The president told the crowd, “People are getting better and you know you’re immune. That’s why I could jump right there — see those men — I’ll kiss the men and I’m not into that but I will kiss every man there and kiss every woman there if you don’t mind also.”

He continued, “They won’t catch anything and you know what, I won’t catch because they say — and until I came along right, they said, ‘If you have it, you get better, you’re immune for life.'”

“But when I said ‘I had it, I got better’ they said, ‘You’ve only got four months.’ They’ve changed the whole medical standard. If it was anybody else it was good for life, right? But with me, they said I’m now good for four months. No, I think it’s a much longer period but who the hell knows, we’ll know soon enough.”

The president’s remarks about him being able to jump into a crowd and kiss all the men and women in the crowd has been a recurring tangent in his speeches since he recovered from the coronavirus.

During a rally the day before his Arizona speech, Trump said, “You see this crowd right here? I could jump right in. I could give every woman and every man, I’d even kiss the men, I could give every woman and every man right here a kiss and I wouldn’t catch it. I have immunity.”

Doctors regularly stress that we still do not know everything about the coronavirus. But the Center for Disease Control’s website says that “cases of reinfection of COVID-19 have been reported but are rare. In general, reinfection means a person was infected (got sick) once, recovered, and then later became infected again.”

They add that “some reinfections are expected.”


  1. Ah, but will King Donald The Loser remain immune to legal attacks after he loses the election next week?

    There is likely to be a DELUGE of lawsuits levied against him after he leaves office in January.

    So my question to you is: Will King Donald The Loser pardon himself BEFORE he leaves office? (We know Lying Paul The Emeffer will never answer any open question on IJR. He can’t even do basic math.)

  2. “If you have it, you get better, you’re immune for life.” King Donald The Loser

    That is a LIE. We have known for months that immunity wanes as time goes on. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!

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