Trump Calls People to ‘LIBERATE’ Three States Run by Dem Governors: ‘It Is Under Siege!’

President Donald Trump issued orders to America on Friday, calling for citizens to “liberate” three states with Democratic governors.

To Virginians, the president urged, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

Trump’s nod to Virginians is likely a response to gun control measures signed into law in the state by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam. While the new law does not ban assault weapons, it does expand background checks and establishes a “red flag” law.

The president also declared, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” — which appears to be a response to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) stay-at-home orders.

Protesters in Michigan descended on the state capitol this week, calling for the governor’s arrest and clogging up the streets of the city. Whitmer said the rally may force her to extend the stay-at-home order.

Trump also tweeted “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” — though that appears to be a response to a Fox News segment that aired a few minutes before his tweet.

Media Matters researcher Matthew Gertz, who is known for tacking Trump’s tweets to Fox News segments, first pointed out the “liberate Minnesota” segment. Gertz noted that Trump’s Minnesota tweet was posted two minutes after a Fox News segment on protests in the state.

The president’s tweets received some criticism from figures like Washington Post reporter Greg Miller, who noted, “The president appears to be encouraging uprisings (and armed ones at that?) against Dem governors and the measures they have adopted to slow the spread of covid.”

When asked on Thursday about the protests against the stay-at-home orders issued, Trump said of the protesters. “I think they listen to me. They seem to be protesters that like me and respect this opinion.”

However, he also said that he agrees with most governors, adding, “And my opinion is the same as just about all of the governors.”


  1. Supporters of the moronic,little prick, no balls, pussy coward president are so proud that he just like them.

  2. Reopen the nation, NOW! Stop the mass hysteria and stop listening to your enemies! Fauci is not your friend!

    1. I have researched Dr. Fauci’s credentials. WHAT are yours, Juan? What makes you a credible source of advice?

  3. It is said that extreme circumstances reveal who people really are.

    This pandemic is revealing the president to be a completely self absorbed, inadequate, incompetent, impotent, responsibility abdicating, cowardly, heartless, mindless, soulless, anti-humanity, murdering psychopath failing miserably to care for the health, well being, safety, security, and very lives of all Americans. He is absolutely toxic, useless, and worthless.

    1. You seem to be confusing him with the Democrats. They are the ones obstructing the aid to Americans and Small businesses. Of course, Democrats always project their bad deeds and shortcomings onto others. Take your medication!!

        1. I was just thinking the same thing…he gave his Thesaurus a workout.

      1. Just like your god-idol trumpuke you are a completely full of shit moron.

    2. John, I find it difficult to believe you did not pick-up on Trump’s qualities prior to the crisis. His 2015-16 campaign was a showcase of those qualities. Trumpers GOT exactly what they liked about him. They wanted an unprepared, emotionally impaired, corrupt, con man. Trumpers were not looking for solutions–they were looking for SYMBOLS of security, not actual security. They were looking for toxicity, not unity. They wanted to be entertained, not a role model for the country.
      If they were looking for making America actually BETTER, they would be disappointed in their vote, not PROUD of their support for Trump. Trump has Made America a Laughing Stock—and they see it as a positive. Make America SANE Again is our only hope of restoring the principles on which this country was founded.

      1. They are looking for a president who is a racist. A white supremest. A hater of Muslims. A hater of African Americans, South Americans, Democrats. I have NEVER seen hate like this before. He hates the environment, wildlife, clean air. Remember ” Bring back coal”, “Wind energy causes cancer” ! He hates Democratic governors, then says he agrees with them most of the time. Trump is totally inept.

  4. You are referring to the do nothing during beheadings and swine flu epidemic Obama aren’t you? Or is it the bumbling can’t put two sentences together Biden?

    1. Does your mother know that she raised a fear ridden, hate driven rectal egress ?
      Poor thing.

    2. No, Joe, John was referring to the current POTUS whose April 1, 2020 public claim for his poor testing performance was, “We inherited flawed testing [of Covid-19]” Did he think his supporters would believe he was inaugurated January 20, 2020??? HOW does anyone expect to inherit testing for a virus that first appeared in China in December, 2019 so how would the Obama administration give him a test for a virus that did not exist when Obama left office January 20, 2017?? The 19 after COVID indicates the YEAR the virus appeared, not the number of times it has appeared.
      If you are dissatisfied with Joe Biden’s speaking skills, do you really want 4 more years of embarrassing Trumpisms? Praise for the Revolutionary soldiers successful protection of our AIRPORTS! (7/4/2019) Trump got laughed at when boasting of his achievements at UN General Assembly speech. (9/25/18) “Everyone who wants a test can get a test” (3/12/20)– Everyone who wants a test STILL can not get a test on 4/18/2020 Trump gets mocked by our ALLIES at NATO Summit (12/4/19) “I can’t think of any reason why Putin would interfere in the 2016 election” (7/16/2018) Need I go on???

    1. As expected – – to parrot their spoon fed Commie idiocy from under their diaper covered mouths.

      1. James, still adore you even if you did believe the idiocy of conservative media plugging the idea that COVID had the same death rate as seasonal flu.

  5. That is certainly taking partisan politics to a new level as a president. Fantastic leadership if the goal is civil war.

    1. What President would want to cause more unrest than we have already? We STILL do not have enough testing and virtually no tracing of patients who are Covid 19 positive! All he cares about is the economy because he thinks if it turns around ( and it won’t, we’re in a recession again ) he’ll get reelected. We can’t be that dumb!

  6. The ultimate attention whore sure ain’t liking all the attention he’s been getting for being a whining, complaining, blaming, responsibility dodging, do nothing coward in the face of the pandemic so he’s gotta put it elsewhere.

    1. Your command of the English language is wanting. Look up the word syntax and whore. Democrats sure aren’t big on maturity.

      1. Since your head is locked in your rectum you sound like excrement.

      2. Cheri that’s your comeback when you have no defense. Democrats are too dumb, have no command of the English language, etc. If you were that smart you wouldn’t degrade people just like your lying leader. You can’t believe a word Trump says….remember “I have TOTAL power”, the very next day ” I’ll let the Governors call the shots”. He lets everybody call the shots because he doesn’t know the law.

    2. You are referring to the do nothing during beheadings and swine flu epidemic Obama aren’t you? Or is it the bumbling can’t put two sentences together Biden?

  7. The ultimate attention whore sure ain’t liking all the attention he’s been getting for being a whining, complaining, blaming, responsibility dodging, do nothing coward in the face of the pandemic so he’s gotta put it elsewhere.

    His apologists, enablers, and supporters are so very proud that he’s just like them.

    1. Grow up, sonny. There are ladies on this site who would be respected by even a demented, low-IQ “man” like yourself.

    2. John – take your medication and get back to your ward.

    3. Obama is gone, stop making excuses for him. His dividing America is over.

  8. This bozo is dangerous!


    1. Looks like you still don’t understand the definition of “Fascism”. After all the time you spent being indoctrinated by your Socialist/Commie comrades, even that failed to penetrate that vacuum. What a waste!

      1. No, YOU won’t recognize fascism when you see it. Your Dear Leader is dangerous. YOU project your fears and hatred onto those that you don’t like as a diversion.

      2. › wiki › Fascism
        Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. And that is Trump in a nutshell.

    2. Typical reply from 2 liberal, left wing communists nuts (confuction and little johnny boy). The people who are dangerous to America are people like you two which includes all those in congress that call themselves democrats, socialists, progressives and communist which is what ALL of you are anyway, communist. It is all of you who are trying to rape America.

      1. The socialism in the Covid bills was BIPARTISAN. If getting a $1,200 check from the government, grants to corporations, and subsidies to farmers is NOT socialism, WHAT is it that you believe socialism IS, Bob?

    3. The only fascists are the Democrats that are willing to throw Americans under the bus in a desperate bid for power and control. They have obstructed every aid package in an effort to further their own goals of domination and trampling the Constitution.

      1. Trump has no idea what the Constitution says or he wouldn’t make all the incorrect idiotic statements he makes! He doesn’t read anything. He just makes an ass out of himself every damn day.

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