Trump Tells Governors ‘You Are Weak’ and Calls for Arrests

President Donald Trump let loose on the nation’s governors on a call after a weekend of protests around the country after the gruesome death of an African-American man in police custody in Minnesota.

The details of the call were leaked instantly to reporters who posted quotes on Twitter.

In the call, Trump told governors, “Washington was under very good control, but we’re going to have it under much more control. We’re going to pull in thousands of people”

Trump went on to add that those arrested at the protests, which turned violent at night, should face harsh jail sentences.”

According to CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe, Trump told the governors, “You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again.”

The president went on to reportedly berate the governors. He told them, “You’re making a mistake because you’re making yourselves look like fools. And some have done a great job. But a lot of you — it’s not — it’s not a great day for our country.”

Trump also said, “It’s a movement, if you don’t put it down it will get worse and worse,” he added, “The only time its successful is when you’re weak and most of you are weak,” according to a CNN report.

The president also reportedly told them, “You have to dominate or you’ll look like a bunch of jerks, you have to arrest and try people.”

There have been thousands of arrests over the past few days as protests have turned violent at night and looting has become widespread and police crash with protesters.

In Washington DC, Trump was reportedly taken to a bunker under the White House and the skyline was spotted with plumes of smoke. The Associated Press reported that over 4,400 people have been arrested.


  1. Until these govenors, mayors, ads have to experience what the working American has to endure, they will continue to support the domestic terrorists.

  2. Trump is correct. The sooner blue state America wakes up to this fact the better.

    1. There are protests in red and blue states… I’m in a red state – had several nights in a row of protests.

      This isnt a partisan issue – this isnt a problem created by Trump or Obama. This has ALWAYS been a problem. It’s not going to go away just because Trump beats his chest.

  3. Long for the Chicago police during the Democrat convention….

    1. Different era. If Minneapolis is squelched, it is possible we don’t see the mess this last weekend. This will go on allllll summer

  4. The most IMPOTENT COWARD in history being his complete asshole self.
    HE is the most obscene joke and an absolute insult and offense to America.

    1. YOU are the coward, sitting there in mama’s basement with your cellphone trying to create hate when your own ignorance is so proudly displayed. Trump calls out the Democratic governors and their pandering to the Antifa and BLM terrorists looting and burning. Arson is Arson, theft and looting are illegal and Destroy homes and businesses, it’s WRONG. and ILLEGAL, what part of this do the Democrat’s and you, not understand??

      1. YYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

        My nails are a sight ! Where is my file ?

    2. you have the brilliant observation skills.

      Did you go to school or you acquired the trait on the job – professional protester!

  5. This is what the alpha male and incompetent “president” was doing while fleeing to hide in his underground bunker.

          1. So there we go. Paul admits that he is confused.

            Now, having said that, Obama was so conservative, corrupt, and so uninspirational that HE didn’t enact any lasting changes in a broad spectrum of troubling issues, either. That was a lost opportunity that we can never get back.

            That is no excuse for what the weak, fascistic Dear Leader is not doing. We MUST elect better politicians.


          2. You are full of crap ScottY boy. The only thing Obama and his ilk did was to cause the issues of today.
            Keep drinking the kool aid Scotty boy.

          3. You wish.

            You are ignoring a few centuries of history, Paul, if you think this current mess is Obama’s fault. That is willful ignorance and projection.

        1. Boston police acted stupidly

          Ft. Hood massacre by major hassan was a workplace violence.

          Benghazi attack was from a youtube video otherwise ambassador stevens would not have been sodomized and killed.

          Baltimore riots happened in 2015.

          these are all accomplishments of your prophet obama.
          he did such a bang up job that coughing wobbly feet hillary – obama’s 3rd term – lost to trump.

          oh, unlike prophet obama, trump has a spine….he doesn’t bow down to foreign dictators.

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