De Blasio Asks Trump: ‘Are You Telling New York City to Drop Dead?’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) accused President Donald Trump of failing to provide enough federal assistance to the city amid the coronavirus outbreak.

De Blasio did not beat around the bush and asked Trump directly how he was going to respond to the city’s needs.

“My question is Mr. Trump, Mr. President, are you going to save New York City or are you telling New York City to drop dead?”

Check out his comments below:

De Blasio asked Trump why he is seemingly so silent.

“President Trump, what’s going on? Cat got your tongue?” de Blasio said. “You’re usually really talkative.”

He noted New York has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak and asked how the city is expected to rebound without the proper resources.

“How on earth do you think that New York City, which has been the epicenter of this crisis, can get back on our feet without federal support,” de Blasio said.

As of Sunday evening, New York state is reporting more than 242,000 coronavirus cases and close to 14,000 deaths.

De Blasio’s comments come shortly after he reported the city may not reopen until August or July, as IJR previously reported.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) also called for more federal funding to help states ramp up testing, as IJR previously reported.

Other lawmakers have accused Trump of failing to produce and distribute enough testing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Trump’s new guidelines to reopen the economy do not compensate for his failure to provide testing.

“The White House’s vague and inconsistent document does nothing to make up for the president’s failure to listen to the scientists and produce and distribute national rapid testing,” her statement reads.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) also claimed testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidelines.


  1. “Please show us just WHERE the words “testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidelines” is ANYWHERE in THIS ARTICE, dumbass?” Stan

    Stan, as usual, is confused. Keep this up and you will force me to make up a dystopian nickname for you, too.

  2. Jim- little miss john’s comments are just plain STUPID on their face. PERIOD! Just LOVE how she has YET to come up with ONE FACT that supports anything she has posted here. Just ANOTHER MINDLESS LIBTARD.

  3. >Stan< (Since IJR site is still screwed up)

    You'll have to forgive Always Confused U-hurt and her sister John since neither have ever had FACTS to support anything they blurt out being indoctrinated parrots. They are simply trying (and failing miserably) to convince everyone Socialism – although a historic FAILURE (like them) – is the way the US should be headed for loads of FREE shit, happy meals and dismantling our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms by their authoritarian (ahem) "leaders". It's amusing to watch indoctrinated idiots voluntarily expose their idiocy out in the public domain. Maybe it's not nice to laugh at those with incurable mental deficiencies; but, there should be exceptions made at times.

  4. Ever since 5th Avenue was changed to Barack Obama Boulevard THE MURDERING PSYCHOPATH has had New York City chiseled in stone in the number 1 spot on his miles long shit list.
    The petty little prick doesn’t give a shit about anyone or thing. Especially New York City.

  5. Hey contusion- did you ACTUALLY read Trump’s guidelines? NO, you did not. Testing is all over his guidelines, but you are just a mindless mynah bird(philly will be using that one next) believing EVERYTHING the lyin-assed dims tell you.

  6. Hey contusion, when you use quotation marks, it’s supposed to indicate a direct quote. Please show us just WHERE the words “testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidelines” is ANYWHERE in THIS ARTICE, dumbass? Maybe you should’ve tried the TRUTH and said chuckie baby “claimed testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidlines” instead of trying to say the article claims something that IT DOES NOT claim?

  7. Now I understand how duplicate comments happen.

    IJR lets us create a new comment, but it doesn’t get displayed. Even closing the browser and clearing it from memory isn’t enough to load and display the original comment, therefore you think that it wasn’t accepted, then you create a second comment. The original comment still exists, so you end up with two of them.

    Presume that the original comments exists and move on.

  8. If DeMoron thinks that temporary internment with eventual return of the remains to a funeral home of the family’s choice isn’t government stupidity in action the he is truly deserving of his various pejorative nicknames.

  9. “testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidelines” Article

    No kidding. This whole administration is incompetent.

  10. “testing is the one thing missing from Trump’s new guidelines” Article.

    No kidding. This whole administration is incompetent.

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