De Blasio: Trump Is ‘Not Looking at the Facts’ of Resources Needed Amid Coronavirus Crisis

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is not too optimistic the required resources to combat the coronavirus are going to last long enough.

“Unfortunately, we think this crisis is going to grow through April into May, that’s the truth,” de Blasio said during an interview on “Good Morning America.”

He went on to explain that the number of cases is only rising and that is something the nation cannot ignore. He transitioned into discussing the need for more medical supplies and Trump’s response to requests for more ventilators.

“When the president says the state of New York doesn’t need 30,000 ventilators, with all due respect to him, he’s not looking at the facts of this astronomical growth,” de Blasio said, adding, “And a ventilator… means someone lives or dies.”

De Blasio reported New York City to have received 2,500 ventilators in the last week while the state needs 30,000 and the city needs 15,000.

Watch the interview below:

De Blasio responded to George Stephanopoulos’ point that hospitals in New York are experiencing shortages.

“We have, again, the supplies for this week and next. We got to make sure every hospital is getting them to their extraordinary, heroic medical personnel,” de Blasio said.

New York is reported to have at least 23,000 cases and 365 deaths, as of Friday.

De Blasio is hesitant to give Americans “false hope” as projections show this is going to get worse before it gets better, especially in the city. He projects over half of Americans in the city will contract the coronavirus.

Closing the interview, Stephanopoulos asked for de Blasio’s opinion on President Donald Trump’s hope to have the country open by Easter and if the city will be opened by then.

“This idea of Easter is, unfortunately, a false hope,” de Blasio said, continuing, “It would be better for the president to be blunt with people that we’ve got a really tough battle ahead.”

He finished by calling on Trump to meet the demand for resources.


  1. “should be thinking more like two YEARS! The coming housing crisis alone will take a long time to settle down, let alone the health crisis”. Geez contusion, I thought philly was the only one with delusions of grandeur. So now you think of yourself as a corona virus expert, a housing expert and a health expert. 2 years, ANOTHER prediction of yours that will be wrong. You definitely are an expert at being wrong. With your track record of being wrong on all of your predictions, you qualify to be an expert on cnn. You should apply for a job.

  2. “What a moronic comment about partying it up.” banstan

    Really? That leaves me confused, banstan, because, the last time that I heard, King Donald The Loser still wants everything to get back to normal in about 2 weeks. The moron should be thinking more like two YEARS! The coming housing crisis alone will take a long time to settle down, let alone the health crisis.

    (Replying isn’t working right now, so I made a new post.)

  3. I guess if all you do when you are not screaming at the sky is not listen it is easy to speak without knowledge.
    Trump said he hoped and thought it would be nice if they would be able to lift some restrictions by Easter. How that translates to him actually doing it on Easter – well confusion would set in.
    Cities need to be spending money on taking care of their people not on making illegal aliens want to go there and live on taxpayer dollars.

    DEBLASIO could use a spokesperson. He wouldn’t sound so stupid- I hope

  4. Gee I distinctly recall DeMoron and Quo-mo encouraging people to get out of the house, take the kiddies to the park etc. in fact DeMoron even went to his favorite gym before the gyms were all shut down.

  5. This is the same stooge that, on March 2 tweeted,” Since I’m encouraging New Yorker’s to go on with their lives+get out on the town despite the Coronavirus . . .” and on March 11 was telling New Yorker’s that if they are not sick, to go about your daily lives. This stooge lives in the biggest glass house you’ve ever seen, but he still throws ignorant stones.

    1. At least he was forced to accept reality. King Donald The Loser is STILL in denial and is looking to party it up by Easter. SMH

      1. What a moronic comment about partying it up. Once again, contusion, your TDS and hatred of Trump comes shining through. Tell me, every time you shake your head, does it rattle?

  6. DeBlamo is responsible for many deaths. On March 3 and March 11 he called for business as usual. He delayed in closing schools. He now criticizes Trump to cover for his incompetence.

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