Cuomo Suggests Trump Criticizes Mail-In Voting Because He Is ‘Anticipating’ Losing the Election

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is taking a swipe at President Donald Trump over his claims about mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Craig Melvin, co-host of NBC’s “TODAY,” noted Trump has continued to rail against mail-in voting and called it “rife with fraud.” Melvin asked Cuomo what he would tell Americans who are concerned with mail-in voting.

“I don’t get this ‘rife with fraud.’ I think this is a set up. I think the president is frankly anticipating losing on Election Day,” Cuomo said.

He added, “And then we’re going to hear him say ‘oh there was fraud in the election,’ right. The president is always good at establishing a conspiracy. I think that’s the conspiracy he’s setting.”

Watch his comments below:

Cuomo argued mail-in voting makes “tremendous” sense.

He expressed his concern with Americans lining up to vote in person while the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the nation.

Cuomo claimed mail-in voting has become easier.

“We have now 10 days of voting, so, you can vote mail in a ballot within 10 days,” Cuomo said.

He continued, “And, we also have COVID, fear of COVID, as a legal reason for an absentee ballot. I think that makes the most amount of sense.”

Trump made his critique of mail-in voting widely known when he suggested delaying the election in July, as IJR previously reported.

The president is adamant mail-in voting will result in an unfair election.

Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday, the upcoming election is going to be “the greatest scam in history” because of the push for mail-in voting by Democrats, as IJR previously reported.

In the same interview, Trump threatened to send law enforcement and attorneys to polling places across the nation in efforts to prevent voter fraud.


  1. General: Only 143 convictions for mail/voter fraud in 20 years? Wow, you have reassured me that this will go well in 2020. That is like saying only 143 murders in Hamon’s (fictitious) place over 20 years. Makes me want to go there pronto.

  2. No Cuomo, he is anticipating you and your dwindling herd of stuffing the ballot box with illegal votes.

  3. Cuomo is not Trump. The liar in Chief has earned this title because he is a liar. He lacks credibility. In addition to be a liar, Trump is a cheater.

  4. “In 2004 Dino Rossi, the Republican gubernatorial candidate” Gerald

    I am confused, Gerald

    Please explain why you refuse to learn something new. You keep on posting this false garbage (lies) and you keep on being told that it is a lie, but you keep on reposting it ANYWAY. That is confusing. That is not how normal people act. Normal people would say, “O.K., maybe I need to check into my (false) claim and find out the real truth”. Why can’t you manage to do that, Gerald? Why?

  5. Cuomo, you need help. Do you really believe that Voters fall for silly Comments like that?

  6. Cuomo will do anything to take the focus off of his rapidly failing state.

    Is he proud at how the state handled covid? HE and DeBlasio are responsible.
    New York named worst state for economic outlook as NYC sees people ‘fleeing the city’
    Updated Aug 13, 2020; Posted Aug 13, 2020

    Here’s an awful “bragging right” for the state: For the sixth straight year under Gov. Cuomo, New York ranks dead last in economic outlook in the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual “Rich States, Poor States” study, out Monday.

  7. So, how does vote-by-mail REALLY work? Washington State votes by mail. No polls.

    In 2004 Dino Rossi, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, WON the election by a comfortable margin. The Seattle Democrats went ballistic and DEMANDED a recount. What do you know…those Settle Democrats “found” a bunch of “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Christine Gregoire, the Democratic candidate that closed the gap. So, the Democrats DEMANDED another recount. And—surprise, surprise—the Seattle Democrats found even more “misplaced/overlooked” votes for Gregoire. Now Rossi and Gregoire were running neck to neck. You guessed it…the Democrats DEMANDED a third recount, and—surprise, surprise—found JUST ENOUGH VOTES TO OVERTURN THE ELECTION. WHAT A SURPRISE…?!?!?

    Of course, once they had overturned the election by a few votes the recounts STOPPED. What was remarkable about all those “misplaced/overlooked” votes is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS FOR CHRISTINE GREGOIRE AND NOT A SINGLE VOTE WAS FOR DINO ROSSI…. What are the odds of THAT…?

    The Democrats used the mail-in system to manipulate the outcome of that election and STOLE it from the Republicans. The Seattle Democrats now control the Washington State election system. It is unlikely Washington will EVER have another Republican governor…. That is what the DNC wants to do with the national vote. Keep recounting until they win.

    I do not trust mail-in systems that the Democrats can manipulate. They tend to “find” votes “lost” in the system to their advantage, and steal elections. The Democrats are trying to use mail-in voting to steel the 2020 elections just like they have been doing in Washington State for more than a decade now.

  8. Well, he’s partially right. Mail in voting is the only way Trump can lose because it will give the Dems an easy way to cheat with all of those mail in ballots floating around out there for dead people and people who’ve moved out of those voting districts. It’s such a horrendously stupid idea that any idiot can see will be rife with fraud, and the Dems know it. It’s the reason they want it. How many examples of how bad it’s going to be do you need? Virtually every primary that was held by mail in ballot has been a nightmare.

  9. This from a man who is responsible for the deaths of thousand in nursing homes and whose state couldn’t handle counting their mail in votes from the June primary.

  10. General Confusion
    There are so many more but doubt that you want to know about them. That’s just not how you roll, is it?
    So this is from 8/19/20 New York Times
    Gov. Philip D. Murphy, a Democrat, was probably denying it.

    On Wednesday, a New Jersey judge ruled that the election in Paterson, N.J., had been irreversibly tainted and ordered a new vote to be held in November to settle the race for the City Council seat.

    The superior court judge, Ernest M. Caposela, wrote that the election “was not the fair, free and full expression of the intent of the voters.”

  11. Let’s look at what are facts.
    1. A mailman, uniformed and driving his USPS vehicle, was caught stealing Trump signs along his route. Nope. No objective professional worries here.
    2. In a test run, hundreds of ballots were *ahem* misplaced by a post office until the local postmaster was called in to search the place.
    3. NJ has at least three officials facing charges for fraud on mail-in ballots.
    4. Vote harvesting in states like CA, OR, WA, etc. Naturally none of the harvesters would discard ballots that were not for Dims.
    5. 20% of mail-in ballots discarded in the NY primaries.

    Can one imagine the chaos for a general election? More delays means Trump stays in office while things are decided. Apparently this hasn’t sunk-in for the TDS, Dims, and Left.

  12. Richard: the one thing that is NOT a problem in the US is voter fraud. If the very right-wing Hertitage Foundation couldn’t find 150 convictions in the last 20 years, there wasn’t 150 convictions to find. Only 143. In 20 YEARS.

    Tell me where YOUR evidence of fraud is, Richard.

  13. President Trump might lose the election with mail-in voting, because mail-in voting as a way for the Democrats to steal the election. Because they will have every dead person in every Cemetery vote Democrat.

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